What’s funny is that in France if you say “cookies” that means chocolate chip cookies. They don’t really have “cookies” in France. They have sables, little shortbreads, macaroons. When you say “les cookies” it always means
chocolate chip. I think Americans are the only people who
eat cookies in the quantities that we do. We love cookies. I’m just going to cut off a big lob of this
butter. You can’t make dessert without butter. And if you try you’re not going to be happy. The good thing about being a pastry chef in
a restaurant is that everybody has to be nice to you for
364 days of the year because on the 365th, it’s their
birthday and they want a birthday cake. So they have to be nice to you the whole year. I just chop up these chocolate chunks really
coarsely and make my own chocolate chips. Someone actually wrote to me when my first
book came out and they said that they made my chocolate
chip cookies. They thought there was a mistake because the chocolate chunks were oozing and
soft and runny. I was like, “That’s not a mistake.” I love pecans. They’re probably my favorite
nut in the world. I like to toast nuts first because it brings
out their flavor. This is the part where I always want to take
a taste. If you’re concerned about raw eggs, don’t
do this. Delicious. Trends come and go. But we always come back to chocolate chip
cookies. So I’ve got cookies, you can either freeze
them or put them in the fridge. You want to cut them relatively thick. These are my idea of the perfect cookie. You can see a lot of them have gooey chocolate
and crunchy nuts. I wonder what Parisians would think of these. You have to be careful crossing the street
in Paris. There’s a French expression: “Pedestrians
don’t exist.” Pedestrians don’t exist in Paris if you’re
a driver.>>That’s incredible. It’s delicious.>>They’re really good!>>It’s truly good. I adore it.>>There are so many different flavors in
there.>>It’s very agreeable!>>Very very good. Magnificent. Thanks David!