So word on the street is you’re coming
out with another cook book. Well you’ve heard correctly. I’ve got a brand new cook book coming out – Comfort Food Shortcuts. 110 recipes and every recipe is ten
ingredients or less and most if not all contain what I call a supermarket
shortcut, a prepackaged ingredient that helps you get to the finish line a little
quicker, and I thought today I would show you one of the recipes that’s in the
book. This particular one is very special to me because it’s one that my mom
inspired. Now I’d love to show you how to make it! Good, because while I love to
cook I’m a terrible baker, David. We’re gonna put a butter, sugar, cinnamon
mixture and pour that all over top, and then there’s a secret supermarket
shortcut to come after that. Why not pop this in the microwave just long enough
to melt it and we’ll get it all squared away so that we’re ready to put this on. So what other recipes are inspired by family members or anybody who’s been in your life? There’s a marvelous meatball lasagna in there which I love, and my mother worked full time when I was a little boy and she raised
us alone as a single parent. So we really had to rely a lot on some of these
shortcuts before they’re really kind of cool, you know? So now everything is nestled inside. We’ll
pop this in the oven. It takes about 45 minutes. Okay! See how all the sugar and the
soda caramelizes on top so you get almost like a little sugar crust. This
tastes an awful lot like peach cobbler. Let me try it. Pretty good! Mhmm!