[Music] look at this we are in the daytime kitchen we have Nicole Cooper and co-organizer of the Strawberry Festival and a teacher at community school with us welcome thank you great to have you and thank you bringing all of this yeah so to talk a little bit about what you brought here okay so I brought a sampling of what you can get at the Strawberry Festival beginning with our signature dessert our famous strawberry shortcake we brought you some chocolate dipped berries to try and even some of our homemade jam that our volunteers and grandparents make just a sample of some of the offerings that we’ll have at Strawberry Festival this weekend oh my gosh it’s the 38th annual correct and so tell us a little bit about the festival because it’s been voted like best festival in our area yeah we we’re very proud of it it’s our 38th year it’s our main fundraiser for community school we’re an independent school so it means a lot to us to have such a big fundraiser and a beloved fundraiser the money comes back to cover operating cost it helps to cover scholarship programs and programs for our teachers and our students yeah that’s great all right so when we come back with you what are you gonna make for us so we’re gonna put together one of our short cakes and we’ll give you a scaled-down version we make about 10,000 of these so we can’t give you that recipe but we’ll give you a scaled-down version and show you how we build a short cake oh I’m looking forward to that okay all right so more with Nicole coming up