Everybody stands back. Well you– you made a
movement like I should! Justin Warner here with
comedian Ron Funches and today we’re going to eat the universe. So, Ron, welcome to
Eat the Universe. Thank you for having me. Today I’m going to make
a Deadpool inspired dish. RON FUNCHES: OK. JUSTIN WARNER: Deadpool
loves saying chimichanga, so I’m going to make kind
of like, I don’t know, the late night bar snack
version of the chimichanga. I think that’s
just a chimichanga. But I’m going to
introduce you and the world to the chimichangita. See I added the
diminutive at the end. Yeah, more syllables. Yeah I know. So Ron since this is a Deadpool
episode of Eat the Universe, you can break the
fourth wall at anytime. Wow, OK. That makes me so
happy to be here. You’re welcome to try it
out, and I’ll get started. Fourth wall break. I was not that happy to be here. I was mostly doing it
for press and also money. But I really enjoy his hair. OK. So we need micro tortillas. RON FUNCHES: OK. We’re going to start with
our standard macro tortilla, and then we’re going
to cut it down to size. OK. How do you feel about this? I feel great about it. Fourth wall break! I was actually hoping for
a regular size chimichanga because I am a grown
man with a big appetite. JUSTIN WARNER: All right. Look at that. It’s a tiny tortilla. RON FUNCHES: It’s beautiful. Can I try one? Yeah absolutely. You nailed it.
– I did. I love it.
All right. RON FUNCHES: And also
it seems like we’re making Deadpool’s face now. So Deadpool can withstand
an awful lot of punishment. Do you find that as a comedian
you have a thicker skin? Yeah I think so. I think you have to in
that job because you have a lot of people who tell
you you aren’t good at it. You have people who tell
you you’re not funny, and then usually
they’re your parents. JUSTIN WARNER: I
want to microwave these for just a second. RON FUNCHES: OK. That’ll make them
nice and pliable. I like that. That’s what you
want with tortillas. This is my show now,
and I like it that way. Welcome back. Great I could tell which one I did. [LAUGHS] Now it’s time we
make like the Avengers and assemble these good guys. I’m going to start
with cheese first. Speaking of cheese,
have you ever had a job in the restaurant business? Wow that was such
a great transition. Fourth wall break. It was not. [LAUGHS] RON FUNCHES: I worked
in one restaurant, if you can call it that. I made pizzas. I was not good at it. If pizza comes out and
it looks very uniform and there’s pepperonis
on each slice? That’s hard. Yeah, uniformity’s tough. As I add three beans
to each chimichanga. You know a chimichanga. It’s just a deep fried burrito. I did not know that’s
what made it different. Yeah, that’s it. Wow. I’m so glad I came here
and I learned that today. Fourth wall break. I really was. JUSTIN WARNER: Now
we’ve got some chicken because people like chicken. RON FUNCHES: People
do like chicken. JUSTIN WARNER: People
really like chicken. I don’t think Wade Wilson would
be upset about this, do you? No. I think he’d be all about it. JUSTIN WARNER: Now it’s
time to roll them up, but to help us out
I have this stuff. Basically wheat paste, so
it’s kind of like a glue. Did you ever make
paper mache as a kid? Mm-hmm. JUSTIN WARNER: It’s basically
the stuff for paper mache. OK. I never ate it. Fourth wall break. (WHISPERING) I did. So I’m going to add
a little bit of this to the edge of these, and then
we’re going to roll them up. So Deadpool teams up with
other characters an awful lot. Who are some of your other
favorite Marvel characters? OK. I mean– classic– you
have to love Spider-Man. Spider-Man is just like a
regular kid who’s just trying his best, who got bit
by a radioactive spider, and then did not help
his uncle in a time when he really
probably should have. And you can always relate to
that, so I love spider-man. JUSTIN WARNER: How do you feel
about my rolling skills here? I want to talk
trash about them, but I know what would happen
if I tried to roll one of these and it would not happen at all,
so I’m very, very impressed. Well now that I’ve made
four and there are two left. Oh no. I’m going to
tidy up the board. I should have
been watching you. I thought you were. That’s why I asked. No, I got caught up in
talking about Super Heroes. Oh no. Now that– Nailed it! [LAUGHS] Fourth wall break. [LAUGHS] JUSTIN WARNER: Who are some
of your favorite people to team up with? I just love working
with my friends, you know? I travel with my
friend Gabe Dinger who is a great comedian and
a big nerd and comic book lover himself. And Nikki Glaser is one
of my favorite comedians. I love working with her. Also a veteran of
Eat the Universe. Oh, really. Nikki. I love working with her. I love working with
Paul F Tompkins. He’s one of my– he makes me laugh
whenever I work with him. All right. I’m going to move the wood. [GASPS] There was a stove
here the whole time? Yeah. You guys are crazy. JUSTIN WARNER: Have you ever had
these tiny chimichangas before? Never in my life. I’ve had life-size,
regular chimichangas. I’ve had big chimichangas. They were even bigger than that. But I never had someone
go the other way. Well, welcome to it. Yeah. Speaking of welcoming, what
welcomed you into the world of Marvel comics? Oh. When I was a young kid I was
able to go to a grocery store or like a newsstand and
I would spend my days. My mom would give
me $5 in allowance, and I would get one comic
book and one candy bar, and that was my introduction
into comic books before I started getting
into the specialty shops and collecting on my own,
which I did more as a teen. And now my son has kind
of taken over the mantle. He loves all things superheroes. Great. So look, you don’t have
to deep fry things. You can shallow fry, and
then splash some oil on top. RON FUNCHES: That’s beautiful. JUSTIN WARNER: Thanks. So what powers
would Ron-pool have? OK. I would go with a mix of
super strength, agility, a little bit of
super-speed– but I would not use those powers to
become a hero nor a villain. I would become a 10
time NBA All-Star, and would then have a
lot of endorsements. I think that’s a good life plan. JUSTIN WARNER: All right, Ron. Look at this. RON FUNCHES: Beautiful. JUSTIN WARNER: I’m going to
drain these good guys off, season them up a little bit,
plate them, and in the interim you can hang out at
the table of taste. [GASPS] OK.
JUSTIN WARNER: Yeah. – I’m going.
– All right. I’ll see you there! Amazing. Ron actually knows where
the table of taste is? I always know! Ron welcome to
the table of taste. Thank you for having me. I have gussied this
up ever so slightly. I wanted to kind of give it,
like, a Deadpool aesthetic. It looks beautiful, and
seems like more chimichangas than we even made. All right, let’s
give it a try. RON FUNCHES: First of all,
I love how it’s fried. It’s lightly fried and
still tender in the middle. It’s got great sauce. And what I’m really
enjoying is that third bean. You get the first two beans
and you’re like, this is OK. And then that third bean hits? And you’re like, uh oh. Right? This is a party. This is a chimichanga. We thought about it, you know? So what is Giggle Fit? Giggle Fit is
my comedy special. It’s an hour comedy special
that I made for Comedy Central. People are saying it’s
the comedy special of the year, which is
great because, you know, it came out in January. People can watch it
on comedycentral.com, they can go to the
Comedy Central app, and they can go
to iTunes and just buy it as an album, which
I would prefer because I make more money that way. OK, Ron, where else
can people find you? They can go to my
website, ronfunches.com. Twitter, @ronfunches. On Instagram, @ronfunch. And also I have my
own podcast which is just about getting better
at life in every fashion of it. We have great guests like
Danny Pudi and Bobby Moynihan. And it’s called Getting
Better with Rob Funches. OK, now I pitch something. Please. How do you feel about
Getting Better at Batter with Justin Warner? I like it. I like it. Yeah, come in! Teach us about batter. Teach us about corn dogs. Teach us about dill pickles
that you could put in there. Teach us about deep
fried Snickers. Also just come by and
make those things for me. All right. Perfect. Ron thanks so much
for being here. Thank you for having me. Well that’s all the time
we’ve got for Eat the Universe. We’ll see you next time. Fourth wall break. We have so much more time! Please keep watching! Do watch everything I do! It’s important! Ronfunches.com!