Guys, I’m humbled. You guys made the show so, so successful. And you showed me so much of love. It’s unbelievable. It pains me to say this, but.. Good bye, guys. It’s the end of an era. Friends, Damien will cook the food today. Hi, I am Gagan. I am going to do something
which is related to food for the first time. so please ignore the mistakes. We will talk about many interesting things. Let’s start with CBSE.. Yes, CBSE is the stubborn teacher,
who is only concerned with marks. No, not this one. Yes, this one. Apart from this, we will talk about Aadhaar card. And we will talk about the three Khans, Not these Khans… Thank you, these ones. Heard that three Khans rented an Uber and reached the sets of Koffee with Karan. Why Uber? Because their drivers are in jail by proxy. So Damien, what are we cooking today? Dude Seriously?? – We have to do it, bro. Dude, I thought I was done with this s**t, man. You had brought glycerine for that? Yes. – But it didn’t work.
Let it be. Okay, buddy let’s go. So in the spirit of much needed change, we are making you pizza muffins today. Muffins that actually taste like pizza, best accompanied with a chilled beer. So these pizza muffins were made for this beer. Hey man, check these out.
– Sure, sure. F**k! These are not muffins. So, I’ve stuffed these muffins with Béarnaise sauce, but it’s not mandatory, you do the same. You can stuff these with,
just about anything you feel like. Unlike Damien’s recipe. CBSE has made Aadhaar Card
mandatory for JEE mains, so now check Aadhaar before checking the exam paper and having national anthem stamp
before the movie is mandatory. But our Modiji said, Friends, get your Aadhaar cards made. You will find all the Aadhar offices empty. because I have shifted all the lines in front of the ATMs. Leave it. Heard that the second plate of golgappas in weddings and date on Tinder,
Aadhaar is going to be compulsory for both. So our Modiji, who super-likes Arnab Goswami, now not on the bank or TV, will keep a watch on bedrooms. Some people are not feeling
safe about this Aadhaar issue. They are feeling that their privacy
is being compromised. Yeah, right. We have Google phone with a Jio SIM and we are posting on Facebook, constantly. We are absolutely safe. Nobody is safer than us. We are as safe as that masjid in ’92. Bro! Did I say too much? You are telling your Aadhaar recipe? Okay, bye. I’m fine, I’m fine. Hi, guys so if you are affected by this Aadhaar crisis and you are a student studying
at any of the IITs in India, here is a gourmet recipe you can make with ingredients you can probably
find at your home or your hostel, just, please don’t kill us. So there it is, the simplest
gourmet dish you will ever make. Eggplant Tataki on crispy noodles. It means it’s eggplant puree with noodles. Don’t make fun of my food. Actually it is good.
– You know it. Let’s move ahead. Bhai’s brothers were giving him company on
Koffee with Karan. Sohail Khan, who is fondly called cheaper Zayed Khan and Arbaaz whose first half
of the year went into divorce and better half went to Pattaya. Howzzat. Last time, on the way to Koffee with Karan, Salman refused to sit on the front seat but accepted virginity whole-heartedly. I am going to save myself
for the one I get married to, Karan. You want to save yourself? Are you saying you are a virgin?
– Yes. Dad was with him, last time. Both his brothers were playing games back home. Fly bird, parrot fly..
– And the match was going even. Both the brothers, one from
this side another from that side. The moment Sohail said ‘deer’,
brother actually shot one. One zero zero. Fun fact, this was the debut for
Sohail and Arbaaz on Koffee with Karan. How many times will these brothers be launched? That Harman Baweja was also once launched. Hrithik is still paying for it. No, people are not going
to watch Hrithik’s movies only because they think it’s Harman. Leave all this, buddy, what
are we making for these low IQ Khans? Weighing in at a combined IQ, lesser than all of the red states in America. Let’s make the Khan brothers’ something I like to call
‘Death by Bhaijaan’. A chocolate mousse with two unwanted, useless add-ons on the side. And the two completely useless add-ons :
Bourbon Biscuits. So if a car hasn’t already taken you to Jannat, this dessert probably will. Hey, what are you doing? Good. – Thanks man. Aow.. I have come then I’ll bring something new. My new segment, In Other News. Amazon has brought something new.
See this. Welcome to Amazon go. Use the Amazon go app to enter then put away your phone and start shopping. Once you got everything you want, you can just go. We had taught Microsoft bot to abuse. We will teach it to steal. Amazon people, spend some days in our India. Anyway, let’s move on. Allahabad High Court has declared
triple-talaaq unconstitutional. Yes! We did the same thing when
something like this happened with 377. Bullets were shot in Punjab..
– Why? Was there a wedding? No, there was no wedding. Crowd was going out-of-control outside of
an ATM so the guard shot a fire, in air. You have killed the joke. After three years of hard work, finally Modiji won the online poll for
‘Times person of the year’ but couldn’t reach the cover.
Trump was on the cover even then. I am a big fan of Hindu,
Hindu, Hindu, Hindu.. Moving on, you must be
remembering the Tomatina festival from the movie ‘Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara’. One gets the same feel after
seeing roads in Chhattisgarh. Actually, so many tomatoes
are lying on the road, because farmers are not even able to get back
their investment after selling them and this is same condition
in the other states of the country. Just to keep saying that
demonetisation is a good idea, it’s not implemented; it’s not enough now. Anyway leave it.
Let’s move ahead from serious talks. We will end the show on a lighter note. Supreme Court is currently
focusing on a bizarre PIL, according to which, all the
liquor shops on highways will be closed. So now truck drivers will have to do something different for their entertainment, like this.. “Why did you do this?” Sometime, when the clouds rain, I see you with my eyes.. It’s on there, say now. Okay see you guys, we will see you
next week with new news and new recipes, And don’t forget to like,
share and subscribe. Yes like, share and subscribe. Where are you going? Listen! I am going home.
– Won’t you sing the next para?