I ain’t on the beach with sunlight in my eyes after my friends under the sky follow and I had something we take go bride of ever I always travel it must be referred awake that’s the only way to get it [Music] [Applause] hey you guys welcome back to another cleaning video and today it’s gonna be very different we are going to declutter deep clean we are gonna decorate and we are gonna make some yummy dessert at the end so you do not want to miss that an awesome recipe a super just country and comfort and yummy but first I’m going to show you what my refrigerator looks like no judgement please it’s a mess and everything’s out of order and there may or may not be a dried tomato a french fry and a hair on the bottom i refrigerator this is real life so let’s go ahead and get started this is what it looks like so let’s get started cleaning it out [Music] so the first thing I’m gonna do is evaluate the disgusting mess and then I’m going to pull everything out on my countertops I’m gonna clean it out and then you will see the rest of the process let me know how you clean your refrigerators out and also let me know do you guys let yours get this bad it’s also got some broken parts in there but what you’re making do with what we’ve got not gonna rush out and buy a new refrigerator we’re just gonna figure this out so everything’s out on the countertops and here is all the nitty gritty nasty oh yes it’s gross that’s the only way you’ll get it [Music] [Music] so I leave the vinyls with my Silhouette machine if you guys are looking for something like that let me know in the comments below I just want it to be a little extra in the refrigerator so I went ahead and labeled everything the last time I cleaned it out I am gonna start filling up the sink with some very hot water and dish soap and I’m gonna use it this product here which I absolutely love you guys have seen me use it a million times on my channel it is my favorite it’s like a foaming spray and I’m gonna spray everything on the inside and let that sit while I start pulling all of the little moving pieces into the sink and start scrubbing them [Music] [Applause] [Music] can you guys let me know in the comments below what kind of refrigerator do you have do you have the normal open the freezer on the top and the fridge on the bottom the one door or two doors if you will do you have the French door style like mine side-by-side or do you have that one with the pullout freezer I have had all of the above and I can honestly say I really do miss the one with the pullout freezer but there were a lot of downsides to it like I could not put a box like a pizza box in the bottom of it so that was really frustrating so when we decide to upgrade or get another house or whatever the case may be I would love to know y’all’s favorite type or with respirators [Music] [Music] I’m using a warm rag from that dishwater that I had earlier in the sink while I was doing the other parts and I am gonna wipe down the refrigerator now I’m really gonna get into some of the nasty stuff I see I see a french fry a hair some cheese and a cheeto and let’s not forget the shriveled tomato [Music] [Music] every day [Music] I will say that cleaning the refrigerator is one of the most satisfying things for me to do to be honest because I feel like it is instant gratification usually everything cleans up very nicely and it’s just immediately white and clean so I always love to see the before and afters it’s just wonderful it’s so satisfying and honestly I love filling it back up and making it super organized it’s just one of those little things that you let kind of get away from you but once it’s clean it’s like ah feels so good [Music] I’m gonna start organizing these drawers here again the vinyl I made myself and this is the meat and cheese store so I’m gonna pull everything out I really was disappointed on how much stuff that kind of got underneath the other items and I had to throw away it’s definitely a rude awakening when you’re decluttering and you realize how much food you’ve wasted how many clothes you’ve purchased and you didn’t need how much stuff you have that’s unnecessary and that is why I have kind of created this series on decluttering because with the holidays you all know that we’re gonna be bombarded with a ton of stuff especially our children and although that is a blessing and it can be a lot of fun for me it stresses me out of it so I am going to be decluttering the entire house that is what I had been doing with you this is that third video in the series of just cluttering before the holidays if you guys are jumping on to decluttering bandwagon I am so glad make sure you tag me on instagram because i would love to see your before-and-afters and you what you’ve accomplished because it feels so good and listen on your cheerleader I’m your friend and I want to see how well you have decluttered your home [Music] so if you guys notice if you saw my last video I actually posted a vlog on Tuesday and I’m gonna link that above I am wearing the same shirt well this was the cleaning I was talking about in that video that wore me out even though I didn’t think it was so strenuous I had a severe asthma attack and I was so determined to get the video out I just kept pushing through I knew I had to go get groceries I had to pick up the kids from school and so I just pushed through and I got the first part of this video done and after I came home with the groceries and the kids I did the second half and I will let you know when that is but I was so determined I did end up going to the hospital and I have all of the information on that and what had happened in that video and like I said I’ll tag that above [Music] [Applause] [Music] I got these lazy susans these are for the refrigerator and I got them from Marshalls home goods has on super super cheap I believe it’s the same brand The Container Store house don’t quote me but I think it is and I purchased them for $5.99 [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] I’m using one of these bins here I think I may have gotten this from Target the Dollar Tree may have them and this is where I put all the cheese and the hundred baby Bell cheese’s that I have because Noah loves them my kids are the type of kids they will literally eat a bowl of cheese cheese and a spoon and they are so happy I do have some picky eaters it is what it is I think it’s a texture issue as well but we do the best I am a huge advocate fed is best and do your best [Applause] this is the refrigerator completely cleaned out everything is organized and then after I show you guys all of this I will actually go to the grocery store and fill it up I’m really happy that I did this I also glued that broken piece there I tried to make it look somewhat decent but everything’s organized and everything will have a spot when I come home from the grocery store which is really nice I really encourage you guys before you make your grocery list check your refrigerator clean it out so you don’t double buy things and waste money [Applause] [Music] [Music] so I am back from the grocery store drew is actually bringing in the groceries and I am somewhat panicked at this point because I can tell that I have definitely got an issue with my breathing so I and this is something that I do at a fault when I get in the mode of decluttering and cleaning and I am in that zone I have a very very hard time stopping so I was kind of gasping and I’m like okay I knew I still had to pick up the kids so I decided to unload the dishwasher and clean these dishes real quick and my mind was kind of all over the place I was frantic but I still had to pick up the kids so there was no point of sitting down so I am gonna do these dishes I’m pulling these were the dishes that were in the refrigerator and they were nasty you guys a little bit of truth here the dip platter the little containers in the chili dish is from Halloween I know I know it’s bet that’s crazy he looks at me like I know what is in conversation it’s almost rather I’m going to cut these fresh organic strawberries and I like to soak them in a couple of drops of thieves so I did not worry about that this time I just washed them really really good also some lemon oil and water sprayed on him it’s awesome I was just trying to get them cleaned I felt a little bit better with them being organic and I’m going to chop them up and put them on top of this paper towel and a glass container so they aren’t ready to go they won’t last one day more than a day or two in this house so I felt pretty confident with putting them in here I am definitely gonna invest in some of those produce containers I think it would be great [Music] the freezer side was definitely nowhere near as bad so I was able to take the washcloth and wipe it down white that needed to be clean and I was very very thankful that it wasn’t very much [Music] my breath [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is what it all looks like with the groceries put in there I have everything organized everything has its pot please no judgment on the Lunchables again my kids are picky and you know what I need to make sure their bellies are full at school and if they’ve got to eat lunch tables then so be it we do often make our own but I’m gonna take it a break this time this is a day two I will hit and had that whole craziness that you will see in the video from Tuesday and I had to pick up the cleaning and the decorating today but that is what I am gonna do I’m going to start cleaning up the kitchen and dining room a little bit and getting ready to put some really cute Christmas [Music] I like to try to decorate with natural items so I will try my best with the apples I did not mean to get these I wanted to get them really vibrant red ones and beautiful green ones but you know what this is what I had and I’m going to just I’m just gonna roll with it and actually I’m gonna use those apples for my dessert so it’ll be just fine I’ve got this a beautiful canister here I love it a little pop of red in the kitchen it actually is supposed to be good luck I don’t know that’s what my mom tells me but it is perfect because I can use it for other holidays as well and I talked about that in my last video I won’t have details on where I got all of these items that you see in this video so I’m gonna I had it linked but I’m also gonna put it at the end of this video so you guys can check it out if y’all want to know where I got everything [Music] won’t you be you [Music] here is the kitchen with some pops of bread Chris told me that he would really like that and you know what I agree I got so into everything being neutral and glittery that I had forgotten and I’m so happy you reminded me because honestly I love red I think it’s beautiful its bold its vibrant and I am gonna be adding more red to my Christmas decor so I was very pleased with how basically minimal but yet festive the kitchen was I am still not cluttered but I think it’s really beautiful let me know what you guys think in the comments below and I especially love the way the tree is lit up our ornaments that put on them I am just loving my tree more and more I definitely get the love of decorating the tree for my mom she has the most beautiful trees so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do I want to let you guys know it is time for the dessert and I am so excited to be using my new Redmond pressure cooker I was so grateful they sponsor today’s video I have been wanting one of these for quite some time I had a pressure cooker and it broke and I have just been waiting to get one because they make my life so much easier let me know in the comments below have you ever used a pressure cooker and if not I want to encourage you to get on the bandwagon it makes life so much easier this is super easy to read it comes with a rice paddle steamer a trivet I think that’s what you call it a manual and a cookbook this is a six in one pressure cooker and it does rice cooking sauteing baking regular slow cooker I mean it goes on and on and I’m so thrilled I’m gonna be making an apple crisp in it I found this recipe on Pinterest I have been loving apple pie lately but I feel like they’re a little too sweet for me I don’t eat a ton of sugar so I always modify their recipe and that is what I am going to do as I was cutting the apples and continuing to read the recipe and notice in the comments she said you definitely need to peel the skin so you’ll see that I will actually start peeling the skin a little bit go ahead and do that before you don’t have to do it to all of them just about half but like I said it when I find a recipe I never stick to it do you guys I always have to make it my own but I get the general idea I love cooking in a pressure cooker I used to use it all the time before it broke so when this came in I was so excited I could not wait to make something and I figured you know what we’re decluttering we’re deep cleaning we’re decorating we might as well make some dessert so I am aligning the bottle of bottom of this pan here with some butter and if you are dairy-free just use coconut oil you can even use Earth Balance dairy-free butter and then I am gonna sprinkle the apples with some yummy cinnamon I mean you cannot have apples without cinnamon a little pinch of salt as well will balance it all out you will see I use my hands for a lot it’s just those are your best utensils you’re going to take a cup of apple juice or apple cider whatever you choose I will also do a splash of lemon juice maybe two splashes and about a teaspoon tablespoon of apple cider vinegar trust me you will not taste the apple cider vinegar and then you’re going to pour that little mixture on top of the apples next I’m taking gluten gluten free flour you use whatever flour you want you can also use arrowroot or coconut flour or almond flour your choice and then two tablespoons of water as you see and I’m just making it kind of combined and I am gonna pour that on top of the apples and that is going to help thicken up the sauce a little bit as it’s cooking it is already smelling so divine oh so yummy so then I’m gonna add a 2 cups of rolled oats and these are gluten free oats again use whatever you do and then I add a little bit of a gluten-free flour to kind of make sure it doesn’t stick together and just add a little bit of a binding and then I will add two big ol scoops maybe for a brown sugar and mix that all together you’re also supposed to add nutmeg and clove I didn’t have that so I added more cinnamon and I thought hmm pumpkin pie spice you guys it has everything you need and it doesn’t taste like pumpkin pie then add 3/4 of a cup of butter and mix it together and get it Oh yummy start melting some of that sugar and I thought you know what a little bit of molasses oh yes oh yes you’re gonna pour that mixture on top of your insta pot no I’m top of your apples hello excuse me so much you’re going to pour that mixture on top of your apples makes making sure you have covered all of them as you see that I’m doing here you can tell it like you’re just cooking with me I hope you are enjoying it I am NOT concerned about perfection on my channel I feel like real people let’s just do this thing so I am gonna put it on bake and I’m gonna put it on for 10 minutes it takes about seven minutes for the pressure to rise so in reality it’s only really cooking for about two minutes that’s it it is hot it’s delicious the apples are soft the house smelled so amazing and you can’t have apple crisp without a little bit of an ill ice cream [Music] how yummy I’m gonna sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on top because I love cinnamon and it’s so pretty how yummy does that look you guys it was so amazing I hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to check out Redman for the pressure cooker it’ll make a perfect Christmas gift and I’ll have all the information in my description box [Music] [Music] real life you guys I’ve never made this before and I was a little nervous but this is comfort food it’s delicious this is excellent I hope you guys enjoyed this video it’s a real live video with me no perfection we’re doing this together and don’t forget to subscribe before you go and I’ll see you in the next one love y’all bye