Hello everybody welcome to kids cooking and crafts. I’m princess Ava, I mean batgirl. Today I will be showing you how to make rice krispies batgirl car cake. It is a great no bake dessert for any fun party. What you need is a batgirl doll, black yellow and orange fondant, a batgirl cookie cutter. Two different sizes of a circle cookie cutter, purple frosting and the ingredients to make rice krispies. Let’s do this thing! First thing we need to do is make a batch of rice krispies. Let’s get started. We’re doing six tablespoons of butter and eight cups of mini marshmallows. And eight. There we go. This is going to be so yummy! Yum, yum, yum, yum… Yummy yum yum. Alrighty time for the eleven cups of rice krispies! Alrighty now let’s put it in our pan. Whoa! whoa! Gotta pack it down. Pack it. Use my fist. That is a lot harder than I expected! You’re gonna get it. We’re going to use the rice krispie treats for our car parts. Just going to flip that right over, whoa… These will be our patterns for our car parts. So we’re going to lay them right here and cut them out. If you want these patterns the link is in the description below. There we go. whoa! This is one side of our car. Okay so we have our sides. We’re like totally Bffs because we’re the same person, just different hair. Get this part that looks like this and put it right here. And we have these parts to cover the back. And these are her little fins on the side of her car. So I’m just going to put that right there and this one right there. Awesome! Now let’s decorate it, my favorite part. I put her hair up so it wouldn’t get frosting in it. And I’m going to squish all the pieces together so it will stay together. All right I think we’re good. Now let’s frost it. Now I’m going to smooth it out. Nananana Batgirl! Now I’m going to roll out this yellow fondant to make my batgirl symbol. You got to roll it out really flat. And I’m just going to take this out. Voila! It’s my batman symbol. I’m going to put it right here. Ta-dah! Oh this is getting cool. I’m going to roll out my black fondant here to cover the sides of the car. Remember the patterns we used to cut out our car parts? Well we’re going to use the same ones to cover the sides. I’m just going to put it right here. There we go. I’m going to take my orange fondant and cover the car fins. There we go. So I cut out a variety of circles. I got this little tiny paintbrush here and some water And what we’re going to do is we’re going to paint the back of the circles to stick the fondants together. I’m just going to stick them right here. Oh look at those tires! So fancy. Put this one right there. There we go. Nice ride batgirl. Wait! How is she going to drive? She needs a steering wheel! I’m just going to mold a half circle. And I’m going to put it right here. Ta-Dah! I have some extra circles here so I’m going to use them as headlights. We don’t really need the water because the frosting acts like glue. And that is how you make a rice krispies batgirl car cake. She’s my favorite super hero! This reminds me of batman’s lego cake that he made. The rice krispies cake also reminds me of the Elsa and Spiderman wedding cake. It was the biggest hit ever. Go watch those next. We’ll put the links right here. Don’t forget to like subscribe and comment down below! Thanks for hanging out with me BYE!