hey everyone today we’re going to talk about dehydrators what they are how to use them do you be surprised and be some people who actually are having problems dehydrating which is like one of the easiest things in the world to do and we’re going to tell you what you’re probably doing wrong anyway let me tell you first what the hydrators are and why they are good because some people think the hydrated stuff is not as good for you as fresh juicy food which in some degree is right but in some degree they’re wrong let me tell you why first of all I made a video about fresh versus powdered and this is kind of in the process with powders made for the hydration moisture is an oxidant so which may accidentally v’ fruit out on the shelf for like a week or two it starts getting moldy which is like the fruit version of rust ink the the moisture is causing it to decay and rust and oxidize if you were to take the same fruit pluck it from a tree cut it dehydrate it you can eat it a year later and still have nutritional value on it now some of you think you’re going to lose all the vitamins and everything like that that’s not true either they tested oranges that were two weeks ago trucked across the country to a warehouse sold in a store in a grocery store and then they test it had no vitamin C left in it whatsoever so just because it’s juicy doesn’t mean it has all the by the minute you pick something the vitamins start getting lost but if you were to dehydrate it it locks in the C vitamin C then it’s herbal state is actually a high antioxidant because of the tannins way if it’s dehydrated it can last up to 10 years in a dehydrated state dehydrated food definitely has its place if you’re traveling just for snacks it will last like months or years and it’s great it’s good for you there are certain things obviously that fresh is great but eating fresh from a tree or a plant is how you should be doing it anything you buy in a store that’s picked two weeks ago I can guarantee you a lot of the nutrition has been lost on it so you want to capture that if you want to keep you know letting a fresh fruit sit on the shelf for a week or two you’re going to have a lot less nutritional value than you actually dehydrated it right away so let me give you the basics of dehydration 118 degrees is the magic number that you want to keep remembering 118 Fahrenheit or 45 Celsius that’s the temperature at which beyond which things start dying the life-force the enzymes in the food start dying if you were to take an apple and plant it on the ground you get an apple tree but if you bake the apple cook the Apple boil the apple and then plant it in the ground nothing happens is dead heat is what killed it anything above 118 Fahrenheit 45 Celsius kills the life force in the food you don’t want to go above that that’s what a dehydrator does it warms it but not if you set the temperature right not above 118 degrees we live in the desert here in glean Vegas it gets to be 118 degrees in the direct sunlight in the middle of the day if we were to put seeds out there and bake them in the Sun and 118 degrees you could plant them and they would still grow but if you put them in an oven you know 300 degrees they’d be dead you plant them not nothing would happen so a dehydrator still warms your food but it doesn’t kill your food you still have the health benefits from it it also makes the food last so you can like keep it in the car in a shelf you know and eat it months or a year later so that’s kind of the basis of dehydration dehydrator is basically just a box that has a low temperature heating coil in it with a thermostat that you adjust to whatever temperature you want and it has a fan that blows that warm air around inside the box all the different levels trays have heat evenly distributed amongst them we have a couple here this is a xcalibur nine tray this is a excalibur nine tray it’s just the basic plastic one that excalibur sells they’ll sell like a half-size and they also have a more expensive one here at Glassdoor a digital thermostat and all that stuff but you can buy cheap ones too like at Fry’s Electronics they have them for 35 bucks I’m shooting into a Walmart Target whatever you online you know there’s dehydrators for 30 40 50 bucks that work just as good so I don’t want to hear people say I’ll Coon for 200 or someday I’ll buy one I mean come on this is a great way to have snack food we make garlic naan which we’re going to show you here in a second and a lot of other like amazing things that you can make in a dehydrator we just put a recipe out that’s like the simplest one the world cut some pineapple slices put it in there and you get candy and some people actually email and said it’s not working it’s still mushy after like overnight you know like it should be in like 3-4 hours you should have like dried fruit why is it not working all I’m gonna tell first of all make sure the temperature set right 118 degrees I mean put a thermometer in there think they might change a little bit depending on humidity if you’re living in like you know a humid area versus we in the dry air like we are but there shouldn’t be that much of difference but 118 degrees it should be drawing secondly the biggest reason why people are having problems is the stuff that you here’s okay you’ve got a tray on that tray goes one of two things a tough flex sheet which is like basically a wax paper which you can reuse or a mess sheet which comes in plastic or metal or whatever this has holes in it this doesn’t this is for gooey saucy stuff wet stuff wet stuff this is for like thicker drier things that that don’t go through holes and and this is for when the right so how much what a lot of people do is they put their their their stuff on like a sheet like this and it gets kind of hard and crusty on top but it stays gooey underneath because the air can’t escape it can’t dry so what you have to do is you know let a crust form on top and then after like an hour two hours whatever and it gets a little hard on top then you take it out and you flip it over peel this thing off and put and transfer let’s just show ya we’re going to show you how to do it okay so I have some garlic naan batter already made it once again this is liquid and if it goes on the mesh sheet it will fall through so on a solid sheet it will form a crust on the top enabling the chef to flip it over and dry on the other side circle or whatever shape you want we make the cookies exactly like this you have got to flip it but the pineapple you could put it on the screen so okay so here we go I spread mine on on the hard counter and now it’s ready to slide onto the tray and place into the dehydrator so I’m going to put it in here on 118 for about an hour and a half and I’m going to come back to it and it’ll be ready to flip so it’s been about an hour and a half and I’m going to flip the non but it doesn’t matter it doesn’t have to be an hour and a half it could be two hours one hour just depends on where you live and whether the the top is hard or not so if you touch it you see you see it’s hard enough it doesn’t have to be totally hard but just hard enough where it’s not going to fall through the little holes in the mesh so based on this I’m going to flip it now just so you know if I kept this in the dehydrator for five days it would still not be cooked through I had a lady tell me she had her nan in the dehydrator for three days and it was still soft and runny it was because she didn’t flip it there is no way air can get to the underside of this while it’s on this sheet so here is the mesh sheet I’m going to place it on top of the bread take this and I’m going to flip it over and gently place it like that and then with both my hands I’m going to quickly flip it and slowly remove the paper and a sheet still very liquidy and this is the only way you’re going to get it to dry out all the way is by using this important mesh sheet so I’m going to put it back in the dehydrator now that it’s flipped in the soft side is on the top for two three four hours of you know here take about two and a half hours we still are in the desert it’s really dry here may take a little longer if you’re in somewhere more humidity but Marcus likes his super super crispy I like mine a little on the south side so I guess it’s just personal preference I’ve also got some Kiwis going they’re delicious cut some pineapple chocolate pineapple going on here’s a cookie jar got some more pineapple these Kiwis are so good they’re even more delicious than the pineapple cookies and then these you can see the video at by girl recipe calm it just doesn’t look as good as it tastes but that’s just the protein powder on it and it is delicious guilt-free snacking and this is just some of the things we make we make lots of stuff in the dehydrator life heats up meat substitutes yeah nature burger or the Loney baloney bacon the chicken give stuffing I’d love to dry out my Tomatoes I love to make onion rings and yeah it I mean the possibilities are endless with the dehydrator but you need to flip it to the sheet and then you’ll have great luck flip it you