Hi, it’s mystery author Ellie
Alexander and I am super, super, super excited to have you
in my Torte Test Kitchen, where food meets fiction, today because it is
release day number two. That’s right. For the first
time in my professional career, I have two books releasing within
a week of each other and today, Beyond a Reasonable Stout is out, so we’re going to bake something from
this book that is deadly and delicious. [music playing] I can’t believe it. I literally am
pinching myself. I know it’s crazy, but I’ve never had two books
come out back to back. Last week, A Cup of Holiday Fear released in my
Bakeshop Mysteries and today – that’s right, today – Beyond a Reasonable Stout
is on bookshelves everywhere. I’m so in love with this book and I
hadn’t seen the spine in hardcover until I got my author copies in the mail and
it’s just so adorable. I love it so much. There’s something about hardcover
too, like it’s tangible. I love the feel of the book. I love
everything about it. Can you tell, I’m just slightly excited? I know. I’ll
try to chill out. I’ll try to calm down, as Taylor Swift would
say. I love that song. Have you been listening to that song?
Maybe that can be our theme song today. No, I digress. In any event, for those of you who might not be
familiar with my Sloan Kraus series, Sloan is a professional brewer who
brews up delicious pints of IPA, dark chocolate stouts, and hoppy, piney Northwest ales in the charming,
Bavarian village of Leavenworth, Washington, where I’m going
to be later this week. So if you’re anywhere near the
Northern Cascades, come see me. I’m doing multiple events in town
and I’m super excited for that. Sloan is also a bit of a baker, because that whole idea of the process
of brewing really maps to baking too. So when the first book in the
series, Death on Tap, came out, I had a reader email me who said she
could not believe that that there were desserts in the book, that
Sloan was baking with beer. And so two things about that: A) baking with beer is such a great idea. Beer just enhances the flavor of things
like this dark chocolate bundt cake that we’re going to make today. It also helps like add that nice little
bit of effervescence to like a bread dough. And also here in the Pacific Northwest
brew pubs are kind of like family gathering places. If
you go to any brewpub, you’re likely to see a very lovely artisan
food menu and almost always dessert. So I’m super curious to know from you
for those readers who are in other parts of the country and the world, for that
matter, what is the brewpub like for you? Have you had a dessert at
a brewpub? I know I have. One of my favorite desserts is a
dark chocolate stout milkshake. If you haven’t tried that,
just go do it right now. Maybe I’ll have to make
that in a future episode, but today we are going to bake Sloan’s
recipe for a dark chocolate stout bunk cake. Are you ready? Let’s crack
open the stout and get to it. [music playing] I cannot wait to dive in to this decadent
chocolate espresso stout bundt cake. That ganache is just like
oozing on top of it. And, um, the combination of the chocolate
and the coffee that I used, and the milk chocolate and the espresso
dark chocolate stout, I don’t know. I think my mind is going to be blown.
Sloan would definitely be impressed. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode
of the Torte Test Kitchen. As always, be sure to subscribe to my channel and
click the bell to get notified when I share new videos. Happy baking or, as Sloan would say
[inaudible] [inaudible].