Hi, it’s mystery author
Ellie Alexander. Welcome, welcome to my Torte Test Kitchen
where food meets fiction. I am definitely not a
professional pastry chef, but I play one in the pages of my mystery
series and this week I am baking a recipe that did not make it into
the pages of Caught Bread Handed. Want to know why? Stick around and we’ll
chat about it and we’ll get baking. [music playing] Welcome back to my Torte Test Kitchen. I’m so thrilled to have you here with me
today and one question that I get asked most often from readers is about recipes. I probably get more email
about recipes, future recipes, things that Jules and the team
at Torte, my fictional bakeshop, whip up in their magnificent kitchens
that don’t make it into the final pages of the book…at least in recipe form. I might reference something like what
we’re going to bake today and then it doesn’t make it into the back of the
book where you find all of the delectable Torte-inspired recipes. Why? It’s all about space and time. Recipes are the last thing that I do
when I work on a book. So, as we speak, I am doing edits for the 11th book in
the Bakeshop Mysteries and as soon as I turn those in, I’ll come back to the kitchen and I’ll
really in earnest finalize which recipes will be included in the book.
For Caught Bread Handed, I had so many delicious fall and like
sort of cozy recipes that I wanted to include, but each book usually
includes five recipes — three to four sweet recipes and one
to two savory recipes. And then, of course, there is always a coffee or some kind
of delicious drink recipe from Andy usually. I really fell in love with the pumpkin
bread that we’re going to bake today and it was Caught Bread Handed,
but I didn’t have any space. I had so many other things that Jules
was sort of carrying on about as I was writing, so I…it didn’t make the cut. But she does reference pumpkin bread and
I’ve had a lot of readers ask for the recipe. So, without further
ado, let’s get to it. Here is Jules’ recipe for my
favorite, and her favorite, fall pumpkin bread. [music playing] Okay, so if Jules was going to
serve pumpkin bread at Torte, I promise you this is the recipe. The bread is so soft and tender in
the middle, like it’s so squishy, but then it has that nice crunch
of pecans and a lovely crust. Plus, the aroma in my kitchen
right now is to die. To die for! And did you notice my red for bread knife? Whenever I have anything bread-ish in
my kitchen I love cutting with my pretty little knives. Alright. I hope you enjoyed this episode
at the Torte Test Kitchen. Be sure to comment below with your
favorite additions to pumpkin bread. Do you like just a basic pumpkin bread? Do you add nuts or do you go really
crazy and add something like chocolate chips? I might have to do that next time. Thanks so much for being here with me and
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I share new videos. Happy baking. [music playing]