Subscribe to the channel. Remember. DEMET ÖZDEMİR, “Yes. I was really scared. Because …” Demet ‘s Fear … Demet Özdemir was the face of the shampoo ad. Started promotional tours for the product of which it is a sponsor. She will play Zeynep in “My Home”. Soon Ibrahim Celikkol and Demet Ozdemir will meet in the new project on tv8 screens. Demet Özdemir continues to advertise shampoo. He made a situation in Baku, Azerbaijan. After the presentation, he answered the questions posed to him. He said he was very scared on an incoming question. I visited the city of Baku. I went to a very nice restaurant I had lunch. Very nice food. The question is; Mrs. Demet, which food do you like the most? I drank soup. It was very nice. I had stuffed dinner. I Mükmmel. I had baklava for dessert. Your baklavas are a little dry. But it’s so beautiful. Results ; Our national food. Bundle; It’s the palate I know. But it was different from our meals. The presentation of the dishes was also different. I liked the presentation very much. The question is; Are you afraid of gaining weight? Bundle; Yeah. I am so afraid. 😉 We talked about this yesterday. If I stay in Baku for a week I have to have serious problems. Really it is… Your food culture is very close to our food culture. You have a different taste in your food. You use different and various spices. Spices have a completely different flavor. I’ve always had a desire to eat. But I’m not saturated with food. But I’ve eaten a lot. Server ; When he returned to Turkey, then send you our our meal. We’il send you plenty of dowels, dolma, baklava. Bundle; Yeah. But send it quarterly I’d love to …; ))
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