Hey guys and welcome back to my next video! Today I will be once again playing the Battlefield
1 Beta. If you enjoy these kinds of videos please
hit the like button as well as comment on how I can improve my videos. Today my plan is to push onto Charlie and
secure it. If I can do this, this will allow my teamates
to push onto every other position on the map! Now that I have taken out a group of enemies
trying to Capture Charlie, I decide to push up and hop on the stationary gun. After taking out thoughs couple enemies, I
realise that some of them have flanked around and are captureing charlie. I decide to go take them out. With those enemies down, we have secured Charlie
again. After being taken out I decide to respawn
onto Alpha as we are beginning to loose it. As soon as I take out 2 guys a tank spots
me and takes me out. I realise that the enemy team has completely
locked down that position so I decide to respawn on Charlie. Thank you guys so much for watching my videos
guys. It means the world to me that people enjoy
my content. This video is the 2nd to last video before
the Battlefield 1’s full release. I can’t believe it has come this fast and
now its here and we will be able to play this game very very soon. If you enjoyed these kinds of videos please
hit the like button and comment down below on how I can improve my videos. Anyways guys thanks so much for watching and
I will see you guys all, in the next one.