[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I want to tell you about the craziest white man I ever met go way back Eddie and me met in the army that nerd from him in a while before I got his postcard never been to visit before postcard said you were bringing me a surprise is that it yeah I appreciated any I really do Oh sorry Brooke died it’s an old Indian just like me it’s not the end of the world what do you do get yourself that’s what I’m here for postcard didn’t say when you were coming so I lit a fire last night Moe told me when you’d be here I’ve been watching for you you know why I came to see you got a pretty good idea amigo what could did with nothing he’s good real good Johnny killing the memories the hundred why you got the mental Eddie hey I just dream about the devil he reserved they all forum hell just for meeting what do you think about that tell me more about your dream Eddie I think about annelotte Johnny checking out finito that’s why I’m here Jenny to kill myself Eddi you may not need my okay look at this kill me hey you not gonna make what in the hell are you shooting that boy you damn near kill us back there leave me alone I don’t want any trouble but I think you need to do son has apologized to me and my brothers for almost killing us hey Johnny what do you think maybe they can do it fuck are you talking my best friend I’ll tell you what why don’t you just give it this here motorcycle and maybe maybe me and my brothers just forget about this whole Lilly not not nothing no no that’s a gift my friend hey you really shouldn’t be driving the way you are mister please leave me alone you get off of my bike whatever you say chief fresh out there’s a car coming just burn and Dottie mango I’m saying though that pick better or not I don’t want no trouble with the Hogan’s and if you’re smart you keep your mouth shut to putting this in the damn truck would you make sure he’s dead first hey I can do it Matt go on I can do it alright I’m sorry mister [Applause] thanks buddy regarding their life as usual well could you give her these for me what’s that please Oh buddy that is so sweet she’s really gonna like those really mm-hmm Rhonda do you think Dottie would go out with me she left buddy why don’t you ask her all right I will get my ass in gear or they’re gonna discontinue the run there’s one passenger out there it’s military it’s half price Oh could you tell her I’m sorry mr. Bobby what are you saying you sit on my lap we talked about the first thing that pops up Oh Rhonda you’re late the shortcut to the dry lake and we saw this poor boy getting the mass beat out of him that’s unbelievable plays plays just got some ketchup Ross and Buddy left these for you Dottie thanks to the castle his brother the army may be conducting maneuvers around here Army’s not coming pop fly boys are gone to this place when I was a kid before they put in the interstate here’s a fresh cup mr. Earley Oh Thank You Rhonda thank you my birthday should be here any time now she’s been away finding a job as a handyman she should be here any time any time miss you teach me some patience mr. Earley Oh Rhonda patience is always there waiting for you huh well that is good to hear no birdie is going on three years now and he is still waiting he’s my kind of guy [Music] [Music] lady Gopi [Applause] come on P do you need a prep oh shit everybody’s good at collecting as you are let’s see about that hey good morning no it’s time to pass the plate I’m afraid we’re a little short this month can’t and I’m afraid I’m gonna have a serious problem yeah like a goddamn broken arm you can’t take the Lord’s name in vain Sonny sorry man look miss Howard I don’t want Petey to get any more upset than the years and ended up breaking both A’s oh here’s a miracle with this cute little center can I get some clean sheets down [Music] pure this time right hundred percent I gotta see my idiot sons you know those boys done you just just came town on damn it told him to be here god damn it it’s like the planes on time for a change [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] hello day oh it’s like a 49 Indian pocket good deal on I see now you show me the big slim lot like I said I got a great deal on the last thing I need right now trouble just by gonna be trouble no sir you sure did sure right Petey absolutely dad no no no trouble at all don’t even think about it get what stupid oh great just fucking pretty [Music] [Music] Eddie Eddie fade Nami Hey [Music] good boy okay good producer help what do you say [Music] [Music] can I get you boys see coffee you bitch fuck you your boss why don’t you boys stick your differences outside well you heard our town constable you Jets best people homes come on Ronda you know we like Dottie to take our order Dottie the hottie I mean you got nice tits no offense but hers are bigger and firmer people say you’re not sensitive guessing sure I am especially right around the tip of my dick don’t talk to Rhonda like that you gonna stop and pop hey yes we are did you maybe see something it could upset you or something no you sure about that return she won’t even look me in the eye [Music] six morning I feel like a football you still like your tequila if I stayed wrong vii akela you see my page Johnny I think I am but we’re some wild times up our bras and the booze cigarettes and whiskey and wild wild women they’ll drive you crazy they’ll drive you insane cigarettes and whiskey and why while women they’ll drive you crazy they’ll drive you I remember I remember getting to her I remember that it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here my people say that if you save a man’s life your souls are locked together forever that’s why I came to see him want to get you okay to take a journey well I got these I got to do then look at the moon talk to the smoke listen to the wind nothing’s easy they buzz me all the time the Air Force bombing raids but a little bout looks like a 50s today what are you gonna do when you catch those three brothers get your give back you got me a gift and they took it yeah they’re gonna kid and if the Hogan’s don’t and they eat as well he does they’re the dope business with the Hogan and what do you say we do a little divide and conquer like we used to in the old days and they’re making life pretty miserable for the good people around here that coyote you and him are a lot of light Kyle’s got courage wisdom a sense of mischief and he’s got a small dick just like you I’m gonna take a piss it’s way up here stay windy Oh God glad you’re feeling better [Music] [Applause] well I had a dream last night Oh dream heard the sound of the coyote and that today was going to be a glorious day why don’t you come in and help me make the coffee that would be nice my lucky hat Eddie thanks T yeah you might need this I got again I’m going to get it back which wastes out take the game trail down to the road and head west highway patrol comes through about once a week you’re an Indian I’m gonna get to give back then I want your kid to take a journey go to get you down hit straight for the diner somewhere around his Apple plan for the smile on your face [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] My heavens what was that Flyboys y’all know you folks just passing through yeah we’ve got lost a minute we turned off the interstate awesome well not exactly a loss Oh Clarence you’ve always been lost you got a map to the interstate don’t make no map I think yeah well we’re fresh out what is that check up on it 45 you two jackasses ain’t sold that gun yet does it look so love you man that’s pitiful come on give me the envelope ain’t got a fucking day you inbred you’re real good at runnin little credit-card scams and ripping off old folks looking for spaceships that’s real cute but if my father has to come down here you two lowlifes are gonna pee your little SWAT team pants ain’t that right thought so [Music] [Music] Rondo even without the term I told you when me and Vern saw that guy getting all beat up about her [Music] [Music] hey if you’re looking for UFOs take a fucking hike cut down the back oh is a scumbag you want information die for one one that get the fuck out the 45 would you get it from your grandma [Laughter] just that I’ve been taking shit all catched put a gun shot pop probably lie certainly on shooting ground squirrels own back there has many ground squirrels around here since I was a baby exam five minutes ago I saw a man in the straw hat going to Eli’s Emporium then I just heard a gunshot we better call the State Police why it takes him an hour to get out here even when they know where they’re going what if the man in the store head is a robber a rapist but what do we do if he comes in here you can random a room don’t just stand the deal with the door yeah where’s the ring but I’m damn tank well get it out here you’re gonna bolt both at the same time me no choice sound like Leon looks kind of piece you got a name Thank You Love nice boys meet any little max Eddie Lomax han boys my name’s Eli Hamilton about two months ago when I took gear lifter and Leon come down here supposedly to help me run the stores of bastards run this or hell hey took over well don’t get that that bring me a tank they take me to that chair back there don’t everybody I was in the hospital no business they starred me and then they beat me and they was one nephews imagine that hope but I didn’t and then you go along in yellow I know where to get your money yeah you can have it all you can have it all don’t want your money we’re gonna take a truck make a run for it now I’ve got some unfinished business what business you know the Hogan’s oh you gotta kill him too my vice you go ahead and kill him yeah wipe out the whole poison net all of them absolutely what about they’re my kinfolk my mess I’ll take care of it where you going now get a bite to eat right ahead and run those apple pie and famous in these here parts Thanks Oh No thank you hey still alive I figured it would be trouble on the hoof finesse coming this way just passing through you just passing through more or less sure is hot today we have [Music] I would like a piece of your famous apple pie famous how do you know Elijah Stoney and Johnny said it would put a smile on my face Johnny Johnny here six dos you know Johnny six toes we go it back really [Music] way back how about you it was tan and I got bit by a rattler oh ma thank you here see johnny saved my life and we’ve been friends ever since johnny was right that what [Music] – goodbye you know Lester and Leon nothin anymore [Music] so what brings you to town I’m looking for the Hogan’s you just missed Jesse you got business with the Huggins yeah I didn’t get something of jenny’s and I’m gonna get it back right maybe I could help Haidee Lomax [Music] Rhonda Lomax panels Vanya Reynolds and my granddad Billy just call me pop pipe up I don’t mean to be intrusive but I’m curious did my Bertie send you Bertie didn’t send you didn’t she she said she was going to get me a good job because I’m such a wonderful handyman a handyman I can use a handyman well then I’m your handyman enough no sound the house you’re very kind my pleasure let’s go handyman see I told you Rhonda it’s gonna be poor you stated a gory did you kill them I’m not my business my business as far as I’m concerned I won’t miss them one iota had a beautiful dog once they shot him dead and never said one word about it not one word oh you wanted to do that so you lie how are you I’ve not seen you in quite a spell quite a spell yeah well I’ve been tired of so I still Oh max what is the job lose the body’s privacy that’s my motto no job too big or too small I’ll tend to it straight away sir zooks bloody red all over back here he bloody well bled all over however not to worry some spick-and-span a little elbow grease several yards of saran wrap and everything will be as good as new good as new well gents if you’ll excuse me I’ll go fetch my truck I won’t be long won’t be long why does young ways repeat himself I don’t know [Music] hooligans now what are they okay please yeah maintain pieces are shit hey I’ve got something better than a 45 follow me [Music] my goddamn cake [Music] my nephew’s M spawn the hell’s that ripped off some of this stuff from an Army Depot you know how do you do well I guess you do hey happy shout I just need this one ah you’re very kind thank you I owe you a debt of gratitude my pleasure what are you gonna do now take a shower a good idea laughs I’ve made up fresh this morning Thank You moon young man have you been safe I’m afraid I’m a bad boy man it’s never too late hope you’re right oh man I love your hair Henry I don’t think he’s a rapist how would you know [Music] [Music] [Music] night fellas what do you say we fight in Concord like in the old days good evening boys you Church smell a lot better thank you tell me the heathens where they hang out you got a plan oh not that you need to tell me what it is then your own house about 15 miles down the highway the bomb-bay cafe run by tall dark fella by the name of C but fair warning it could get pretty rough in there yeah I could get Betty rough in there Eddie but that doesn’t worry you does it you’ll need to we’ll take that Dodge pickup there yeah help yourself thank you you know I bet he gets lots of pussy yeah I bet [Music] [Music] don’t dance all by myself please I tell you what can we all just I [Music] don’t want to get along hey Jack the girls here seem to have a thing for this sissy and his sissy yeah hey you’re a very naughty boy [Music] you punch part motherfucker ain’t you thank you dad [Music] who’s next drop your guns please hey mister take us with you okay pick up the gun see god oh my god you have just dispatched three of my best customers I am an unmanned predator who is going to pay for all this damage man you bas and you might does unfortunate person be the organs all of you inside thank you hey girls even if tough enough yeah oh no no no I have our reasons and they have nothing to do it you do it now which is guns in the back and jump in you know you sure finished up that pig spider please just kill them like a bug yeah but Eddie’s got those gentle eyes you know I wonder if I was too poor innocent girls but what you gonna do to them well I don’t know dear but I have to go to the store we’re out of depends and you should be asleep take your pills you’re right what do you want I want to thank you you’re welcome no I really want to thank you hi hi may I come in sure thank you you welcome Thanks like get the energy sweet dreams sorry I woke you my age you don’t sleep much anyways do you mind oh this Senju bow to the Bombeck affair you’ll know what to do a cleanup job and I’ve got two girls in my bangle Oh put them on a bus to Cleveland to girls yeah sure I can take care of Jesus did you get down with the Bombay just three are you going after those outdone outnumbered fuck you fuck you talking to fool I’ll screw this up your ass splatter your brains all over the desert stick it back the fuck off your balls you take him yourself you keep talking like that Irma you’re gonna look funny sucking my dick with no teeth Ramsey’s broken the truth hiring this ain’t gotta blow up his lab cuz we’re gonna need it brothers and sisters we’re gonna need it cuz we’re gonna take over this entire operation everything cut off the head of the snake the fight dies let’s kill Ramsey what do you say cuz I know my enemies first Thursday every month the fat pig goes up to Vegas with this bastard Sam she’s a stockbroker you know but it’s hooker it’s not wax usually gets back between 12:00 and 1:00 will be wet honey uh can I ask you a question it’s about a night you got to go peepee no sir just that well spit it out weenie boy I was just wondering why you bribed me and Jessie so much and never Petey rides me plenty sure it’s not shut up yeah I love PD cuz I loved his mother she died giving birth he’s our love child what about me Jess the unfortunate results of some recreational fuckin that the fuckin is fun you know we got company and they’re closing freshest [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I’m a chemist I’m not a doctor it looks like you may have a concussion possibly some internal injuries he should be in hospital goddamn right wait a minute dad think about it why would they attack us we’re on business together don’t make no sense dad pensions at me and mine I shoot back and ask questions later I’m paying 500 bucks a head net wheezy little rat fuck dives is mine bitch daddy hell they tried to kill me too well ain’t you a block off the old chimp we’re going pickup tonight [Applause] six dozen I always forget how easy it is to sneak up on a white man you know I didn’t think enough is your problem you’ve been wanting to die for how long now a year you’re not dead yet it’s easy to come up with a hundred reasons to take the journey Eddie but you only need one I don’t have one no what about Rondo it’s a nice girl what a myriad have some kids so I’m moving down there take a bunch of white guys with pushes on me I’ll divide and conquer working out [Music] [Applause] you know I’d shoot that god I’m glad I ran away from home when I was a kid cozy down there don’t like barbecue the tower is the guy from the Bombay I’ll get the cable get their attention then you beat it it’s a good plan anything one thing’s wrong [Music] where’d you get that you like it damn well I guess it’s mine now you like it well maybe that’s just spooky any we always heard about no you everyone for real go 45 you don’t know nothing about him neither no no tell me yeah somebody give me a rope [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this journey ain’t over for you [Applause] [Music] [Music] No [Music] [Music] you’re a judge can’t do nothing right [Music] I mean Chum cigarettes and whiskey women don’t rob you’re crazy don’t drive you insane [Music] [Music] mr. no rond I’m quite upset what’s the matter I had a dream again last night and it was quite troubling I heard the howl of the coyote but this time there was violence and blood and death but that was just a bad dream mr. Earley that’s nothing to worry about no we ain’t not in it we all like it and I’m offered $10,000 reward for anybody that gives me that 80 coyote dead or alive you’re saying kazarka good luck my dear good luck it’s just okay Scott you’ve gotta listen to me they’re looking all over for you they got a $10,000 reward on your head [Music] [Music] I’m going back to town I’m gonna go with you forget it johnny was my friend too [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] no we are not making sure your by wool I can share the reward right sure you do burn just show us where he is [Music] what the hell was that [Music] come on get real hurt maybe even kill God sounds like it should mean something free but it just don’t that’s it I quit I applied until I get a piece of the 10 grand right Jess go turn that chicken ass Tanner to us a try no phone back off my chest beats me burnin went to high school together I sign your yearbook I thought I recognized you okay I’m coming it wasn’t funny Matt why you please give up me from collarbone to belly but you don’t see that every day you got backdoor city shake no I just witness we’re coming stop scaring me [Music] patience [Music] [Applause] all right you go in here and make for sure buddy’s dad dead make sure you go there’s nobody in there it’s empty and it’s full of holes Irma go check it out but no we’re so booby-trap that didn’t go off fuck around man we gotta find out we can’t let him get away y’all see anything y’all sorry PT PT what in the hell are you doing over here boy backing up backing me up yeah raining fire one damn shot bitch digit and that’s just weak man real week count on your own blood [Music] okay now what go head over to Eli’s check on Joe Bob Beatty it’s your last chance to be a man are we straight yeah sure yeah all right I’m gonna check out the gas station man I won’t let you down okay [Music] all right mother Teresa where is he the Lord’s will again you got a coyote huh right huh [Music] sella what the hell is it you know what the Bible says live by the sword die by the sword it’s fine where is it dude with the 45 don’t you joke with me a little chink I am not joking with you I’m gonna ask you one more time I know where it is let’s go find him bro you are not my brother you are liar and a coward and you do not tell me what to do miss if you two just shot that guy when you had the chance you little Tower he’s along by this way you leave another one of these [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] what happens when you [Music] [Applause] chiju a damn lesson you gonna pay for what you’ve done to my family [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you know you’re my person my god stop [Music] [Music] this is a gold mine they’re gonna start running buses here every two hours yeah it’s life-saving for us thank you you’re welcome man Johnny I don’t want to be forward but do you like samurai movies well I don’t know I’ve never been to one well they’re they’re like westerns only Japanese anyway there’s a special showing on in Sun City but one of my favorites called Yojimbo and I’d sure love it if you see with me on Friday night I could just drive down but what time should I meet you around [Laughter] [Music] King we said please harm John very lucky day for you mr. Singh very lucky indeed for us all very lucky Tom is experiencing a genuine renaissance oh it all – any telling the tabloids about all the alien there were many nuts in the world with money I made you boys some brownies now buddy you must sit and rest Thank You Eli you must stop smoking why cause my Bertie and I are having a baby [Music] don’t believe your eyes it looks like a long gonna have to trust [Music] there’s a special light that is guiding those perfect lover star it shines wherever [Music] and hear me like a song singing that we’re home we belong I’m a better man walking next to you man not seen before [Music] my gift is [Music] imagine from a vision and a dream [Music] together [Music] your torch is my compass [Music] to [Music] we don’t say too bad a story has no name we don’t walk away tonight we are face to face as we breathe that’s what our hearts do business and life is suddenly and you are imagine [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] that your touch is my and [Music] together tell me miss that I knew [Music] you touch is my carpets and all roads [Music] the [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]