(upbeat instrumental) – Hey everyone, it’s Natasha
of NatashasKitchen.com and today I’m gonna teach you how to make a boccone dolce, it’s a
classic Italian dessert that has layer after
layer of crunchy meringue, tons of fresh berries,
freshly whipped cream, and of course chocolate. And this recipe has
very simple ingredients, you guys are gonna love it. (upbeat instrumental) You’ll need 10 egg whites at room temperature so start crackin’. Add those to your mixer along
with one and three quarter cups of sugar, a quarter teaspoon of salt, and a quarter teaspoon of cream of tartar. Beat those on high
speed for seven minutes. Meanwhile use a pan to trace three circles onto parchment paper and I’m
using my nine inch cake pan. When you’re done, flip the
paper over so the meringue isn’t baking directly on the ink. (upbeat instrumental) You see those stiff glossy peaks? The meringue is good to go. (upbeat instrumental) Divide the meringue evenly
between the three circles and then spread and
smooth out your layers. (upbeat instrumental) Into the oven they go at
200 degrees fahrenheit for six hours, that’s right, they take time to dry out completely. And everY two hours you’re
gonna rotate the pans just so they bake evenly. Great news though, you can
totally make these layers the day before then cover them loosely and keep them at room
temperature overnight. It’s best to assemble this
cake just before serving but assembly is easy peasy. Melt one cup of chocolate
and put it into a Ziploc bag, which makes clean up so easy. Drizzle generously over
all thee cake layers, and here’s a tip, if you’re
not serving this right away, it does help to brush the
cake layers with chocolate, both the top and bottom. This creates a barrier,
keeping the frosting from softening the meringue. (upbeat instrumental) Quickly slice up your strawberries and now, onto the cream. Combine three cups of
cold heavy whipping cream with half a cup of powdered sugar. Beat those together on high speed for about two minutes
until thick and fluffy. (upbeat instrumental) Pipe a third of the cream
onto the first cake layer then top with lots of
fresh berries and repeat. (upbeat instrumental) Decorating the top is just as easy, just pipe on the remaining
frosting and add more berries. (upbeat instrumental) Serve this cake with a
super simple berry sauce. It’s just half a pound of
strawberries blended with sugar. (upbeat instrumental) I had so much fun making this cake and I’ve been waiting way too patiently for this moment, the taste test. Seriously you guys, look at
this cake, it is gorgeous. And you’re totally gonna
impress your friends if you make it, so let’s
dig into this thing. (upbeat instrumental) Oh awesome, I love ridiculously
large slices of cake. (laughing) Look at this thing, woo! And of course, that strawberry syrup, so drizzle, I mean downpour. There we go. (laughing) Wow, snap crackle and pop my friends. It’s so good, wow, the kind of cake you just want to eat and eat and eat. I love the crunchy meringue, this cake absolutely melts in your mouth, the light sweetness of the cream, the zing from the
berries, it is phenomenal, you guys are gonna love this recipe. If you enjoyed this recipe,
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