(vibrant bouncy music) Hey everyone, it’s Natasha
from natashaskitchen.com, and today we’re making my favorite cake. It’s actually my mom’s recipe
for her Spartak cake or Спартак cake, and we’re
gonna do a twist on it. We’re gonna make it chocolate. This is one of the most
requested videos on my blog, and so, here you go, enjoy. We’re gonna start with the ingredients. So you’ll need two cups
minus a tablespoon of flour, a tablespoon and a half of
cocoa, one cup of sugar, one large egg, four
tablespoons of soften butter, 1/3 cup of sugar, and one
teaspoon of baking soda. And for the frosting, you’ll
need one package or eight ounces of cream cheese and
get that to room temperature so take it out now ’cause
you’ll need it later. Also, two packages of unsalted butter, also at room temperature,
and one can of uncooked sweetened condensed milk. 3/4 cups of heavy whipping cream and about a tablespoon and a
half of powdered sugar. Now, if you don’t want to
make your own whipped cream, you can use eight ounces of
Cool Whip, if you want to. I like the heavy whipping cream version, but that’s up to you. So, let’s get started on this great cake. The first thing we want
to do is sift together your flour and your cocoa. The baby wanted chocolate,
that’s what happened. And so, can’t refuse the baby, nope! I’m 18 weeks now and these chocolate cravings are getting crazy. Okay, I think that’s
all that’s coming out of that little cup; it must have been wet. I don’t know, whatver. Okay so, we’ve got that
sifted let’s put that aside. Now, the next thing we want
to do is in the bowl of a stand mixer, and you can
do this with a hand mixer, it’s just a little more tedious. We’re gonna put in one cup of sugar and one egg. Okay and you’re gonna beat
that for six minutes on medium speed just to get the
sugar nice and dissolved. Scrape down the bowl as needed. I just do that once in
the middle of mixing. We’re ready to add our butter, our baking soda, and add warm milk. Now, we’re going to crank
that up to medium-high speed and go for another three minutes. Next, you’re gonna set up your water bath, and you don’t need any
special equipment for this. I just have a large pot of water, well it’s about a 1/4,
filled with boiling water. I’ve got a glass bowl over the top; you can also put a
smaller pot over the top. You just want it sitting
above the water so it’s over the steam and not actually
submerged in the water. So, we’re gonna take our
mixture from our stand mixer, and just pour it into that hot bowl. And, we’re gonna mix it for about 10 minutes, just stirring frequently. Okay our mixture has been on
the stove for about 10 minutes, and we’re gonna remove it. Just be careful because
there’s hot steam underneath. Turn off the stove, and, without waiting, we’re gonna mix in our sifted flour and cocoa. You don’t want to wait or
you will ruin the dough. Okay, so just stir that in. Now, you can see what this
looks like when the flour is all incorporated, and
it’s still very sticky. Now, keep in mind, it hardens as it cools, so what you’re gonna do
is just set this aside and let it sit at room
temperature for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, you can see
that the dough is no longer really sticking to the spatula. It’s still warm to the touch so while it’s warm is
when it’s the easiest time to roll out this dough. So, we’ve got our oven
preheating to 350 degrees, and we’re gonna start by taking a heaping tablespoon at a time of this dough. Just transfer that dough onto
a sheet of parchment paper. And, you’re gonna sprinkle
the top generously with some flour, and
that’ll just keep it from sticking to your rolling pin. Just start rolling it out. You’re gonna make it into
an about a 9-inch round. So just start working on it,
and, if it start to stick to your pin, just sprinkle
a little more flour. Okay I’ve got it about 9-inch
round, and, to make sure they’re even circles, what
I take is the bottom of a springform pan, you can also use a plate, and just lay it over the top. And then, take a pizza cutter and just slice all the way around. And, what’s easy about
this is we bake directly on the parchment paper so
what you’re gonna do is, pull the scraps away because,
if you don’t, they’ll bake into the cake, and you don’t want that. We want to use the scraps later
to make crumbs out of them. So, just make sure that they
stay on the parchment paper, but they’re pulled away from the cake. Now, I’m usually able to get
two layers on one large sheet of parchment paper, so we’re
gonna bake this for about three to five minutes at 350 degrees. You can use a cookie sheet or
the bottom of a cookie sheet to help you get this into the oven. But, otherwise, you just
transfer it right onto the wrap. Okay, our first two layers are done, and they look just perfect. I kept them in there
closer to five minutes. And, we’re just gonna let
those cool, set them aside, and actually reuse that parchment paper. Now, to make the process
a little bit faster, while your first layers are in the oven, you can to start rolling
out your next ones. Also, keep these dried scraps because they’ll turn into cookies,
basically, that you can crush and then create this nice
topping for the cake later. So, you’re gonna continue with the rest of your layers until you’re done. Our cake layers are done. Our crumbs are hardening nicely. We’ll want to let that cool to room temperature while
we start on the frosting. So, start out with two
sticks of softened butter. Put that in your mixer. And then add one can of
sweetened condensed milk, and it can just be a raw condensed milk. It does not have to be cooked. Easy-peasy. Okay and, once that’s in,
we’re gonna beat that on medium speed for about seven minutes. Okay, you can see it’s turned
into a frosting consistency. So, now with the mixer still
on, we’re gonna add the cream cheese, just one
piece at a time, and, once it’s all in, we’re
gonna continue mixing for another three to five minutes or until the cream cheese is completely mixed in. If you see cream cheese
stuck on the walls, just scrape it down as needed. And keep mixing until your
frosting is nice and smooth. The last step of our
frosting is whipped cream. Now, again, you can use Cool
Whip, but this is just so easy, and it’s natural and tasty
that I love to do it this way. So, we’re gonna put 3/4 of a cup of heavy whipping cream in a cold bowl. I’ll put this in the freezer for 10 minutes before I make this. And that ensures the best and fluffiest results for whipped cream. Then our powdered sugar, add
that right in and beat on high speed for a little under two
minutes or just until it’s thick and spreadable, but don’t overdo because it’ll turn buttery. Okay, nice and thick. Now, fold your whipped
cream into your frosting, and just stir it together
until it’s well incorporated. Ugh, looks wonderful. Okay, now for the exciting part. We’re gonna put this cake together. All right, so we’ve got our layers here. And I like to assemble it
right on that parchment paper that I was using earlier to bake. Less waste, less cleanup. I like it. Okay, so we’re gonna start with our first layer on the bottom. Okay, and then we’re gonna
add enough frosting on top to completely cover the surface. Don’t be shy with the frosting. You’ll have plenty, for all seven layers. Ugh, this thing’s gonna
be so good and beautiful when you guys finish this. Your family’s gonna love it. This is a favorite for kids too. Kids love this cake,
my son’s favorite cake. Okay, see how much
frosting I added on there? So now just take that next layer, put it right over the
top, center it evenly, and push down on it. This make sure that you don’t get any air gaps under the cake. And continue with more frosting
all the way til you’re done. Alright, I like to save
the most lovely and even layer for the top. So, push that down; that’s our last layer. And now we’re gonna cover
the cake on the top and sides with lots of frosting, just use the rest of that frosting up. Alright, our cake is frosted. it’s smooth down and beautiful. Remember those scraps of
dough that I had baking on the sheet with the cake
layers, you know those? Well, what I did is I pulsed
them in my food processor to create a fine crumb, and that’s what I’m gonna decorate the top with. Now, if you don’t want to use the scraps, you can also use crushed graham crackers. You can use chocolate
shavings, and I’ve got a little bit of those
just to add a little more chocolate kick to the top. Okay, so what we’re gonna
do is just start sprinkling the top and the sides with these crumbs. It’s gonna give it that
classic Spartak look. This is exactly how my mom does it. Now, the sides of the cake,
that get a little bit tricky. There’s a few different
ways that you can do this. You could either just like
toss it onto the cake, which doesn’t give you a
super awesome coverage. But, once you’ve got some crumbs
on there and some that have collected on the bottom of the cake, you can just kinda flick it up. And see how that coats
it a little bit better? Alright, our cake is decorated
and now comes the hard part. You have to wait about 10
hours to let this cake rest and really soak up some of that great frosting into the cake layers. It’s gonna be soft, it’s gonna be so good. It’s worth the wait guys. So, what I did is I
transfer the whole cake, with the parchment paper,
right onto a cutting board. I’m gonna cover it lightly or losely with a piece of plastic wrap,
and I’m gonna put it in the fridge for 10 hours. It’s gonna sit in there overnight. You can also put this in a
cold garage if it’s cold out. Ugh, I can’t wait so we’ll
get back to this once it’s soft and delicious, and you
guys will see the inside. Alright, I’ve been waiting so
patiently for this thing to soften up overnight, and it’s perfect now. So, what I do to transfer
it from the parchment paper to my cake platter is I take
a spatula, and I just run it around the bottom of the
cake to loosen it up from that parchment paper, and then it
just lifts up pretty easily. So, transfer it right
onto there in the center. Okay, and then you can decorate
the top with some fresh berries if you like just
to make it a little extra fancy, give it a little sparkle. Now, you get to slice it up and enjoy. Uh, Yum, I can’t wait. Okay, I’m gonna give it
a little extra sparkle. Whoops, on top of the
cake, on top of the cake. Okay, here we go. (vibrant bouncy music) Mm… Just like mom’s. For a print friendly
version of this recipe, visit natashaskitchen.com. I’ve also included a link below. And don’t forget to subscrbe to my Youtube channel, thanks for watching! (vibrant bouncy music)