– Casual lean. I’m just here hanging out
at the mall holding hands with my boyfriend. You guys showed up and
now we’re shooting a show. That’s show biz baby. (upbeat electronic music) Hello, friends. I’m Lee Kalpakis and I am at Arcadia Mall in Flushing, Queens. Now, most people come to
the mall to go shopping, but I’m actually here
to eat dumplings today because Arcadia is mostly
made up of restaurants and we’re headed to a place
that offers over 100 varieties of dumplings, appropriately
named Dumpling Galaxy. This place has super-delicious,
really unusual dumplings. They’ve got egg and cucumber. They have pumpkin black sesame. They have lamb and pickled vegetable. The list goes on and on. But, today we’re here to try
something I have never heard of before in my life: a
crystal dessert dumpling. I am really intrigued. I am a little confused
so let’s go check it out. – I got the idea for
crystal sweet dumplings from the beach bag, translucent looking and you’d never have to
wonder where the stuff are. When you look at this
crystal sweet dumplings, it’s kind of eye-catching. It looks gorgeous and beautiful. The wrapper for crystal sweet
dumplings looks translucent. It’s made with unflavored gelatin. The flavor for crystal
sweet dumplings is sweet. It tastes all kinds of nuts and seeds. I often think, What’s the new
dumpling I’m gonna make next? This kind of question it’s
hanging over me almost every day. I create a new type
almost on a daily basis. (cheerful violin music) – OK, so here we have it,
the crystal sweet dumpling. As you can see, the wrapper is sort of translucent so we can see
what’s going on on the inside. I see the layer of tomato on top and then all of our nuts
and seeds are on the bottom. Let’s cut this bad boy open. Let’s taste it. It’s not the easiest dessert to handle. Oh, not really what I was expecting. It almost tastes like baklava,
but a little bit different because you have the honey, but usually in baklava, you
have walnuts and pistachios and maybe almonds, but no more than three
different kinds of nuts. But this has eight different
kids of nuts and seeds. So, you’re getting the cashew,
you’re getting the peanut, you’re getting the pumpkin seed, sesame. There’s so much more complexity going on, but it really has a honey-roasted peanut taste to it. It’s almost like trail mix or something. And the tomato is actually just a nice little punch of brightness. This is like a whole other
crazy dumpling level. Let me take another bite. The gelatin is flavorless. It’s sort of there just to
hold everything together and showcase everything
that the nuts and the seeds and the honey are doing. The contrast of textures in
this is really interesting because you have the
gelatin, which is jiggly and it’s delicate, and then
once you get to the center, it’s got some big chunks
and little chunks. It’s crunchy, it’s crispy,
it’s a really nice contrast. And then the Asian pear is
just a refreshing little snack that you get on the side. I like it. (cheerful violin music) This sweet dumpling
was a delight and, hey, it seems like you guys
like videos about dumplings so why you check out our
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