Hey everyone, it’s Natasha of natashaskitchen.com Today I’m going to teach you how to make a raspberry jello cake.
This recipe is easy, it’s party friendly, it’s perfect for a potluck. My friend
Laura, from church, shared this recipe with me. Actually she brought it to a
church potluck and I’ve loved it ever since
and kids love it too. So let’s go over the ingredients. All you need is a 6
ounce package of raspberry, jello an 8 ounce tub of Cool Whip and have that
thawing in the fridge, then 4 eggs at room temperature and a half a cup of
granulated sugar, 1/2 a cup flour, just a little splash of vanilla and then for
the syrup on the cake, we’re going to have half a cup of water, a tsp of
lemon juice, 2 Tbsp of sugar and then finally for the topping you’ll need
a 6 ounce package of fresh raspberries and a 3 ounce package of jello. So the
very first thing that we want to do is we want to make the jello mousse or
start with the jello because you need to give this time to set. So empty a six
ounce package of raspberry jello into a mixing bowl and then we’re going to add
two cups of boiling hot water. So stir that together and let it dissolve and
then once it’s dissolved you’re going to add one cup of ice-cold water.
Now on the package it says to add two cups of cold water but we’re just adding
one. Once all of the jello is dissolved, just set that aside and leave it at room
temperature while you make the rest of your cake. Now we can start on the sponge
cake layer, the bottom of this cake. So we’re going to crack four large eggs
into the bowl of your mixer also preheat the oven to 350˚F.
You want to beat the eggs on high-speed for one minute then gradually add the
sugar and beat for another five minutes on high speed. When the mixture is done
it’s going to be thick and fluffy. So now that our egg mixture is done, we’re going
to take that just a quarter tsp of vanilla and pour it in and just fold
that together very quickly and once that’s incorporated you’re going to sift
the flour right into it and we’re going to do this in about three different
batches. So start sifting it in and when you fold this together you want to fold
it gently because you’re really relying on the eggs for volume and so you don’t
want to deflate those also. When you’re mixing, make sure to mix from the bottom
of the bowl just because you don’t want any pockets of flour stuck down there.
Once the mixture doesn’t have any streaks of flour remaining and you’re
all done adding your flour, you can transfer it to a 13 by 9 inch baking
dish and I just have that lined with some parchment paper.
I did not grease the sides, just line the bottom and you’re good to go. So transfer
that into your baking dish and straighten out the top and then we’re
going to bake it at 350˚F for 18 to 20 minutes. While your cakes in the oven, you
can go ahead and make this simple syrup. So we have half a cup of warm water and
it helps if it’s warm for the sugar to dissolve, so just add the sugar right
into there and then add your tsp of lemon juice just for a little extra
flavor and then stir that together and set it aside just until the sugar
dissolves. Alright, that cake has been in the oven
for about 20 minutes and we’re going to take it right out of the pan. So I’m
using a thin edge spatula, just to kind of go around the sides of the cake to
loosen it up from that pan. Okay and then we’re just going to invert
it right onto a cooling rack and then remove the backing and it
should come off pretty easily. Okay, you’re going to let that cake cool
until it’s about room temperature. The cake is cooled down so I can put it back
into my cleaned baking dish. Just transfer it right in there
and then we’re going to take that simple syrup that we made and we’re
just going to brush it evenly over the top of the cake until it’s all gone. That’s all done and now set your cake
aside to let it soak up some of that juice and we’re going to finish up the
mousse layer. Our jello has been sitting at room temperature and you can see it’s
just beginning to soft set so it’s really getting thick it’s very syrupy,
and what we’re going to do is we’re going to put the thawed whipped cream
into the jello mixture and beat it together on high speed just until it’s
nice and blended. You can see the consistency of this is pretty thick, it’s
not watery. Now, if it does turn out watery, that just means that you didn’t
wait for your jello to set long enough which is totally fine. Just put this
mixture in the fridge for about 10 to 15 minutes and it’ll start to set, just keep
an eye on it because you don’t want it to get too firm because then it’ll be
hard to spread it. Now we’re going to transfer this mixture into the cake pan,
so smooth out the top as evenly as you can and then we’re going to add the
raspberries. Okay so now what we’re going to do is put this in the refrigerator or
you can set it outside if it’s cold outside like it is now and just leave it
out there for about an hour or until it’s pretty well set. While your mousse
setting, go ahead and make that last jello topping. So you’re going to take
your three ounce package package of jell-o and put it into one cup of
boiling hot water, stir that together until it’s dissolved and then add just a
half a cup of ice-cold water and you want to set that aside and let it cool
down to room temperature, you don’t want to pour warm jello over the mousse
otherwise it will start foaming. And so now we’re going to pour it over the
jello and I like to use the back of a spoon to kind of break its fall so it
doesn’t hit the jello directly, it’s a little more of a gentle pour
so now just refrigerate that until it’s fully set and it’s good to go.
Oh, I’m so excited, can’t wait to try this! All right, our jello is set and we’re
ready for the taste test, my favorite part. So, we’re just going to cut right
into this thing and that first piece is always the hardest to get out so you
guys get to watch me struggle. Okay, here we go, OK, I think I did pretty good. Can
you see all the great layers in here? We’ve got our moist sponge cake, our
tangy mousse jello layer and then our raspberry jello on top with the fruit. Oh,
it’s just gorgeous and it tastes even better, so let’s dig into this thing. It’s
not too sweet, it’s a little bit tangy, sauce just wonderful and you know the
great thing is you can change this up and use different fruit flavors in your
jello. Top it with different fruits and make it completely your own. It’s just
perfect for parties you can make it a few days in advance even. It’s kind of
hard to stop eating it though so you’ve been warned. Anyway, thanks for spending
time with me in my kitchen. I hope you subscribe to my YouTube channel and
we’ll see you later!