Hi Bold Bakers! Fall season is pie season. But we are not making just regular pies, we
are making dessert egg rolls full of fall flavors. So let’s get baking. So normally egg rolls are savory and fried,
but ours are going to be sweet and baked. They’re going to be golden and delicious
just like egg rolls normally are but have that little bit of less fat. I’m going to start out by showing you three
really simple fillings that you can make for your egg rolls. We’re going to start out by making an apple
pie one. For the apples, I’m using granny smith but
you can use any apple that works well in your country for cooking. What you want to do is just peel it and slice
and dice it up really small. The smaller you cut it, the faster it’ll
cook. You only need one or two apples to make these
rolls, it’s only a handful. Go ahead and pop your chopped apples straight
into a bowl and then we’re going to add in our flavor and seasoning. So we’re going to add in a little sugar
for sweetness. Feel free to use any type of sugar you like,
splenda, coconut sugar, brown sugar. Next we’re going to add in cinnamon, which
of course you have to have cinnamon around fall. It’s warm and spicy and delicious. So our next ingredient is corn starch or also
known as corn flour. And what this does is it thickens the juices
coming out of the apples to create a sauce. Now if you don’t want to use this or you
don’t have it available to you then leave it out. Just don’t substitute it with regular flour,
because it’s not the same thing. And then lastly, we’re just going to add
a little fresh lemon juice and this will keep your apples nice and green and keep them from
turning brown. So you just want to give these ingredients
a quick mix up, get the apples well coated. And that’s it. This is our simple, easy apple filling. Now we’re going to set this mix aside and
get started on our next perfect fall flavor, which is pumpkin. So this next filling is very similar to a
pumpkin pie. It tastes just like it. In our bowl, we have some tinned pumpkin puree. Now if this is not available in your country,
don’t worry. I’m going to put a link on my website of
where you can buy it online. Into our pumpkin puree, we’re going to crack
in an egg. Add in some brown sugar, some pumpkin pie
spice or you can also use cinnamon, and then all you wan to do is mix all of these ingredients
together. So I hadn’t had pumpkin pie until I moved
to the united states, so for those of you who have not tried it, I strongly suggest
you do. It’s such a lovely balance of a little bit
of savory, sweet, salty, spicy, it’s delicious. Ok so this is our pumpkin pie filling done. I’m just going to pop this in the fridge
and we’re going to get started on my personal favorite, pecan pie egg rolls. So in my bowl, I have some finely chopped,
toasted pecans. And you want to make sure that they are toasted. Because it brings out that lovely maple, kind
of coffee flavor in them. Into our pecans, we’re going to add in an
egg, some brown sugar, maple syrup, if you don’t have this available you can always
use agave, melted butter, vanilla extract, and of course a pinch of salt. And just like all the other fillings, we’re
going to mix this one together. I love this recipe because there’s no machines,
no fancy equipment needed. Ok so that’s it. Now as you can see, this mix is pretty soft
so you do want to put it into the fridge and let it stiffen up for around half an hour
before you fill your egg rolls. So now it is time for the assembly. And what we’re using to wrap up our egg
rolls are these wrappers. And they’re called egg roll wrappers or
also spring roll wrappers. They can be found in most Asian super markets
and I’m also going to put a link on biggerbolderbaking.com for where you can actually buy them online
along with the recipe for the egg rolls. One thing you want to know about these wrappers
is that they do dry out if they’re left sitting in the air so what I like to do is
cover them over with a damp bit of kitchen paper to keep them nice and moist until you
get to that one. So off-center on your wrapper, you want to
put a big spoonful of your filling. Be careful not to over stuff them because
they might pop open when they bake. So to help the rolls stick together, we’re
going to brush them with some egg wash. If you don’t eat eggs, feel free to use
a little bit of water, that’ll work well too. And then to roll, very gently move your wrapper
over you apples once covering them. Then we’re going to turn in the sides and
then just roll him over himself. And then straight onto your baking tray. Be careful not to put too much liquid from
the apples onto your wrapper because it’ll make it soggy as it bakes. Next, we’re going to fill the pumpkin egg
rolls and with these guys, less is more with the filling because it is a little bit softer
and you don’t want it to ooze out so just put in a little bit. Just like the apple, put it past the halfway
point, and then some egg wash, and then because this guy is soft, we’re going to roll him
up gently. Give him a little bit of a tuck towards you,
turn in his sides, and then continue to roll him over. While they’re resting, make sure you also
cover your prepared ones with a damp kitchen cloth. Ok so that’s pumpkin, and now for pecan. So you can already see that our pecan pie
has stiffened up nicely so this is perfect. Just like the other egg rolls, we’re going
to put it a little bit past halfway. I feel like with this mix, you can be a little
more generous because it’s nice and stiff. And because it’s my favorite. Egg wash for this guy. As you can see, this one is a little easier
to roll than the pumpkin. Ok and just keep on rolling until all of your
mix is gone. If you want to make these up ahead of time
for a party or for dinner, feel free to do that, just make sure like I said before, to
keep them covered with some damp paper towels. Keep them nice and fresh and soft. Once all your egg rolls are assembled, we’re
going to brush them with some egg wash or you can always use milk too. And then we’re going to take some cinnamon
sugar, and this is just a little bit of sugar mixed with cinnamon, and we are going to generously
dust them with this. Ok that’s it. Now we just want to pop these guys straight
into a hot oven. Bake your egg rolls off at 375 degrees Fahrenheit
or 190 degrees Celsius for around 15-20 minutes or until they go a lovely golden brown. Now if you like baked, not fried desserts,
make sure you try out my baked churros and baked donuts because they are delicious. Just like I predicted, our egg rolls are a
beautiful golden brown and as you can see, they have a nice crust on them from the cinnamon
sugar. Oh I am excited for our egg rolls. So I’m going to cut them open while they’re
still nice and warm. Ah look at this bad boy, full of apple and
cinnamon. Smells fantastic. It smells like the holidays and fall just
in general. It looks beautiful. I’m going to give this one a little try. What better way to eat a pie than a little
mini hand-pie. That is delicious. Ok I’m going to cut open a pumpkin one so
you can see that. Aw look it looks fantastic. I love pumpkin pie, the taste, the smell. Even the color of it is so lovely. Especially the taste, the taste is really
lovely too. Ok two done, where is pecan? Ah just as I suspected, look how gorgeous
that looks. Packed full of nuts and maple goodness. Absolutely beautiful. This is what I was waiting for. Hear that crunch of the pastry? Oh and the nuts, it’s just absolutely gorgeous. You can enjoy your egg rolls just simply by
themselves, or you can serve them with cream, maple syrup, ice cream, whatever you like. Make them as big and bold as possible. Subscribe to my channel so you do not miss
out on upcoming recipes and I’ll see you back here next week for more Bigger Bolder