Dessert for Breakfast Blueberry Chia Pudding still haven’t tried Chia time to emerge from underneath that rock have a small but mighty seeds deliver big doses of omega three fatty acids protein fiber and calcium and because they expand and soften when they soak up liquid they make this pudding which also contains both almond milk and creek yogurt extra creamy and satisfying assemble it before you go to bed let the Chia work its magic overnight then dig in for a perfect breakfast serves to one see unsweetened almond milk one seaplane Greek yellow bird 1/4 each eocene aides 2 tablespoons honey optional ones see fresh blueberries one in a medium bowl combine almond milk yogurt Chia seeds and honey whisk until well combined let stand at room temperature for 2030 minutes cover and refrigerate overnight to when ready to serve divide Chia mixture into a glass jars or small bowls and top with fresh blueberries