(upbeat music) Show should be called
Sasha Messy In The Kitchen instead of Sasha In Good Taste. So many–
(spoon hits table) (upbeat electronic music) Recipes, life hacks and everyday tips, welcome to Sasha in good taste. Welcome to Sasha in good taste. Good news, pears are in season. So we are going to make a delicious poached pear puff pastry. It’s one of my favorites
because pears are just, they’re sweet but they’re not too sweet and when you poach them, it really just gives them
an extra boost of flavor and it’s impressive,
they look really great. So we are going to get started. We’re gonna add some goat
cheese and some cinnamon and some anise pods and
we are gonna rock this. First step is to pop our champagne. (champagne cork pops) We did good guys. Add the entire bottle. Some yummy Moscato. That’s about half. Okay, add in your cinnamon stick and two anise pods. We are going to put this on the stove. We’ll set it to a medium heat. We’ll let it simmer and then
we’re gonna add in our pears. So while it’s simmering, we are gonna mix eight
ounces of goat cheese with a little bit of honey. We are going to mix this together until the consistency is smooth. You can buy goat cheese that
actually has honey flavoring. I think this brings a
little bit more pizzazz since my honey is local but it will work just as well if you have honey flavored goat cheese. I think our champagne has simmered so we are going to add our pears. Be right back. Every couple minutes,
you’re going to want to flip your pears so that
it gets an even coating. They’re gonna be really
golden when you’re finished. So the whole process takes
about 20 to 25 minutes. We’re gonna add some goat
cheese to each puff pastry rectangle. Wait about 10 minutes and
then we will be ready to go. So now that our pears
are poached and cooled, we’re gonna slice them up and
place them in our puff pastry. All right we are ready to
place these in our puff pastry. So you just layer them a little bit then we are going to fold the
pastry inwards on either side then you’re going to fold
them together this way. So basically the puff pastry
just encases the pears and the pastry will puff around it and create a nice little treat. Okay we’ve got one more step before we put these in the
oven, it’s an egg wash. You need egg, I’m gonna whisk it together. An egg wash is so that
your pastry doesn’t burn and it gets a nice golden color. Carefully get this egg
wash on just the pastry. You don’t want it on the pear so make sure you have it on the outside. All right so now that we have our egg wash on our beautiful pastries,
we are gonna stick them in the oven for about 20 minutes at 375. Let’s do it. All right so I just pulled our
puff pastries out of the oven and they look amazing. So we’re gonna transfer
them to our plate carefully. So you can transfer them to your platter because you want to drizzle honey on them and you want them to be nice and fresh. I’m gonna put five on this plate and one is gonna be for
me, let’s be honest. I’m gonna drizzle some honey. We’re gonna dust our pear tarts with some powdered sugar
in my fun little tool. I’m going to dust mine
with some powdered sugar and then I’m gonna give it a try. It’s so good. The pastry is perfectly cooked. The goat cheese tastes amazing and I can taste all of
the flavors of the pear. Thank you guys so much for watching my pear puff pastry recipe. I hope you enjoyed it. Please comment below if you use any fruits in your puff
pastry, I wanna know. #SashaInGoodTaste I want to hear from you and don’t forget to subscribe cause we got we a lot of fun
stuff coming up next week. Cheers. (upbeat music)