In this episode, we’ll be doing yummy dessert hacks. Have you ever tried to scoop out ice cream when it’s come straight out of the freezer and it’s super hard? It’s really hard. So all you gotta do is dip your knife
into some very hot water. Then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna cut a
grid about an inch deep. All I have to do now is grab my ice cream
scoop, chuck it in the water. Grab the piece that I want. It’s so much easier. Oh it’s really cold! It’s really cold. And if you wanna continue getting to the bottom of that, you can just repeat the same thing over and over again. Ever heard of ice cream bread? Think about your favourite ice cream and then
that turning into bread. Well I’m gonna show you how to
make it within 5 minutes! So my favourite ice cream is mint choc chip,
I love it dearly. And all I gotta do is melt half a cup of that
into a bowl. And then also get a third of a cup of self-raising
flour and all I gotta do is mix it together. Make sure you mix it really well so that you
don’t see any more flour. And all there is to do now is to put it in
the microwave for 2 minutes. So I’ve just taken our bread out of the microwave
and here it is! Isn’t it beautiful looking? Just looks like plastic vomit. But don’t judge a book by it’s cover. It’s this colour because the chocolate chip
has melted, which formed this bird shit colour. So the texture of it is just like bread. It’s tastes like ice cream bread. Mint choc chip bread. So it’s not the best bread I’ve ever had but
for something different, this is pretty interesting. Anybody up for guilt-free ice cream? Well here’s a really cool way to make that. All you need is frozen bananas. Chuck it in the blender. So the bananas are all blended up. Wow. Wow. And the texture actually looks a lot like gelato. Yummy. The texture is really good. Just like ice cream actually. So I used some nuts on mine, but if you like you can used crushed Oreos or chocolate or whatever you like. All in all I think this is a really good trick. And it’s super healthy! So I feel good! Oh yeah! One of the easiest ways to cut a cake, especially
ones that have a lot of cream and whatnot on it, is actually using unflavoured wax dental floss. Cut it like so. As you can see, it’s made a very nice, neat,
clean cut. So you know how you cut a cake and you usually
cut it into wedges like so. And then you can’t finish it, and you wanna
put it back into the fridge so you can have it later. But when you take it out of the fridge, the
exposed part gets all really dry and stale. What you wanna do is actually cut from the
middle instead of doing the wedges. As you can see, all of this is exposed and
I don’t wanna finish it. All you have to do is push these 2 slices
together. So there you go, I can put that in the fridge
and it’s not gonna dry it as quickly as it usually does. So say you’re very ‘key kiang’ (Smart Alec in Hokkien) and you die die want to cut the wedges. What’re you gonna do? So I’ve cut myself a wedge already. All you need is 2 little bits of bread. Attach it to the exposed area. Boom, boom. Boom. Once you put the cake in the fridge, the bread will be hardened stale but the cake will stay lovely and soft. Here’s a really cool way to make rice krispies
treats in just 2 minutes. All you need is some marshmallows, a little
bit of butter and some rice krispies. Or you can use cornflakes or any types of
cereals you like. Add the butter to the marshmallows. Bring it to the microwave. Gonna put that in there for 30 seconds. In 30 seconds, I’m just gonna mix it up a bit. 30 more seconds. ♫ I’ve been waiting, for some treats like you. ♫ 2, 1! Oh wow, doesn’t that look like a science project. So once you’ve got this kind of consistency,
all you gotta do is add rice krispies. As you can see it’s very sticky. It looks a bit like fermented beans. Pushing it down to make it like a little patty. Now I’m just gonna cut it up and eat it. Nice. Tastes just like rice krispie treats and it
only took 2 minutes. And that’s it for this yummylicious episode, so if you have any other hacks that you would like us to show, please leave a comment below. And if you haven’t done so already, please download the free Clicknetwork App for all your mobile devices. That way you can watch all of our shows as
soon as they come out! Thank you for watching! See you next time!