– Hey everyone, It’s Natasha
of NatashasKitchen.com. Today we’re making blackberry zephyr, it’s a fluffy marshmallow-like treat that just melts in your mouth. We’ll start with the blackberry syrup. In a medium saucepan, combine two cups of fresh
blackberries, half a cup of sugar, and a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Place it over medium
heat, mash up the berries, and bring to a simmer. Now continue simmering for 10 minutes, then strain through a fine
sieve, pressing on the solids until you get about half a cup of puree. (upbeat techno music) Place the mixture over an
ice bath until it’s cooled. Once your syrup is fully
chilled and slightly thickened, combine it with one egg
white in the bowl of a mixer and beat on high speed
with the whisk attachment for five to 10 minutes, or until
thick and stiff peaks form. At the same time, while
the mixer is going, in a medium saucepan
combine one-third cup water, two teaspoons agar-agar
and one cup of sugar. Place that over medium
heat, bring it to a boil, then reduce the heat to a
low boil and cook another five minutes whisking constantly
until you have a thickened syrup that pours from the
spoon without dribbling. It’s been about 10 minutes, and my blackberry mixture is so fluffy. Reduce the mixer to the lowest speed, and in a steady, slow
stream, add the hot syrup, being careful not to get it
on the whisk or the bowl. Once the syrup is in, scrape
down the bowl and beat another two to three minutes. You’ll need a pastry bag fitted
with a large open star tip and line a baking sheet
with parchment paper. This mixture is easiest to
pipe while it’s still warm, so right away transfer it
to your prepared pastry bag. Pipe generous, tall roses
about two inches wide. One recipe will yield about
20 beautiful little puffs. (upbeat techno music) And don’t forget the taste test! And you’ll get excited at this point, because it tastes so good. Let these rest for six to
12 hours, or overnight. The marshmallows will
form a glossy film on top, so it shouldn’t stick to your hands. And it’ll come off the
parchment fairly easily. Sandwich two halves together,
then roll them generously in powdered sugar, tapping off the excess. (upbeat techno music) Once the powdered sugar is
on, that’s all there is to it. These are really pretty simple to make. And, time for the taste test,
the best part of the show. I really want you guys to see
what’s inside of these though. Take a peek. Ah, look at that. (upbeat techno music) These are so fluffy and cloud-like. They literally melt in your mouth. And they have intense
blackberry and lemon flavour. They’re so delicious. And I don’t even know
how to classify them, I mean, it’s a dessert,
but it’s not a candy, and it’s not really a cookie. These are dangerous little
things I’ll tell you that. So tempting. And they’re perfect for parties. These always disappear fast. If you enjoyed this recipe, give me a great big thumbs up below, make sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel, and thanks for joining me in my kitchen. (upbeat techno music) I wish I could pass one
to you through the screen, I really do. If you enjoyed this, make
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