– [Both] Hey guys! – I’m Teagan. – I’m Sam.
– And we are – [Both] The Rybka Twins,
and welcome back to Squared! (pencil scratching) (ding) – Chef Sammy.
– Yes. – So today, we are going to bake a cool- – A really easy-
– Dessert. – Dessert. (upbeat string music) – There are very few ingredients, so it’s really easy to make hopefully. It’s the first time we’re making this. It only takes one minute to prepare. – One minute, how good is that? You’re hungry, one minute to prepare. – Yeah, so we’re gonna test that because- – We’ve got our ingredients ready, then we’re gonna test if it
takes one minute to prepare. – It’s probably gonna
take a little bit longer, but I guess the more you do it- – The better you get. I am pretty keen because I look really good. – So before we get on with the baking, be sure to subscribe.
– If you haven’t already. – And give us a big
thumbs up if you like it. – So the ingredients what you
need, puff pastry so it rises. Then you need your apple. Ah! (slow motion) apple. Ah! – Goodbye. See ya. I think we’re gonna need a new apple. – Don’t throw apples,
kids. They roll off tables. And an apple. And you also need cinnimom.
– Cinnamon? – Cinnamon.
– Brown sugar. – And nuts of any kind. So
we’ve got sunflower seeds, but you can crush up almonds-
– Cashews. – Cashews. Whatever.
– Anything you like. So let’s get started.
– Go wild and nuts! (laughter)
– Go nuts, guys! – Let’s set the timer. – So preparation time for this
is meant to be one minute. Let’s see how long it takes. All right? – Ready, set, go. (upbeat string music) – Okay, so you have to
cut it down the middle. – Mmhmm. – Slice.
– It’s going to take me just a minute to cut a straight line! – [Teagan] And then you
go from corner to corner. – It’s already been 30 seconds. Liar! [Sam] We’ve got 15 seconds
to put it in the oven. – I never said this is gonna take. – Three, two, one. (alarm ringing)
– And we’re done, guys! – And we have completed,
you just chuck them in! (upbeat string music) – So clearly –
– Now we’re going to core our apple
– So that means we’re taking the core out of the apple. [Sam] Oh, that is professional cutting. (upbeat string music) – Okay, once you’ve cut
up your pieces of apple, you’re then going to spread some cinnamon. – Cinnamon.
– Cinna-mon. Onto each piece. – That’s a lot of cinnamon. All right. Chef Sam, at the reins. See, because you’ve got the chef hat on, you’re doing a better job. (laughter)
– It is magic. – [Teagan] If you feel like
you need more, just go ahead and put some more on. All right, then you’re going to- – Grab your apple.
– Then you’re going to grab your pieces of apple. And put them at the
thicker end of the pastry. What are you doing? – So then we grab some
sugar. With a spoon. – Sprinkle on each section of pastry. All right, and then we
come to the exciting part, where we actually roll each
section of pastry in to the croissant…shape. Croissant shape. – Five minutes, forty
seconds, for you, for you. – [Teagan] Roll it up. (singing) ♫ Rollin’, rollin’, ♫ Rollin’ our apple croissant! (upbeat techno music) Now they’re starting to
look like croissants! – Hey! Mine kinda does. (upbeat techno music) – [Teagan] Teamwork there.
I’m helping out the chef. – I don’t need no help!
– Am I a good assistant? – You’re doing great.
– It’s my first day. – Wow, this one’s really long. And the final step is
glazing our apple croissants. – So they go brown when
we put them in the oven. (upbeat techno music) – You gotta learn from the best, you see! All right, I think we’re done.
Now, do you know how long that took us to prep? – It was meant to take one
minute, and it took us- – [Both] 12 minutes! – We’re doing great. (crickets chirping) (fire alarm ringing)
– Get down! – Now we’re going to get
them out of the oven! (singing) (buzzing)
(high-pitched laughter) – Fancy a few more touches. – Some chocolate sauce and we’re done! (upbeat string music) – That took us, what, 20 minutes? – Half an hour.
– Half an hour! – Can’t wait to enjoy!
– Oh, those smell so good. I feel like [Inaudible]
– Yeah, maybe we should start our own-
– [Both] Business! – I’m kidding.
– That’s amore! You want us to wear chef hats? – Unless you’re the assistant. – There we have it.
– That’s it! Bon appetit, baby. So, guys, that brings us
to the end of the video. We hope you enjoyed watching! – Comment down below if you’d
like to see us cook more- – Quick and easy desserts like this one. – Yep. – To see yesterday’s video
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