HADFIELD: I’ve already had lunch, so let’s have dessert. Let’s see, I chose chocolate pudding cake. So the way you prepare it is you push all the cake down out of one end. Carefully cut it open away from the Velcro, ’cause you want to keep your Velcro for sticking it to the wall. Then grab your long spoon, ’cause it’s a long container. Reach inside. Chocolate pudding cake. Looks like it, too. Not bad. Gonna be hard to eat. Gonna be messy. Mmm. Pretty good. Mmm-mmm. I bet it’d be good with coffee. Here’s a cup of coffee. Stick my straw in. Mix it up. Carefully open the straw. In the mouth. Hmm. Hot. But coffee. Chocolate cake and coffee. The food’s not so bad.