Mike (V.O): Ten minutes ’til closing, and Haley let’s people in… Mike (V.O): Now, I’m never gonna get out of here! Diane (V.O.): You manage a restaurant, Mike. Diane (V.O.): People need to eat. Diane (V.O.): Beside, it’s not like you have to cook again, anyways. Mike (V.O.) Who the Hell eats at one in the fucking morning, anyway?! Diane (V.O.): Lot’s of people do. Mike (V.O.): People like That; in a place like This? Mike to Haley: What are you grinning about? Haley: They are SO cute! I think they’re role-playing, or something. So they are actors… Great… They’re going to be here all night! Well, Girls; I’m out of here. You can’t leave! I have a twenty-two year old blonde, waiting at my apartment, who begs to differ. Who’s gonna to close? You’ve closed before, Sweetheart. I’m sure you can handle it. You might as well come out and say it, Hélene… You know I can’t read your mind. Maybe, at times, predict it. And you’re always so smug about it, too, Sebastian. Is this the point? …or, are we taking the long way around, again? You’re such a selfish bastard! Why do I put up with you? That’s easy… It’s because you love me. God knows why? The real question is… Do ‘you’ love me? What’s happening- Shhh! They’re arguing, now. I’m trying to listening. All right, Hélene. Where’s this coming from? Huh? You really must take me for a fool, Sebastian. That hurts, as well as it offends me. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about! The way you always make me your last priority! You’re still chafing over that Parisian Baron debacle, aren’t you? You really hold onto things, don’t you? You gambled and lost me in a game of Chess! That was the plan, Baby! How the Hell were we supposed to get into the keep otherwise? It’s the way you did it. You always cast me off as if I was of insignificance worth. And it’s always in some humiliating manner! And that’s not just with him; all of them! Especially that disgusting flesh merchant in Spain. Nothing ever happened that was outside of your control, Sweetheart. You benefited, just as much as I did, every time. So just drop that little victim act. It’s not going well… What’s going on? I can only make out a word here or there? She’s pissed at him. She
thinks that he’s taking her for granted and…. …he’s being an insensitive shit about it. Maybe you should interrupt; turn the mood around? I guess… {{cell phone suddenly ringing}} Here are some coffees. We didn’t order any coffee; we’re drinking wine. Hush, Sebastian, you
be nice to her! That’s because they’re complementary. I’m
sorry if you don’t want them. No, she’s right. I’m sorry. No need to apologize, I’m the one who’s sorry. Uh… It’s okay. …uh… If you need anything else; I’ll be close by. Hélene: Thank you. Get enough of an eyeful? What? You’re not gonna bring this to the table too. Now, are you? Don’t think I have not noticed how often you bring women into our bed! They’re always the most beautiful you can find. What can I say? Brothels know their trade. And again, you’ve benefited there, every time. How about the times you started before me? That’s you’re own fault for being late! You can only stall so long, when naked in bed with two women… What’s going on? He’s apparently a pig too. What do you mean? He brings prostitutes home when she’s there! Well… at least he’s honest about his indiscretions? What did you want? Can I leave? That was my boyfriend and he has my keys…. …if I don’t meet up with him; I’m gonna get locked out of my apartment. You might as well.It’s not like they’re going to be around much longer, anyway. Thanks, Di! I really appreciate it! And… let me know how it turns out? Get out of here! As usual; you’re missing the point. Then just say it! …and stop hinting around it, hoping I catch on! That’s because you’re too lazy to listen! No, it’s because of the long jarring wagon-ride it usually ends up becoming, ends up giving me a searing head-ache! You’re such an ass… Stick to the point, please… That ‘is’ the point, Sebastian. You rarely ever go out of your way to make me feel special… You never give much yourself. You’r often
cold and sensitive; like you just don’t care. I often wonder why I bother staying with you… You go, girl! So, you rather I be like that British Duke you nearly married, right? Didn’t he tend to your every need… and desire? Didn’t he cater to your every opinion? Didn’t he shower you with enough worldly
treasures? Remind me again how long it was before you were back in my bed? One month- You leave him out of this! He was a ‘good’ man! Exactly. And ‘good’ men bore women like you, Hélene. They’re too soft and predictable to keep your interest. Not aggressive enough to keep the hunter in you pursuing. You like the fear of possible loss, mixed into your relationships. Keeps you on your toes; interested. You’re over simplify, again, Sebastian… My point is that I love your company way too much to give you what you want. I’d hate to lose you because of it. Sebastian: Look at me. What? Who’s lasted the test of time and is still here with you now, huh? I couldn’t even fathom my life without you, Hélene. Still doesn’t change the fact- you’re an
ass. Point taken. Sebastian: How about a kiss? Are you serious! Don’t you
kiss that fucking prick! How is everything? You… Your meals aren’t to your liking? You’ve barely touched anything… No, no. Everything is just fine. Right, Honey? Yes! We’re just leaving room for dessert. Oh, dessert! Of course. Uh, what did you have in mind? You!!! the No