♪ Music Plays ♪ Hey guys, it’s Rosanna Pansino, I have a geeky baking show online called Nerdy Nummies. A bunch of my fans online told me about a song called dessert that Dawin made, and they told me I had to go check him out, so I did. I went to his channel, I listened to the song and I loved it! And I listened to it all day, and I was rocking out to it and I said he’s pretty cool, pretty talented! And I had my people get in touch with his people and I said hey I just think you’re really cool, wanna do something? So he actually came on my baking show the other week, and then he said hey, want to come be in a music video for it? And I said of course I do! That would be amazing! ♪ Music Plays ♪ That is a… Wrap-wrap-wrap-wrap-wrap-wrap-wrap-wrap-wrap-wrap-wrap-wrap-wrap!