(rooster crowing) (dramatic music) – Welcome to Good Mythical More. – Winface. Congratulations to Rokas. You win a mythical hat. – That’s what Rokas looks like when he wins something. – Yes, #gmmwinface and you can be winner too. – It looks like he’s gonna eat the hat. Alright, we have some some dessert noodle dishes that are from around the globe and we’re gonna try those and open some mail. I’m gonna whip Rhett with a
wet noodle because he lost. (strums guitar) – Whoops. ♪ You know what day it is ♪ ♪ It’s mail day ♪ ♪ And mail day means mail ♪ – Wow. Who were you yelling to over there? – The people. – You Jenn. I thought you were still over there. – Oh, got you. I snuck right in here. – Okay, Link’s gotta slap
me with this wet noodle. – I’m gonna back up for this. – Please whatever you do, don’t hit me with your actual hand. The only thing that I ask is that you don’t hit me with your hand. – Thanks for that vote of confidence. – Yeah exactly. – You want to inspect the noodle before I hit you with it? – This is a, this is a stout noodle. – Can I feel it? – This is a stout noodle, friends. – Wow. – Okay. They use these in cross fit or something? – The only thing I’m going to do– – Every day, yep. – You wrap this around your thigh and then you’re like ugh. – Just like break it. – The only thing I’m going to do is I’m going to put my fingers, oh no, you get one slap. – There’s no rule against how many– – You get one slap. – No, you can’t make up the rules, you’re the loser. – I just made it up, one slap. And I’m gonna cover my ears so it doesn’t bust my eardrum. – What? – Do you think that, it’s not like a whip, it’s
gonna break the sound barrier. – Okay. – Can you hear me? – No. – Three slaps. – Okay. – I’m just gonna start– – I’m gonna close my eyes. – Three but the first two
are just gonna be easy. – I feel like it’s gonna break like that. – See, nothing to be afraid of here. The second one’s a little bit bigger. – Ready. – Oh gosh. That was pretty, ow, that
was pretty significant. – It just made a noise and you didn’t even hear it. I can’t believe that the
things you’re deciding to cover are your ears. – Well because if I cover
my eyes, you can’t hit me. – Yeah that’s true. Open your mouth or something. – Nope. Just give me a warning. – What do you want the warning to be? – A countdown – 50, 49, you want to open mail while we’re waiting? – That was it.
– That was low. – That was it, that was it, that was it. – I’m just mad at myself
’cause I missed you. – Oh gosh. – That actually did hurt a little bit. – What is wrong with you? – Is that your glasses? – Yeah look, I ripped it. It’s not bad, come on. – Oh gosh. – I’m not gonna hit you
hard, Jenn but just, there’s something fun about it. – Okay great, thank you. – There’s something fun about it, slap me. – You need to learn to win with class. – Easy. You know what? – You got to win with class man. You got to win with class. You win, you get one solid, you screwed it up. I blocked you with my thing. Now you got to give me this ’cause I’m not gonna let you– – We have so many trust issues here between the triangle of trust, I think we, yeah and I have
trust issues with Jenn. – Okay good. – Do you trust Rhett? – I don’t know who I trust here. – Exactly. So I think we need to
go on a trust retreat. – Have I ever hurt you? – I’m not sure. – I’m not sure, I don’t want to go– – Just think about it. Here, come up here in the middle. Yeah I tried so hard to hit you that I hit you in the neck. Did I even hit you in the neck? – No, I blocked you with my field goal. – I feel like it went around and hit him in the fingers. – I didn’t want to hurt you anyway, Rhett. I love you as a brother. And Jenn, I love you as a distant cousin. – Sick. – Why’s that sick? – I mean like sick like sweet, like cool. – Let’s have one of these desserts and then talk about what this mail is. – Great. – What is this one here? – It looks like coconuts. – Josh. – [Josh] Yeah, so that’s called allude, it’s a Persian dessert from Iran. It’s vermicelli noodles made from starch and it’s inside a rose water sorbet. – My head’s hurting. – [Jenn] You hit yourself
too hard with the noodle. – I like rose water sorbet. Oh man, that is floral. – Ooh, oh God.
– That is very, very floral. – I don’t understand the rose flavor as something to enjoy in your mouth. It’s something to enjoy in your nose. – I do, I like it. – Why are the noodles in there? – [Josh] What? Did you taste it? It’s great. – No, I just don’t understand. – I think this started–
– It is weird because then you’re just left with noodles. – This one started as an accident. It’s like somebody dropped the noodles into the flower patch and then they dropped both
of that into the ice cream. – What we would do is we would, we’ll go into the wilderness, they’ll be someone there like a therapist and we’ll do trust falls but then we’ll also do like trust punches where it’s like don’t flinch. – What’s a trust punch? – This, don’t flinch. – I don’t need to be present for this. – See and do it to me. – I don’t think you want to do that. I feel like you’re
gonna lean into my punch and then say that I hit you. – Be the victim. That is what a distant cousin would do. Here’s another one. This one has… – Noodles. – Well noodles. It looks like muesli. – [Josh] Yeah it’s close. It’s called seviyan kheer. Kheer is typically an Indian rice pudding but this is similar recipe but made with vermicelli. So seviyan means vermicelli spiced with cardamom and saffron typically eaten at festivals. – Oh I love festivals. – This is a trust festival we’re having. Who do you trust? – [Josh] Nobody at all. Are you serious? You’re asking that now. – We put a lot of trust in you. Everything you make we put in our mouths. That’s trust. There’s no more trust, I’d rather jump off a building than put something in my mouth. – [Josh] That’s next week’s episode. – Yeah I shouldn’t have said that. And I actually didn’t mean it. Sometimes I just talk and then I try to figure
out what it means later. And I’m usually wrong. I was wrong. – I think we all know that. That is very, very good. I’ve never been much of a fan of saffron even tough there was a song about it. – I’m not sure what it even tastes like. – Mello Yello. ♪ They call me mello yello ♪ – [Josh] It’s about saffron? – Yeah, they talk about the saffron. ♪ I’m so nuts about saffron ♪ Or something like that. – So these are the same
noodles as these noodles? – [Josh] I think one is made from wheat and the other one’s made from starch. – Saffron is the most
expensive spice in the world. – What is it made out of? What is a saffron? – [Josh] It’s the stamen
of a poppy flower. And so they have to be
actually hand harvested which is why typically in
the mountains in Afghanistan. – The business end, what’d you say? – The business end of a poppy. – [Josh] The stamen. It’s the reproductive organs of a flower. – But you basically meant the
business end of a poppy seed. – This is good, I’d eat this. – That is incredible. Let’s talk about the mail and then eat that last one. – It’d be better without the noodles but it is very good. – I won’t flick that. – This is page folding art. – Oh my word. – The letter is right here. – Okay, so we’ve got a book that is a cockatrice and then when you turn it to the side, it is the GMM logo. – [Rhett] Folded. – [Link] Folded. – Now there’s a very, very long letter that it’s gonna take me some time to read. “Hey, Rhett and Link, “My boyfriend and I love your show. “We watch it every day. “I got into book folding about a year ago “and thought your logo
would make a great design. “Hope you like it, Holly Smith.” Thank you, Holly Smith.
– Holly, this is amazing. – So there’s no rips, right? There’s no rips at all? I think part of the art
of it is like origami. You can only fold, there can be no rips. – And here’s a fail safe so that I can’t screw it up. – It’s Link proof.
– You can’t rip it open. – Right and start reading it but if I look through it. – [Rhett] What is the book? Can you tell? – [Jenn] No. – [Link] You tried to tell? – I mean I tried to and then I just assumed that you would probably try and read it when I got it. – Cunning, I knew they could possess. When it hit me, he showed no sign– – Is this Twilight? – Had what I’d seen the
other himself to take control over my face. – Is it Vampire Academy? – Oh, it is Richard Meade, Last Sacrifice, A Vampire Academy novel. You guys just Google searched
that combination of six words. – Cunning, I knew they could possess. – I love the internet. – I was close when I said Twilight. – It’s a bit scary, yeah. – You’re telling me that those six words only occur in The Last Sacrifice. I’m gonna start putting that into everything I write from now on. Cunning, I knew they could possess. – Well, I actually think it’s more what’s a positive word
I could use right now, like surprising? – Surprising. – And I think more credit is
due to my cousin Jenn here because I read cunning I
knew they could possess and she said is this Twilight? – Which is also a vampire novel. – And then it was a vampire novel. – That’s right. You’re almost as good
as the internet, Jenn. – But you’re not.
– I’m a knock-off. – Look at that. Where should we put this? – Yeah we should display it somewhere. – Behind the toilet I guess. – We should burn it like
we do all the books. (laughing) – We have one more to taste. – I’ve had this one before. – Alright, so tell us what
you think it is before Josh– – This is from Canada? – It’s the kugel. I don’t know how to say
it, it’s noodle something. – Just because he laughs at you doesn’t mean that you’re wrong. At least that’s what I tell myself.
– It’s Jewish right? – [Josh] Yeah. – Yeah.
– It’s noodle kugel. – [Josh] Yeah it’s a noodle kugel. It originated in Eastern Europe, like Poland, Germany area. I grew up eating this
at every Jewish holiday. It was my favorite dish. – It’s like a casserole. – [Stevie] Me too. – Oh Stevie’s aten it too. – Aten it. – She ate it too. It’s a dessert though? – It smells like egg
custard but with cinnamon. – [Josh] Yeah so that’s
pretty much what it is. There’s a little bit of
cottage cheese in there and sour cream– – [Stevie] Micah too. – I had it at the last
Jewish holiday I was at. – [Stevie] No, Zach did not have this. – How do you say it? – [Josh] (speaking in foreign language). – What? – That’s good.
– This is good. – [Josh] What did you say? – I said what? – [Josh] Oh. – I said what. – The relationship dynamics between, I mean think about the
relationship dynamics with Chase in the episode and in here. This is such a weird place to– – I think we do need to do trust– – I think most of the
weird relational dynamics all are tethered to you. – [Link] Move at the speed
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