After you’ve enjoyed one of our fabulous
Omaha Steaks, now it’s time for dessert. Today we’re going to take our delicious
New York cheesecake and make it look spectacular by adding a few simple garnishes.
We have two sauces here: I happen to be using caramel and chocolate sauce. And I’m just
going to draw a few lines across the plate. So I’m going to take the back of my knife,
and I draw through that; and you can see the effect we get. It makes it look like a checkered
board. Go ahead and set our New York cheesecake on
there. Then we’ll garnish with a strawberry fan. We’ll just take a strawberry and a
paring knife. We’re just going to cut few little slices in that, keeping the top on
so it’ll fan out. And there you have it; a simple, elegant way
to present your cheesecake.