Now, we’re going to take some of our chocolate
lovers cake – always a favorite – and make it even better with a little bit of fresh
raspberry puree. I am going to show you another simple design that we call a spider web. What we do, we take some of this raspberry
puree – which is just raspberries, water and powdered sugar – and we just make a
little circle around here, starting from the middle and working our way out – pretty
simple. Then, we take our paring knife. I start from the middle and just draw out, and
then we have our spider web effect. Now we’re just going to put some of that
chocolate lovers cake in the middle, and then garnish it with the raspberries. I like to
use three raspberries, and then a mint sprig. I like to use the tops of the mint – I think
they look the best. And there you have it. We’ve taken that
chocolate lovers cake and made it look spectacular with just a simple design using raspberry
puree and a little garnish.