Hi Everyone, what I have for you today is
an easy and vibrant dessert platter that is also more or less on the healthier side. It
consists of a fruit terrine, fruit and date rolls skewers and, optionally, chocolate cake. I am going to be using various fresh and frozen
fruits. And since we are trying to keep things practical for this one, I am also including
a few store-bought items, like jam, vegan dark chocolate and ready-made date rolls from
Natural Delights, which are available in the fresh produce section of grocery stores in
Canada and the US. For the fruit terrine, I am using fresh orange
and some mixed frozen berries. So, start by peeling and segmenting the orange. To do this,
cut the top and bottom off the orange. Take enough off, to expose the pulp. Then place
the orange flat on the board and run the knife under the rind as close as possible to the
pulp to remove the pith. Work your way all around the orange to remove all the rind.
You can come back on spots that you’ve missed to remove all the pith. To remove the segments, work over a bowl to
catch the juice. Insert the knife on each side of each segment to make a V-cut in between
the membranes. Once all the segments are removed, squeeze the remaining pulp to extract all
the juice. Keep the juice for later to dilute the jam. Arrange the segments on the bottom of the
loaf pan. I am using a mini loaf pan which will provide 4 to 5 servings as part of the
platter. Apart from oranges, I am using mixed frozen
berries. You can use any fruits that are available to you but some fruits like kiwi fruit, pineapple,
fresh figs, papaya, mango and peaches may prevent the jelly from setting because of
the acidity and some enzymes in the fruits. You can sometimes solve this by cooking them
first. So set the fruits aside while we prepare the
jelly. For this, I am using agar agar as the gelling agent. If you are not familiar with
agar agar, it is extracted from a species of Red Sea algae and is used in many Asian
preparations, especially desserts and drinks. The one I have here is in the form of strands
but other forms available are bars, flakes and powder. I have use 2.5 inches of strands
(or about 4 g) added to 310 ml of water in a saucepan. I like to use vanilla beans for this dessert
as the flavour is more intense but you can also use a good quality vanilla extract. You
can add one tablespoon of maple syrup or sugar but if the fruits are sweet enough, you can
leave this out. Place the saucepan on medium temperature and
allow to heat up until the agar agar is completely dissolved. Once all agar agar is dissolved,
allow the liquid to boil for another full minute. Remove from the heat and pour immediately
and evenly around into the loaf pan to fill all the spaces and cover all the fruits. Do not disturb the pan or the agar agar may
fail to set. Allow to cool and then refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight. To make the fruit and date rolls skewers is
pretty straightforward. You can use any fruits you like and cut the larger ones into bite-size
cubes. The date rolls from Natural Delights are actually
chopped Medjool dates, compressed into a paste and rolled. They are then spiced and/or rolled in nuts
or coconut flakes. They just have two to three ingredients — dates and either coconut or
other nuts and spices (depending on the flavour). So, if you want to keep it healthy during
the holiday season, they make a pretty good treat since they are naturally sweet and full
of fibre. Dates actually have more potassium by weight than bananas. So, for me, they make
a pretty good snack too. You could leave these skewers as is but I
am going to make them a little fancier by dipping them halfway in some melted chocolate. Heat some water in a saucepan on medium temperature, then place a metal bowl or another smaller saucepan on top to create a double boiler.
Break the chocolate into the bowl and leave it to melt while stirring a few times. Once the chocolate is melted, dip each fruit
skewer halfway into it. Then place the skewer on a plate on the side that is not coated
and allow the chocolate to harden again. Once the terrine is set, you can demould it.
Run a small knife around the edge taking care not to bruise the jelly or the pan. Then flip
the pan onto a plate. You may need to gently shake it a little to detach the terrine. To accompany the fruit terrine, I am making
a simple sauce by diluting some store-bought jam with the orange juice that we saved previously
from the orange. You can use any jam of your choice and thin it out to the consistency
that you prefer. To plate the dessert, place a piece of chocolate
cake on the side. You can use the recipe for the Chocolate Pumpkin Cake that I shared previously.
Smear a little of the diluted jam. Using a very sharp knife, carefully slice
the terrine. Then place the slice onto the jam. Garnish with mint leaves and some lime zest.
This really brings out the flavour and adds a refreshing touch of colour. I don’t know about you but I find that desserts
always look fancier when there is more than one thing on the plate for you to set your
eyes on and then decide which one to take a bite in first. I hope you’ve enjoyed this
video and you can always find the text version of the recipes on our website at veganlovlie.com.
Stay tuned for more holiday recipes.