Hello foodies today I am going to show you
a very quick, easy and simple recipe of dessert sandwich, yes I am talking about a very sweet
and delicious pineapple sandwich which required only few ingredients and no cooking or no
grilling nothing and you can make it anywhere you want in your picnics or in your holiday
so let’s take a look at ingredients. Here I have few slices of white breads, some
tea spoons of butter 2-3 tea spoons of butter, it will required one and a half tea spoon
for each sandwich, here I have a bottle of crush pineapple or pineapple syrup or whatever
you call and here I have slices of canned pineapple and some black salt so let’s make
our cooking without fire recipe. So first of all I am going to trim the edges
of all the breads, for each sandwich you will required two slices of breads and it is equal
to one serving so let’s trim edges first, now take three slices of breads and on each
slice of bread apply very little butter, you can add as much butter as you want to have,
this is homemade butter so totally safe and really very healthy, my mom makes this butter
at home almost every day because we have a cow and we get fresh milk in every morning
and every evening so we make butter almost every day. Now on each slice I am going to put around
half tea spoon of pineapple crush and now spread it nicely and evenly so we can get
sweetness in our every bite, again I am going to put little bit on each slice so we can
enjoy the taste of pineapple in each and every bite, I made this recipe yesterday and it
was come out really very good and after keeping it in refrigerator for at least half an hour
you will really going to enjoy this sweet dessert sandwich so our each slice is ready. Now on the each slice I am going to put very
little bit of black salt so now put a slice of canned pineapple on each slice of bread,
not each slice of bread sorry but three of them and we are going to cover it with the
remaining breads so now I am going to divide this each
sandwich into two equal parts so we can serve it and we can also keep it in fridge very
nicely and we can present in a dish very nicely so I am going to cut this from the middle. You have to cut it very gently so it can retain
its form and see now it is looking really very good so I am going to put this into the
serving plate, you can add more syrup if you want but I think one or one and a half tea
spoon of syrup on each sandwich is enough. So friends this is it my very simple, easy
and delicious cooking without fire recipe of dessert sandwich is ready to serve.