Welcome to HowToCookThat, I’m Ann Reardon
and today we are going to make some fun dessert tubes which give a burst of dessert, all in
one mouthful. The amazing, but expensive Alinea restaurant
came up with this idea a while ago. These would be awesome at a wedding or a party because
they’re so much fun to eat. I’m going to show you a few different flavours
but you can of course keep it simple and just make one.
You’ll need some glass tubes and they need to be smoothed off at the top using heat.
You can get ones online that are just cut but they are a bit rough so make sure you
check when you buy them. First of all for the pavalova tubes we need
some mini meringues. And for that you’ll need egg whites and some sugar and water in a pan.
And I’ll put all of the recipe quantities on the HowToCookThat.net website for you and
I’ll add a link to that below. Heat that over high heat, stirring it until
that sugar is dissolved. Then add a candy thermometer to the side of the pan and turn
on your mixer to whip the egg whites. Once the sugar syrup reaches 240F or 115C
remove it from the heat and then with the mixers running, pour it in in a thin stream
into the egg whites. Continue to whip that until it’s glossy and
thick like this. Place it into a piping bag and pipe tiny little
dots onto non-stick baking paper. Then we are going to bake those in the oven until
they dry out. Keep the rest of your Italian meringue in
the piping bag and we’ll use that later. Make a batch of strawberry jelly or jello,
mixing it up with 3/4 of the amount of water it says on the packet so that it will set
a little firmer. Pour some of that into a tall container and
then add the dessert tubes and place that in the fridge.
Wash and hull some strawberries and then chop them really finely so they’re small enough
to fit into the tube. Once the meringues are baked, just loosen
them off the paper and store them in an airtight container until you need them so that they
don’t go soft. Now that the jelly is set you can pull the
tubes and just wipe the outside clean. Now if I was making these again I’d do this step
last, once you’ve filled up all of the top because the outside jelly actually holds the
tubes still and also keeps them cool. Use a pipette to add some cream onto the jelly
and then drop in some of those mini meringues, they’re so cute and little.
And then to top that off push in as much of the chopped strawberry as you can. And those
ones are looking good. For the root beer float dessert tubes, mix
some of the root beer with the gelatine and then once that’s sat for a couple of minutes
and softened, heat it in the microwave to dissolve that gelatine and then add the rest
of the root beer. Pour that into a tall container and add the
glass tubes and then let that set in the fridge just like we did before.
For the thin vanilla custard you’ll need cream, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla.
Add the sugar to the egg yolks and whisk them together, then heat the cream just until it
starts to bubble and boil. Then add most of that hot cream to the yolks, whipping it through.
And then tip the yolks back into the pan and stir that for a very short time, literally
about 20 seconds. As soon as you start to see when you tip it,
see how some of it is on the base, take it straight off the heat and tip it into a bowl.
Add the vanilla to taste and then leave half of it to cool for these tubes and with the
other half, pour it over some milk chocolate for the kids tubes that we’ll be making next.
If you leave that to sit for just a minute the chocolate will melt and then you can stir
it through until it’s well combined and yummy and thick and smooth and chocolatey. And then
just let that cool as well. Add some vanilla to the cream and whip it
on high speed until you have soft peaks. Once your jelly is set, use your pipette to add
in some of the custard, probably about 3 pipette fulls there.
Then using a funnel, add in a generous amount of sherbert. This will make it all fizz in
your mouth like an icecream float fizzes. Then top each one with whipped cream.
For the kids dessert tubes, make some blueberry or any brightly coloured jelly and add the
tubes in. Once that’s set use a pipette to add some of the chocolate custard that we
just made and top that off with a few jelly beans and when you’re ready to serve add popping
sugar and a bit of cream. For the lemon meringue pie tubes, these ones
are my favourite. Make some lemon flavoured jelly and add your tubes just like we did
before. Now for the yummy lemon curd, you need lemon juice, lemon rind, butter, sugar,
one egg plus an extra yolk. Just add everything into the bowl except for
the butter. And then whisk that together and then we are
going to microwave that in 30 second bursts, stirring it each time until it’s thicker and
it looks like this. Then add in the butter and just stir that
through until it melts and that’s simple, it’s done, you just need to let it cool.
For the crunch in the lemon meringue pie I’m using tiny teddies. Any cookie that’s plain
and crispy will be fine. Chop them into rough chunks that will fit into the tubes.
Once the jelly is set, pipette in the cool lemon curd. Now with each of these I’m using
jelly at the base to help get it all out, something creamy and then something to give
it some crunch and then finally a fun element. You can make up your own flavours of tubes
and your own combinations, let me know in the comments below what you think would be
good. Add the crunchy cookie bits and then pipe
in the Italian meringue on top that we made at the beginning.
Instruct your guests to tip the jelly end in hot water for two seconds to loosen it
and then suck on it like a straw. And in one mouthful, they’ll get a dessert hit with all
the flavours. That was awesome, that was like eating an
entire dessert in one mouthful. One … two …
Take it out and suck on this end … All my favourite flavours just put into one
thing and it’s just like boom! That’s really good.
Tasted exactly like a pavalova. It was amazing! And it also tastes like a cloud, floating
in the sky with icecream on top of them and the clouds made out of fairy floss!
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