Hello, vegans! Today I propose you to make a good crumble. Well, I wasn’t planning on making a video because I thought it was a little simple, but not that simple. You can totally miss your crumble in life! And since it’s one of my favorite desserts, well, it would have been a shame not to do him credit. Mine, I didn’t want it to look like that, or that! We’re going to make a mix between the two between the stone and the flour. Pierre? No, Guy! No, Guy! First of all, we start by peeling our apples. Even if they’re organic, it’ll only make it better. The core is also removed. If you have this utensil, it’s very practical. You apply yourself, you take everything off well, so that there are no little tips for tasting. Then they are cut into pieces of about 2 cm by 2 cm. It oxidizes quite quickly so we try to go fast anyway! We’re Fort Boyard, it’s a little difficult shooting conditions! Well, it’s a rustic dish so the cut is not perfect, neither is mine, but we still work hard, we do things well, to make it good and enjoyable. Because otherwise there will be pieces of apples that will be overcooked, other crus, it’s not what we want either! Now another one The secret to making a good gourmet crumble is to precook the apples because in fact, put them directly in the oven, raw, they’re going to stay dry, they’re not going to count. So, in fact, we’re going to make it precook with a bottom of water: 15 minutes under cover. That way, it keeps the moisture in. We now prepare our crumble: so we start with T80 wheat flour. If you are gluten intolerant I think that with a gluten-free mix it works very well! Crumble is not the most difficult dish to make gluten-free, there is no need to raise, it is not a brioche. Almond powder is added. It’s another secret to make the crumble even more delicious. Here I made it myself with my partner Koro’s blanched almonds. I put them a little bit in the robot in “pulse” mode until it becomes a fine powder, but don’t insist too much either because it can quickly become a purée, because with that, you also make almond purée. The advantage of making it yourself is that it is 1, it is fresher. Two is cheaper. From 3, it avoids small plastic packaging. Because usually it’s always 100 – 150 grams at a time. And from 4, it opens the field of possibilities on macadamia nut powders, hazelnut powders, from Grenoble, anyway, have fun! We add the sugar, of course. Take the one you want. We stir the dry ingredients. Now we put the margarine on. She got a little hot. And then we knead, we knead. This is the variation of “we whip, we whip” for crumble. It’s time to preheat our oven to 180°C. And now we’re going to start training the crumble, starting, of course, with the apples that have been stewed. The preparation is well distributed. I didn’t put cinnamon in my apples because I’m going to add red fruits. I think it goes very well with it, because it brings acidity Here they are frozen. So we put a little bit of it in, that’s it, to taste. They don’t need to pre-cook, it’s going to go very fast in the oven. And we finish with our crumble dough. Of course, don’t put malted yeast on, it’s not crazy. We sprinkle a little bit of everywhere, look there are big nuggets and a crumble that is also a little thinner, it’s up to you to see what you prefer you can make it. Hop, look, we can make big catons… For all tastes! We don’t forget the edging! And put in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes at 180°C. TADAAAAAM! After 30 minutes, we have a very nice crumble. Well, I gave you a way to do it, but of course you can for example replace almond powder with hazelnut powder, replace some of the flour with cocoa and put some small chocolate chunks on top, and instead of apples, put pears in and I think it gives you something very nice too! This is the version a little more summery with red fruits…. And it’s really good! I would also like to take this opportunity to say that now all our videos are being subtitled for the deaf and hard of hearing. We are catching up little by little and the new videos that arrive each time will be subtitled in the week. Anyway, we’re going to do our best. All this is possible thanks to the volunteers on Instagram who put their hearts into the work, and I can thank them this time orally. *Kisses* If you follow me exclusively on YouTube and want to participate in the subtitling, follow me on Instagram, so by private message, we can exchange on the procedure to follow. You’ll see it’s very simple! All I have to do now is tell you to think about liking, subscribing, mixing and we’ll see you soon for new vegan adventures!