Harriet: If you’ve been in the kitchen making
something for say three hours and someone comes in and they say, “Thought they might
like this for dessert” and you think, “Yes, but I’ve just been making something and it’s not as good as yours.” Ronan: Yeah. Does that happen? Harriet: Do you know… it has happened. I
have to be very careful here. I love my mother-in-law, let’s just say that. Ronan: Yeah, of course. Harriet: Of course, she’s terrific. She has
walked in with a dessert, right… she is the Queen of making a cheesecake. Of course she
is, she’s a Jewish mother-in-law. Ronan: We love it. We love a bit of cheesecake. Harriet: Nothing better than a Jewish cheesecake,
right? She walks in with her legendary cheesecake, which David my husband LOVES. If it was his
last meal on earth – Ronan: – it’s his Mum’s cheesecake, so
let’s be honest! Harriet: It’s his Mum’s cheesecake. But he
knows that I’ve made some poor little apple crumble thing which is always not sweet enough. Ronan: I’m sure it’s good but it’s won’t as
good as Mum’s cheesecake. Harriet: It’s just not. He knows it comes
to the point of dessert and I’m watching him, he know’s which to choose. Ronan: If you touch that cheesecake I’m going
to kill you!