Dessert with Baked Noodles and Orange Sorbet 5 eggs 1 cup of sugar (200 gr) 250 gr of yogurt natural 1 pack of baking powder (10 gr) 1 pack of vanilla sugar (5 gr) Crust of 2 oranges 1 glass of orange juice (200 ml) 1 glass of liquid oil (200 ml) (olive oil preferred) 4 layers of dough (500 gr total). if they are raw, bake at 120 C (248F) for 1-2 minutes. cut as 2 fingers wide Add dough layers into the sauce one by one. Mix well. Oil the bottom of a tray. Add it into the tray. Bake at 180C (356F) until the top turns into red. 2,5 glasses of water (500 ml) 2,5 glasses of orange juice (500 ml) 400 gr of sugar Mix well. A piece of lemon crust. Boil it for 15 minutes. Cool it a bit. It must be warm, not too cold. Add sherbet. It must be warm, neither too cold nor too hot. Cover it with a larger tray and wait 4 hours. Then, slice it. Bon appetit Please, subscribe. More recipes