Rick: Oh, come on, tell me this again! Tommaso, what is on this dessert? Tommaso: Okay. So, we’re eating Zuccotto, which is a traditional
1500s recipe of something like more an ice cream — so you would have the inside part
—since you didn’t handle ice back then, it would not be really ice cream. Rick: No ice, 400 years ago? Tommaso: No, no, you would be surprised, right? Unless you were at the North Pole. Rick: Bobo! Bobo: He prefers the ice cream. Rick: He’s my professor. Bobo: He prefers the ice cream instead of
this one. Tommaso: With respect, that that’s weird. Rick: Very powerful. Bobo: But, I want to know if he likes it? Tommaso: Tell us the story about the fact
that this was a semifreddo on the inside and… Bobo: You know, we are full of bullshit in
Italy — okay, this is a problem. Okay, this is a Medici dessert. Rick: A Medici dessert? Bobo: A Medici dessert, more than 500 fucking
years the recipe. Tommaso: That’s PG-13 anyways, so express
yourself with what you find appropriate, I’ll tell you… Rick: Lorenzo the Magnificent was eating this! Bobo: But, in the 80’s everything became stiff. Tommaso: Hard. Bobo: Hard. Tommaso: It became stiff or harder. Bobo: Everything became an ice cream, an ice
cream. Truffle ice cream, ice cream. Rick: It’s gelato mania! Tommaso: Do you know how much editing is going
to go into this? I’m telling you… Rick: No, no, no. Okay, so we have the Medici desert, and then
this is… Tommaso: Amaro. Rick: You like the amaro? Tommaso: Amaro — I like it very much! It helps your digestion at the end of dinner. Rick: I don’t like it. I like the vin santo. Bobo: I like the homemade limoncello. Bobo: You know, we are the right ones! Rick: Limoncello for you, vin santo for me,
and amaro for you. Tommaso: Ammaroooo! Rick: And this for everybody! Tommaso: Zuccotto for everybody. Bobo: The name is Zuc-cot-to, everyone come
in Florence have to try Zuccotto. Tommaso: It is true; it’s typical. Rick: And what is the name of your little
restaurant, your beautiful restaurant? Bobo: What is? Rick: What is this restaurant here? Trattoria… Bobo: Trattoria da Tito. Trattoria da Tito. Tommaso: And you are?
Bobo: And I am Bobo. Rick: You are Bobo! And we’ve had a beautiful night in this beautiful
restaurant. Grazie. Bobo: Ciao!