My name is Bruce. I grew up in France, a little town really near to Nice. Nice which is located in south east of France, like 30 minutes close to the Italian border. I worked my whole life in the South of France, twelve years in a Michelin stars hotel. And after 12 years, I decided to go to the international market. And I had the chance to integrate Four Seasons company at Bora Bora. And I started to work for the American clientele, so I started to learn what kind of dessert they want at the end of the dinner. And at the same time started working with tropical ingredients like coconut, pineapple, mango, papaya, guava, and all those kind of things. After four years, I had the chance to move to Hawaii at Four Seasons Maui. So my first challenge was to learn English. Now I’m trying to work with my technique my vision of the pastry but adapting it with the American taste. What they want to eat and with Maui and Hawaiian Island ingredients. Here in Maui, we can find more ingredients like calamansi, macnut or we have a really nice honey lavender farm. I really love this product. For me, its just a big game to play with all those ingredients. I decided to work the cheesecake with calamansi and lilikoi. First of all because those ingredients are quite acidic and are cutting the fat of the cheesecake. And secondly, calamansi is really really local. It’s growing everywhere in every garden on the island so it’s really easy to find it and the quality is really good. The flavor is really fruity. And I really like it. Lilikoi sorbet of course. Lilikoi sorbet is one of the best in Maui. So I add calamansi peel caramelized calamansi peel to add more crispy more texture in the dessert. I really like having many textures in a dessert. In the whole hotel we produce about 95%-96% of our production. So yes, we do all ice cream and sorbet all desserts are homemade for all outlets for all the provisions on the hotel everything is homemade. Can be a bread, breakfast pastries, on our
menus everything is homemade. Yeah it’s a lot of work but I mean when you are passionate it’s just normal. It’s just normal. I don’t choose to buy stuff. No. you