It’s been a tough few weeks in the
Marshall house but this morning we’re looking forward to a little more
festivity and celebration. I pray this video finds you and yours well because… Hello Jack! Today it’s my birthday! And a happy day indeed! Oh Jack! We wish you and Olivia were here to spend the day with us. We miss you both so much. We miss you too, Aunt Jo! We called her this morning but it’s
not the same thing as being there. We can’t wait to see what crazy
things you guys do today. Happy Birthday Aunt Jo! The lady of the house has absconded to the kitchen. As part of today’s festivities, Josette is hosting a dessert contest. Anyone here for the celebration is invited to participate, and a secret vote will determine the winner. You’ll be delighted to hear that
I am preparing a cheese souffle. I’m sure you want to know who’s here and
thus eligible to participate in the contest. Well, in a strange turn of events,
from last year Mr. Arthur Pickering will be joining us. Josette is also hosting Detective Cuff, Greyson Herncastle, Candi, Maya, Miss Andrea Clack, and, of course, Donni. Speaking of your cousin, she’s helping to prepare the birthday
meal. She declined to be included in today’s video. And I can’t say I blame her. Reverend Stoddard… He will not be joining us at the Marshall House today. And for those wondering, no I will not address the events of the previous video because…because it is not my place. Hey! Happy Josette’s Birthday Mr. Herncastle! Happy Josette’s Birthday to you, House! And to all of you! She’s an incredible
woman who deserves to be celebrated. Hear, hear! [Party Horn] I love these things. I heard you talking about what happened. A brief mention is all. Do you think that Donni is okay? She’s a bit low but ever resilient. Oh! That’s really good to hear. I’ve kind of been making it a personal mission to
cheer up Paul these last few days. I see. And what has that involved? Well, I’ve had more pizza this week than I’ve had in years and we’ve watched
Empire Strikes Back four times. Oh my. Yeah. Luke just keeps losing that hand. And how are things going with the application? Hmm? Oh, oh the app! Right! It’s going very well. We are about
to make our final pitch to the school, so fingers crossed. [Party Horn] Guys! Everyone! [Party Horn] T-minus 5 for the piñata! House? We heard. You haven’t gotten your face painted yet! I was…waiting. Candi, we will be out right
after this. I promise. Thank you so much! Ok! Arthur! Maya! 5 minute piñata warning! [Party Horn] [Party Horn cut short] But I thought the cat was really out of
the bag when Donni showed up after Jack left the house to see Olivia. At the Thanksgiving Eve Benefit. Yes. Did you know? How could I not? Jack Marshall
excels at a great many things. Subtlety…is not one of them. I bet he thought he was being so stealthy. He did. I was stealthy. I was pretty stealthy. Was that hard for you? Pretending not to know? Not as hard as one might think. Well, Jack did get one thing right. You really are an enigma. Candi: House! Yes, yes, the face painting – – No! What is it? So, we’re about to do the piñata, and
everyone wanted to see it, and I know Maya has been so quiet this morning and
sleeping on her bed and I just thought I – – Candi, my dear, what has happened She’s gone! Who? Maya. I believe it’s safe to be shared. Yo House, By the time you find this note I’ll be long gone. I left in the middle
of the night because goodbyes suck and I’m not great with people. I know it’s not fair to ghost your friends and I’m truly sorry. When Donni invited me to this house, knowing what she did about my history, I thought it would be a fresh start. That this time I could actually move on from my past. But I guess that’s impossible. This place was an oasis from all of that but not anymore. I’m off to try again somewhere else. Tell Jo Happy Birthday and that I
didn’t deserve her kindness but I’m grateful for it. Tell Donni I said bye. And House, I think you’re one cool dude. I hope our paths cross again. Well, I’ll go inform Josette. I’m sorry this happened on your birthday. I’m only sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye. I thought this was becoming her home. I did as well. Unfortunately, to “one of the
best to ever wear the badge” I fear this does very
little to eliminate her as a suspect. You’re probably right. But in better news, the piñata was successfully broken and Donni took home the
top honors at the dessert contest with a delightful peanut butter tiramisu
which was quite deserving of the award. Tell them about you’re a dessert. My humble cheese souffle
was a distant runner-up. Perhaps next year, as they say. It was my favorite. Well, whether we know you or not we consider you to be in our family And I’m grateful you joined us today to celebrate. Thank you. Yes, yes, very…very grateful.