Welcome to Plum Landing. Hello, earthlings. Calling earthlings! Come in, earthlings. Come in. Come in, come in. Hey, Plum. Hey, Brad. Hi, Clem. Are you ready
for one last mission? I was testing my desert game
and I’m missing this. “Sturt’s Desert Pea?” Plum, one thing you should know
about earthlings is we don’t eat peas for dessert. Not a “dessert” pea, Brad. A “desert” pea. Oh. Oh, desert! As in where we’re standing. Got it. Actually, as you can see,
I have a picture of the plant, but I can’t find a picture
of its roots anywhere. This book, Electrifying Secrets
of the Desert Pea? No pictures. So, can you get me one? A photograph? Sure. Absolute-o-rama. Over and out. So, where would we find
a desert pea? There! Come on… Stop! We don’t have to kill it. She just wants a photograph. Let’s dig around it
and then put the dirt back. But we don’t have a shovel. Thanks, Plink. Okay, one scoop… Two scoops… (panting) 287 scoops… Owie. That is one deep root. Step aside, sister. I’ll take it from here. Sheesh louise. Why does a plant need
such a long root anyhow? Unless it’s actually
an underground spycam operated by an evil doctor guy who wants to mind-control
all the ants. Or maybe… See how the ground is darker
at the bottom? That’s because it’s wetter. So maybe it needs
an extra long root in order to reach down
and get water. There’s hardly any rain here,
remember? That makes sense. You know, that root
is almost as long as you. (camera snaps) Nice. Calling Plum. Did you get it? We got the picture. Yahoo! It’s longer than I thought. So listen, the other kids wanted
to sleep out tonight, so I’m sending a bubble
to take you to the campsite. Watch for it. Bye. Hurry. We have to get the dirt back
or the plant will die. I’m on it. Go, go, go, go! Hurry. Fantastic job
in the desert, guys. You found the lake,
you found the desert pea, you found the dormant shrimp,
you took a million photographs– well, 47–
so thank you, thank you. Thank you for letting us
camp out tonight. This place is just awesome. Awesome and cold. I know, right? It was 110 during the day
and now it’s just… (shivers) 50 degrees? Holy moly. You need one of these. (cheering) (laughs) I’ll send your bubbles
first thing in the morning. Good night! Good night. No one snores, right? Sleep tight.