Angel Kid Toys channel Katie and Hello Kitty welcome everyone to our channel Hi from Hello Kitty Katie, tonight I would like to sleep with you ok so what’s up? is there any light in your room? I am afraid of the dark no worry I have this one this is the gift from amazon and here it is the night lamp what is this for? this is panda night light you just press the mole head to switch the light the mole will on and turn on the light press it again, turn off the light this is Diglett instruction, how to charge the lamp you can use the usb cable and charge it where is it? you can charge in the laptop or phone here is the usb cable, let me show you plug it in here after charge, the light will last 40 hours in dim all right, turn the switch on wow it is so bright now, there is 2 level of brightness so tonight no more worry I already have the panda lamp so since tonight hello kitty will be not afraid of the Dark because she already had the lamp whoo come on yeah yeah now kid will be not afraid of dark anymore kids already have sleeping lamp turn it on now ok now is sleeping time good night everyone Kitty will have a good sleep tonight Katie and Kitty have to say goodbye now Subscribe/like and share this video for more interesting ones on Angel Kid Toys Have a nice day