Rakesh It’s Diwali, and a time of the year when our sons in law visit us He He Yes…. And we’ll be wondering what to cook? Yes We’re making Poori Payasam today You’ve to Help me Yes. Tell Me First, take that rava (semolina) Yes Here it is This is a fine Semolina not Roasted This is Bombay Rava available here in chennai also Okay Add some ghee to the rava This is what makes the poori crisp Is the Ghee Enough? Little bit of Milk Can I say, this is around ,100 gms Listen, don’t tell me about these gram calculations Everybody is watching. They all will ask me ma That’s your responsibility to calculate and tell them Don’t ask me to calculate I Told you no. I’m so weak in Maths I Only know the approximate size by using my hand A pinch of sugar Yes A pinch of salt and mix this into a dough that resembles a ball Let it soak for 10 minutes Okay After 10 Minutes of soaking I’m going to grind it in a mixie After grinding It’s become like a nice pliable dough As you make it You’ll see air pockets releasing So I’m going to heat up the oil now For Poori Payasam Turn it to Low Flame Some make this using plain milk alone either using cardamom powder and /or saffron reduce the heat when you make it They’ll do like that At our home, we use badam milk/kheer instead Awesome before we make the poori’s We’ll make a Ganesha idol from the dough Why so? Everything has to go on well and Ganesha symbolizes auspiciousness Because it’s Deepavali and son in law is visiting and things have to go well 😉 But you make this idol whatever you do ( a tradition ).. yes I do it always That’s become a practice Even when I consult with hotels for food festivals or do my workshops I keep a Ganesha using the dough And they ask what this is? I say it’s Ganesha This has generally been a practice for us right from the beginning This is almond that’s been soaked overnight, skin peeled and blended into a paste The reason we cook the almond pulp in water Is because the almond has a raw smell To ensure it doesn’t taste raw, is why we’re cooking almonds this way we’re cooking the almond pulp this way 5 to 7 Table Spoons of Sugar Okay, Now Should I add the milk And a Half a Litre Milk The reason we’re adding the almond pulp is to give the kheer/payasam texture and body It gives a consistency, volume & body You could add just milk, sugar and saffron Or replace saffron with cardamom But it’s the badam kheer that makes all the difference Where the pooris are coated with it beautifully It’ll gives you a different taste all together The Badam Kheer is Ready There it is, perfectly sized pooris And the Color It is a lovely golden brown colour I can’t wait to taste this Ensure you have a back up of the badam kheer Because the pooris tend to absorb all the kheer The real taste of the Payasam/kheer comes out if the pooris soak longer You can also eat it when it’s hot and crisp The pooris have a soak a little So Make this Poori Payasam If you loved this Poori payasam Leave me your comments on this video And If you have some interesting Recipes and a story behind it? Write to me : [email protected] I Would Love to Meet you and I would Love to Feature you On this Entire Series When you make this poori payasam, do think about my mom and me 😉 Ammavum Naanum