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home holiday event wedding in DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
baby blocks desert table for your upcoming baby shower here we go as you guys may know my baby blocks baby
shower centerpiece is the most popular video on my playlist with 500k views oh
my gosh so today I am inspired to make a baby blocks baby shower dessert table
but this time I am making it neutral I’m making it silver in case you want to use
it for a gender-reveal party or if you want to make it for a boy or girl you
can just add the colors with the desserts or with flowers and then
everyone is happy so with that said let’s get started with the video okay
guys so my baby blocks dessert table is mostly going to consist of this side
table that I’m sure most of you guys have seen somewhere somehow these are
the tables that you screw on B legs on it and it’s very easy to put together
and right now you can fight them on IKEA or Amazon I’m going to have the link in
the description box below for you guys to have easy access to get it and these
are 20 by 20 by seventeen and a half and the weight limit is 50 pounds next I’m
going to be painting all of my legs and I’m also going to be painting all around
the borders of the top of the table I’m going to be covering the top of the
table higher with honors tape and I’m also probably going to use some printing
paper or whatever paper I can find to cover the middle so I don’t have to you
know obviously use all of my painters tape and the painting I’m going to be
using is restore leones craft and hobby imagine is bright reflective finish
metallic silver that’s a lot of names on here but yeah I was very attracted to
this one and it’s not in the spray paint section it was actually in the craft
section at Walmart and I chose to use this one because the picture that I got
the inspiration from is actually glass the baby blocks our glass here on the
side he says wood metal and glass so I’m hoping and wishing that because it says
bright reflective finish it will give me that look
I hope so anyway so I’m going to go ahead and start painting I’m also going
to be using what letters from Walmart I’m going to use three of the same
letter per block or per table so it’s going to be 3 a’s 3 B’s and 3 C’s and
these are 8 inches and they were each one 97 and I’m going to be painting on
metallic silver with bright reflective finish as well so today is the next day
and I’m going to be making D panels that are going to go around the table which
is going to make the table look like blocks and these panels are going to be
16 and a half by 15 and 3/4 okay so these panels are going to go in between
legs all around alright so I’m going to be making for 40 I’m going to use my craft knife and some
padding to cut make sure you have some padding because yeah my table is a hot
mess now alright so let’s do it so you’re going to need a total of twelve
of these and again they are 16 and a half by 15 and 3/4 next I’m going to be
assembling the table together which is very easy all you have to do is fill on
the legs on their table already comes with the hole so you don’t have to worry
about drilling and I wanted to tell you something about painting to make it
easier for you even than what I said earlier turn the table upside down you
can screw them on I did add a little bit of painters tape around the borders to
make sure that I didn’t get any paint on it when I sprayed but that’s basically
what I did I just place the tape under here around the borders turned it off
upside down screw it on the legs and I just went to town with the spray at a
distance though you have to do it at a distance if not it’s going to start
dripping and getting nasty on you okay so I’m just going to go ahead and screw
this on and he should look something like this
now we’re going to start adding the panels and now our panel is created
equal because if you’re like me you are not going to cut them all the way
straight so you may have to even cut some off on the sides but we’ll cross
that bridge when we get there for now I’m just going to put them in all right so here’s the situation oh my
god is pouring rain yeah look at that guys
well you can’t what I’m telling you is raining cats and dogs that’s why so dark
in here look at that I can even see
he’s so foggy as well anyway I have to cut a little bit of this here because
you won’t come through so I’ll be right back
now I’m going to secure the top of the panels before I place the last panel next we’re going to be cutting a strip
of foam board that is going to look exactly like the top border and the legs
okay the same size and from here to here you are going to have one and
three-quarter inches and then the other measurement is going to be from here to
here which is sixteen and a half so it’s going to look something like this okay
after you spray-painted and make sure that you spray-painted from a distance
because if you do it too close it’s going to get saturated and it’s going to
bubble up okay another best bet or a better alternative will be for you to
get the foam board from Hobby Lobby it’s much more harder and durable and you
can’t you know work with it a little bit more than these from Dollar Tree and
then you’re going to do the same as you did with the panel you are just going to
place it at the bottom and then you are going to push it in this one is a little
bigger so I have to cut it a bit but that’s about it and lastly I am going to be placing the
a in the middle and there it is one block and two more
to go all right guys this is Edie this is my
baby blocks baby shower dessert table right now he just looks like three boxes
right next to each other but once you stop them up you can place your desserts
your appetizers or even your favors right on top of it I think it’s adorable
and I absolutely love it I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did please
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