– Hello everyone, it’s Barry here, and welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. Today, I’m doing a followup to
my last kitchen gadget video. This is homemade egg
waffles, AKA eggettes. But first, let’s rewind to
the last kitchen gadget video. Close it and then tip it. That’s gone all over my hob. Hold my hands up, yes, I
did put the handle on wrong. But it’s all entertainment, right? And if some of you, if
are going to say to me I did something wrong, can
I criticise your spelling of the word handle, mmm? ♫ Hallelujah ♫ Hallelujah ♫ Hallelujah, Hallelujah ♫ Helle lujah It kind of gives me an excuse to do that classical music interlude. But there’s lots of debate in the comments whether that was actually an
egg waffle slash eggette pan or a takoyaki pan. That is definitely an egg waffle pan. A takoyaki pan is just one layer of the spherical things
and it makes octopus balls. Something that I’m quite
intrigued about as well, but this was definitely a Hong Kong-style egg waffle eggette pan folks. And I felt that it was only right to delve into this with a proper recipe. You can make it on a standard
waffle maker if you like. And it is phenomenally gorgeous. I absolutely loved making it. The full method and ingredients
on my website down below. I’ll also put the link
where I got the eggette pan. It’s fun, it’s tasty. The flavour of it, I’ve actually served it in a cone like this. See it like that? First thing we’re going
to do is make our batter. So we get all our dry
ingredients into a bowl first. So in goes the plain flour. Then the corn flour to
thicken it up slightly. Baking powder, custard
powder, which really does ram some flavour into it. It’s just eating custard. It’s so good. And some granulated sugar. We now add in the wet ingredients. So drop in two eggs. So this egg yolk and the whites, some evaporating milk,
water, some good quality vanilla extract, and your vegetable oil. Now with that all in
there, you’re gonna give it a darned good whisk together. At first it’ll be thick
and clumpy and butch, and it won’t want to go there. But keep going and it’ll
get nice and smooth and hi hi hi (in falsetto voice). I haven’t said that for quite a while. You want to get nice, smooth batter. Now Mike and Liz, I understand
some of you might have parents called Mike and Liz, amazing. There are other varieties
of these available. There do like green matcha-style
tea ones that look awesome, but this is just a very standard batter, which was phenomenal. With it all nice and smooth, you’re ready to use your eggette pan. So all I did was give it
some spray oil on both sides, and then wiped it with some kitchen towel. And it’s really important
to pre-heat both sides on the hob, like I said, the grill. You know, it’s crazy. You want to pre-heat that
so it’s nice and warm for about a minute either
side on a medium heat. You’re then ready to pour
in about 3/4 of a cup, which is roughly 170
millilitres of the batter. You don’t need to completely overfill it, but just make sure it’s evenly spread out, because it’ll expand as it cooks. So don’t cook it on that first base layer. Shove the lid down and
immediately flip it over. That’ll coat both innards, hmmm, nice word, of the pan. Cook that for around about
two minutes, two and a half minutes, until it starts that you’ll noticed the pan does
actually open up slightly, because this is going to expand to form those circular shapes. You then want to turn it over and repeat. So the first one I did, I
pushed that on to a wire rack, and I was relatively happy with it. It looked awesome, apart from
a few little niggly patches. And I was like eh, it’s
okay, we’ll keep going. Because we’ve got enough
batter with the recipe here to make at least three of these. So I did another one, and
that looked so much better. Now in terms of serving it,
I believe street food style, I made a little cone,
which also doubled up as a party hat, and it’s
slotted conveniently into here. You can probably just eat it
straight out of your hand, or also it’s quite cool to tear
off the individual portions. I’ve also seen that online. And Chloe absolutely loves that. So that’s a quite nice little
manageable bite-sized pieces. Now it does taste phenomenal on its own, but I have some chocolate sauce here. I did want to add Nutella, but we haven’t got any in the house. Can you believe it? Oh my gosh. I can’t stop eating it. I was gonna say what it takes like, but I just keep eating it, and eating it. Even Mike was eating it. (sings high notes) It is like a spherical custardy waffle heaven in your mouth. So whichever way you
serve it, having it flat as it is, tearing it up into chunks, or street food style in a cone, I think you’re going to love it. Put any toppings on that you like. If you do try it, let me know
what you think down below. Don’t forget to subscribe
for regular recipes and food fun. And if you missed the
gadget video that this featured in originally, there’s a link up here and down below. So have a good one, folks. If you try it, do send me a picture. I’d love to see it. Oh and here’s today’s
pug shot in the video. Congratulations, you made
it to the end of the video.