– Hello everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Let’s roll it back, immediately to the giant cookie cup. – [Man] Look at that. – [Camera Man] Amazing. (laughing) – One of the craziest giant foods, ever. But, actually in the comments,
those of you were like, oh it’s such a big wastage of food. But what a lot of people
don’t realise is that that cookie cup, was actually breaking. If we did leave it for
another two minutes, all the milk was just going
to fall out out of it. So we quickly both downed the milk and it was quite funny looking back, with the whole Ice Bucket Challenge, and food wastage was not
intended, whatsoever. As you guys know, most of the giant foods get given away, anyway. But the theory for the
video actually originated from standard size cookie shots, which we’re going to make today. Which I am very, very excited about and there’s actually a way
that you guys can evolve another follow up video to this. I’ll explain that in just a jiffy. But one thing I did try out, this was one mould that I got online and I wanted to actually
test the theory, okay, of seeing if it would work. I made the cookie shot,
stuck them in here, wrapped it in foil to try and protect it, because online it didn’t
actually say if it was oven safe, none of them do, and it melted, like that. And the cookie shots,
they didn’t cook, at all. So that was with it
wrapped in foil, as well. But apparently, these
by Wilton, should work. This isn’t a sponsored
video, in any shape or form, but Wilton did reach out, quite recently about doing a video, but at the time, I was
like, no, that’s okay, I like to keep it minimal, alright. But maybe, I’ll do a
video with them sometime, but apparently, this one should work. So let’s do it. So if you are not already
inside myvirginkitchen.com, so if you want to see the
full, epic writeup by moi, and my personal feelings of it,
plus the link to that mould, check out myvirginkitchen.com. Alright then, so, here is our mixing bowl. I’ve just given this silicon thing a wash, but we’ll put that to
one side, for the moment. We’re going to make our cookie mix. That is some butter, it is
not at room temperature yet. It’s been out about two
minutes from the fridge, but it’s so hot in here,
it should melt quite quick. White sugar, light brown sugar, it’s that classic cookie combo. So all we’re going to do, you can actually do this
with an electric whisk, if you like, you just start
to beat this together. See that butter is like,
breaking down already. Look at these clumps just coming off it. So, just going to beat that
and cream it until it’s fluffy. ♫ Do, dit, do, do Cause it’s such a hot day,
this isn’t taking long at all, but as I say, if you link it a little bit more room temperature butter or just cream it with an electric whisk if you’re in a hurry. There we go, butter didn’t take long. It’s all nice and creamy together now, and also make sure it’s not gritty. You know when you beat
sugar together with butter, it can feel like quite, I guess like sand. You don’t want that, you want it to be nice and smooth, and I can feel that now. I can feel it. ♫ I feel it in my spoon We’re not going to drop in. Yeah, an egg. In case you didn’t know what that was. Biggest fruit. If you’re using extracts at the moment, So you can do maybe a cheeky
orange flavour extract, you can go for the classy vanilla. You can do a mint vibe one, add that now. But I’m not doing that today. The pure reason for that and I was really going for an orange one, which a chocolate orange
vibe, you guys know how much I love that, my house is a mess and I can’t find it. I didn’t want to unnecessarily
spend money on vanilla extract, when I know
we’ve got about four tubs, somewhere in a plastic box in here. There we go. Nice wet mixture now. We’re going to add in a
teaspoon of bicarbonate soda, AKA baking soda. This is my salt pug, which
caused a huge debate on the latest gadget video
because, I went for the one that’s got one hole in it’s head, okay? Just a little bit of salt in there. Obviously the other one has three holes, which I’ve always known that to be pepper obviously, with that being a white pug salt should go in there,
and pepper in that one. But, hey ho, it’s up to you. And this is some plain flour. Not even sifting it,
just going straight in. Alright. So let’s just bring it together. I always get a fear whenever
I add flour to a cookie mix. It’s like woah, that’s way too much. But let’s just start to mix slow, so we don’t have a huge
avalanche over the countertop. And it should start to
incorporate together. Now, if you find that
it is a teeny bit dry, which it shouldn’t be
we’re still mixing fruit, you can always add a splash of milk. But this quantity and this
ratio has never failed me in the past, so we’re getting there. So I’m not going to go
too chocolate chip heavy, at this stage. This is about 80 grammes of chocolate chips. At let’s just, ah stir, free randomise it, get
the chocolate chips in there. Amazing sight. Believe it or not, well if you do believe it, it’s
right in front of your eyes, that is our cookie dough all done. I know you dogs, I just want to point out that I’m just really
jealous of you right now. Alright, so now you need your washed silicone shot glassy mould thing. Boston is just taking a nice sort of a resting place by Michael Jackson’s white
sock slip icon base. I’m getting a spoon of
it, little teaspoon, and then using the non-sharp end of a bambusa. And I’m just going to
push it down into it. This is probably going
to take quite a while. But you get the idea. I think the main thing here is to ensure that it does go all the way down, which you’ve probably got a better view than I have of that. Really going to wrap them
in there and make sure that it’s sealed all the way around. So I can sort of see from the sides there, that it’s pretty much there. I’m just gonna probably push it down, just encourage it a bit more. I guess rod it, like
you work in the drains. To be fair, I’m finding
it much, much easier to do it with my finger like that. Just got to make sure
it’s relatively flushed. So I’ve got the top, I’d say it might be a teeny
bit too high on this one. ‘Cause there is quite a gap between the stump in the middle,
which forms the core, and then that bit there. But that’s okay, we can
probably cut it flush or something. But more importantly,
I’m really, really happy with how you get to sort of see what’s roughly going to look like now. So, let’s jump and do the rest of them. Or however much my batter will give me. So, there’ll all done. I’ve got enough cookie
dough left to put in to make about four. But look at that. Did my best to fill them
up, hopefully it will work. Sitting them on a baking tray. We’re not going to put them in the oven. So normal cookies take about, 10 to 12 minutes normally. We’re going to push that
to almost double that, to make sure they’re
nice and cooked through. So, around 20 minutes plus. I think I’ve made them
quite high to the top, so no doubt we’re going to
have to scrape them off. We’ll find out. Originally today I was going
to do some cheescake shots, and I was going to put
like a cheese-cakey fill in and blueberries, and I thought oh, that’s pretty darn awesome. But, that’s just my opinion. So, I wanted to know what yours was. And I’ve already teased this on Twitter and had some amazing ideas. So, I tweeted: Random question, but what should we make
with these shot moulds? And incidentally that was the
shot mould that didn’t work. I had loads of cool replies, like this one from Derrick about bread egg cups. Beff says chocolate shot
glasses with Bailey’s. Damion you also put in beef. And Anella said about
doing dog treat ones, I really like the idea of that. Pancake one is strong. Pancake glasses filled
with maple syrup and capped with chocolate. There are like loads more but that was it. That was just from going out to Twitter, just very very quickly. So rather than just my
thoughts, it’s yours too. So if you’re watching on YouTube, leave me a comment down below if you’re on the website,
Facebook, Instagram, wherever, I wanna collect
maybe three or four of my favourite ones and then just do like these amazing videos of
just these custom shots. So I think it’d be really really fun. Let me know. Alright, then. It’s been 25 minutes. Please do not let this little
look you’re about to see, put you off. They’ve got nice and brown but, the heads have gone bleh. But it’s fine, we’re going
to cut it flush anyway. (exclaims)
Ah! Love oak work surfaces and red hot pans. Ah, hehe. We’ll see how we’re going
to be really delicate while they are still warm. As it cools down, it’s just going to get more and more strength. But we can still cut this
flush, this is a perfect time. So I’m just having this
little tray to one side. I’m just gonna go flush. And just cut off a lid. Hopefully. Yes! That’ll do. We’ve got a nice piece in there. Yes. This is good. This is good. I’m liking this. I feel like I’m giving them a haircut. But these actually make
pretty good cookies. Don’t waste them. Flushed decision, and this is optional. But I am just going to
put this in the oven, just for maybe a couple more minutes, jus to try to brown these
tops and teeny bit more. Don’t think this is essential, but I’m gonna do it anyway. These are pretty good. I don’t know if that made
much of a difference, but all I’m gonna do now is let this fully cool
down to room temperature, before putting it in my freezer. That’s gonna help by firm it up so make it easier to get out of the mould. That’s why we didn’t grease them. But also, we’re going to
put a lining of chocolate in them, just like the giant ones so they will hopefully
stop the milk set in. And with them being
cold, it should let the chocolate set quicker. So, you don’t really
need to see any of that. Just know that I’m going to put these in the freezer to firm up. Something exciting just happened folks. Remember my first cookbook? Yeah this one. Dinner’s On! Which a lot of people say, Barry that looks nothing
like you in the front cover. I promise it was, it was a
lot of the highlight stage. But this, cha-ching! Is my new cookbook. That’s also available now
on Amazon to pre-order. So if you could please pre-order, that would mean the world to me. It would really support me
and just all stuff of that. Seriously though, I
could not do it without your support, so thank you so much. Anyhow, back to cookie shots. Alrighty, boom! Straight
out of the freezer then. Nice and rock hard. We’re going to take them out initially, and then put them back in. But we’re just going that to get them to hold the shape at first. Oh my gosh. Do it delicately. Come on now. It’s actually a tough mould. Come on. Come on. Come on. Oh no. It’s stuck. Come on mate. You can do it. Yes! Look at that. That’s amazing. This is beautiful. The best way to get it
out, is to push your thumb into the recess that’s already there. And that just comes out like so. And then you get the little cavity bit that wants to stay in there,
little pinch and twist. Pops out like a dream. Look at that. That looks a bit weird. To make them a little
bit more easy to stand, like that. I’ve just
given it a little rub. Like that. ‘Cause some of them are still a teeny bit wonky. So if you want to, you can break them down like that. They’re still a little firm for that. They’ll be room temperature later. Probably be easier then. Back in the freezer for now. We’ll get our chocolate ready. I’m going to melt my chocolate. In Bain-Marie style. But I’m not going to use a bowl, I’m going to use a casserole lid. Just ’cause I want a nice
bit shallow depth from it. Drop the chips in there. But the name Bain-Marie,
reminds me of someone called Marie that’s been banned
from a night club. True story. There we go. That is going
to melt up like a dream. I’m also using that because
our large mixing bowl, I don’t know where it’s
gone, so I have to use that. The other mixing bowls are
too small to go on that pan. So as you can see here,
first thing I’m gonna do is I’ve just got a pile
of the chocolate here. And I’m just pushing the chocolate in, spin it ’round. Kind of when you get a shot of tequila, and you lick the glass. I think it’s tequila,
and you have the salt around the edge of it. It’s kinda like that. This is like a real nice depth for it, ’cause it’s not letting it go too much. But of course you can coat the whole thing in chocolate. You can do white chocolate, or you can mix it up. Boom. Let’s bring those back in. And all I’m gonna do, as I’m gonna pour chocolate into that. See, like this. So this chocolate, let
me tell you folks from the time I had bought a giant chocolate tea cake. Chocolate is very, very strong. You can probably build your house with it. But all I’ve done with the bambusa there, and ’cause it’s cold it’s actually starting to grip to it immediately. That’s important. You don’t want it to run down the sides. And that is gonna act
as a shield from milk. So I’m gonna put this one in the freezer, and do these two now. So about a half teaspoon of chocolate should do it. You only need
a very, very thin layer. Probably get it to seal
the base, more importantly. And then just bring it up, letting it cling to the sides. If you really want it to cover your butt, you can like let it set, and then do a double layer of chocolate, or again white chocolate then milk. Oh my gosh. Alright. Let’s add in our milk. Oh my gosh. Check that out. I’m gonna have the shot right now. But I’ve decided I’m gonna get a cardboard cutout of my book somewhere to join my cooler queen and Homer Simpson, who is on his way any minute now. But here we go. Could’ve done something
stronger than milk, really. But Bailey’s would be phenomenal in there. Look, look. That is truly phenomenal. ‘Cause as it comes back
from room temperature, after being frozen, it’s
kind of soft and chewy. You got the chocolate in here, plus the milk before it. So, so good. And a little milky residue at the bottom. Amazing. There we are then folks. So importantly, don’t
forget to let me know your dream shot combination, and I’ll pick my favourite
for a future video. Don’t forget to subscribe
for regular recipes and food fun. And follow
me on social media for behind the scenes bits and bobs. That’s it. Thanks for watching. And I’ll see you next time. Boom! Now where’s my egg master?