Hey guys! It’s Bailey, and Brooklyn, and today we’re here with our little sister, Kamri. Hi! And we’re going to be showing you guys, 4 different styles of how to decorate Back-to-School Notebooks. Uh, huh! And, going back to school is not really the funnest thing! Not a lot of people look forward to it! But, to make it a little bit more fun, we like to spice up some of our school supplies! So, we’re going to be showing you different designs that you can do on your notebooks! So, let’s get started! {DIY Geometric Notebook} For this first notebook, you’re going to need: 4 or more paint colors, 1 sponge brush, 1/4 inch tape, 1 composition notebook, and, optionally, Mod Podge. Next, pick your base coat, and you are going to spread a thin, even layer across the cover of your notebook. When your cover is dry, take the 1/4 inch tape and make any geometric pattern you want. For mine, I did triangles, but feel free to try squares, or hexagons, or whatever geometric shape you want! When you are done with your geometric pattern, take the other paints and paint the triangles, and let that dry for a couple of minutes. Next, carefully take the tape off your cover, and you can even spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on there, if you want, just to seal the paint. And… that’s how you do this cute, awesome-looking geometric notebook! {DIY Lace Floral Notebook} For this notebook, your supplies are: 1 spiral notebook, 1 base paint color of your choice, 1 sponge brush, 1 fabric paint, 1 painter’s tape, 1 piece of lace, and some scissors. So, to start off, I’m going to take my garbage bag, and lay it on the inside of my notebook, so the paper from the notebook does not get dirty with paint. Depending on the paint you use, you might have to put a few more layers of paint on the cover of your notebook. After your notebook is completely dry, you’re going to want to take your lace and lay it over the top of your notebook, And, then, I just tucked all the extra pieces of lace on the back of my notebook, and taped it tightly with my painter’s tape, so that the lace was tight against my notebook cover. Next, I took my garbage bag and laid it on the inside of my notebook, so that the papers from the notebook don’t get dirty with paint. And then I took my black fabric spray and sprayed it very lightly on the top of my lace. Once that has finished drying, very carefully remove the lace from your notebook. And there you have these adorable, vibrant lace fabric notebooks! For this notebook, you’re going to need: 1 composition notebook, 1 white craft paint, Washi Tape of any sort, a paint brush, and a pen knife. To star off, you’re going to want to paint your composition notebook completely white. And you’re just going to spread the paint over the black part, and, you’re done! Next, I chose a pattern for my Washi Tape, and began laying it across my composition notebook, taping the ends of it to the cardboard. When you finish taping, you’re gonna want to take you’re pen knife and cut off all the jagged edges of the tape. And, there you have your Washi Tape Notebook! {DYI Chalkboard Notebook} For this notebook, your supplies that you need are: 1 composition notebook, chalkboard paint, an eraser, a piece of chalk, a sponge brush, and some hairspray. For this kind of chalkboard paint, it took me quite a few layers to finally get it on thick enough. But once I had it all thick and dry, and ready to go, it worked perfectly! Once you notebook is completely dry, take the flat side of your chalk and rub it all over your notebook. This is called “seasoning”. And, after you are done seasoning your notebook, you are going to want to wipe it all off. After you finish wiping it all off, you draw, or doodle, or write whatever you want on your notebook. If you don’t want your drawing to rub off, you can always hairspray it lightly to make sure it stays. And, now you have these very entertaining and fun chalkboard notebooks! Thank you guys so much for watching this video! Be sure to leave a comment below on what your favorite notebook design was! Also, don’t forget to follow Kamri on her Instagram account: @KamriNoelM And… I think that’s all we have for you guys today, so, we will see you guys next week! Bye! Bye! Bye! {Click here to SUBSCRIBE!} Click above to see our Twinepathy Tag video! Thank you, from Brooklyn & Bailey! Brooklyn and Bailey, 13 years ago! Already hair fanatics!