– All right. We have these bad boys. They are frozen and they
are ready to come out, hopefully easily. (taps tray onto table) (tray banged onto table) Our freezer’s a little too good I think. (upbeat music) Recipes, life hacks and everyday tips, welcome to Sasha In Good Taste. (laughs)
– Take two. – Hello there, welcome back
to Sasha In Good Taste. Today is all about dogs. Lady and Levi are the
cutest Great Danes around and I couldn’t imagine life without them. So I always like to treat them
especially on their birthday. So I’m going to show you
how to make a doggy cake that’s all natural. It actually helps their coat
and makes their coat shinier. It’s an easy bake, looks adorable. They’ve enjoyed it ever
since they were puppies and doggy popsicles. They’re bone shaped which is adorable. One ingredient, you’re done. It’s perfect for a Summer day. My dogs love them and I
guarantee yours will too. Let’s get started. The first thing we’re gonna make is this really cute doggy cake. Three eggs. (cracks eggs) Easy peasy. (upbeat music) Three tablespoons of coconut oil. A teaspoon of honey. Make sure this is all natural honey that doesn’t have anything. I’m going to add some raw peanut butter. We are going to start mixing this up. (upbeat music) So now that we have all of
our wet ingredients in here, we are going to add some coconut flour. (upbeat music) This dough is actually looking great. Sometimes, depending
on your peanut butter, it can get a little bit dry. So if it gets dry, add
a little bit of water. I know it doesn’t really
look like a batter but that’s okay, it’s not supposed to. It’s going to look more like dough. We are going to grease a
tiny little pan like this. You can use a pie pan or cake pan. (upbeat music) Going to smoosh it in there so it’ll bake evenly. So remember this is for your dogs. So even though technically
you could eat it, it’s not gonna taste as good
to you as it will to them. (upbeat music) We are going to bake this at
350 for about 20-ish minutes and you might want to keep an eye on it. As long as it’s golden and
cooked all the way through, you are going to be great. So, I’ll be back. All right, it’s a little
golden on the edges which is perfect and it’s
cooled so we’re ready to ice it. I’ve put my Greek yogurt
into an icing bag. Just gonna snip the edge. Be careful it’ll come out fast. (upbeat music) This might not look totally
appetizing to humans but this very appetizing to your dog. So I’m gonna put this in the
fridge and I will be back. We are going to move on
to our doggy popsicles. All you need is some beef
broth or chicken broth. These just pop in the freezer
and when they’re done, they are ready to serve to your dogs. So, I got this mold
online for, I think $3. Not expensive and you can use this over and over and over
again for endless puppy joy. All right I am going to stick this in the freezer and I will be back. All right. These bad boys are frozen
and ready to come out. Let’s hope this is easy. (taps tray onto table) One is good, yup there we go.
(bell dings) (upbeat music) Okay, look at that. They’re perfect. I can’t wait to give these to our dogs. They are going to love them. This is so cute. It’s a little dog bone. They do smell like beef
broth but all good. This is the perfect treat for your puppy. If you love this video, please
like, subscribe, comment, I wanna see these for your dogs and pictures of your dogs
with the #SashaInGoodTaste. I cannot wait, see you next time. (upbeat music)