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Screenshot your favorite parts of the videos and tag me and put it under the hashtag the clothes guys I really do like a bunch of your guys’s pictures, and it’s so cool because it makes people’s days. They go oh my god I like my picture even though it’s like you know It’s just a little hard, but yeah, you guys are amazing so shout out to the sky squad this guy’s family Sky squads guys family basically the same thing my vlog channel Scott’s family sky Squad is mainly my main channel, but we’re all in this guy’s family Scott squad. It’s guys families guys family Sky squad kind of confusing But I like using them both because sky squad goes scat squad and then sketch families likes guys Family like I just like I want to hook all you guys okay, so Enough of the rambling rambling happy Nicole today We are going to be making a giant cookie bath bomb that’s right. Not just any old cookie though not a chocolate-chip cookie actually mmm I may be gonna be in future you do But it’s gonna be an Oreo cookie a giant Oreo cookie bath bomb I’m super excited for We are not going to ruin this one like we did the hot sauce bath bomb we are going to make this actually Satisfyingly beautiful even though the hot smells were satisfying This is gonna be way more so I pretty much know how to make this like off the back of my head I know the ingredients I know how much to use one cup of baking soda Someone made fun of me in the high school’s video for not having a measuring cup you guys So mean to me no just kidding, but I guess I don’t know even though this technically isn’t a measuring cup This is about one cup so I think it’s fine. I think it’ll work Alright, I’m just going to double up these ingredients here, so I’m gonna use two cups of baking soda Maybe if I keep making these bath bomb videos I will eventually master in the bath bomb Recipe step up the difficulty nests instead of just using what I use you know like when we start off with slime It was just like the average slime and now it transpired into like fluffy slimes below them everything crazy I wonder if bath bombs gonna do that 1 cup? 1 cup citric acid and you best believe I’m going to sample the citric acid every time. I talk to your acid I literally have to taste it. I don’t know. Why watch me as I? Drink this old thing no just kidding out that probably Louise died So if you don’t know what cedric acid is it actually is the sour powder? That’s on sour candy the sour like sugar part So this is just like 100% citric acid super sour and I mean I’m just going to take you like a boss Like I’m literally I’m gonna put on my tongue, and I’m not gonna make a face. I’m just gonna be like parody Oh I Don’t know why I have to do this every time I touch this you guys on it, so who you taste it I think I like sour things I guess we probably oh Okay, let’s keep making this bath bomb Alright, so that is going to do it for our dry ingredients I’m just going to mix all these ingredients up alright so since the oreo cookie is white in the center We are going to work on the white frosting mold first, so I’m just going to pour some water and oil in here All right, so I’m just going to pour a little bit of this in here and You want to make it like the texture of kinetics? and you want to be careful not to add too much because that’s where everyone makes their mistakes when they add too much water to their bath bomb Dry ingredients okay, so as you can see it doesn’t look like this is very wet But if I squeeze it it holds its form so that’s what we want We don’t want it to be any wetter than that otherwise it’ll activate it’ll puff up. It won’t turn out good. Okay? Just trust me here. I learned from past experiences Okay, so this is going to be my mold for my white Oreo filling this one is gonna be double stuff Okay, all right, so just squishing this down into my mold Okay perfect So this is packed in we are going to put this aside and let it dry it needs to cure for 24 Whole hours oh You won’t be seeing this for a long time actually you’ll be seeing in a couple seconds because this is a video so as you Can see I used all of my ingredients? So I’m just going to remake this and all I’m going to do is add black food coloring So that’s what we’re gonna do also if you notice. I only have one cookie mold so literally I’m going to have to do this twice off-camera. I will make the other half alright, so now it’s time for magic I’m going to magically fill up this container With my black bath bomb three two one Whoa that is crazy. How I always do that magic All right, so here we go this is our black bath bomb Now today all right, and now we are going to oil our cookie mold, so I’m just going to pour some oil on this And I do not want to get in stuck anywhere because this has a lot of little cracks and crevices All right, that should be good now. I’m just pressing in my bath bomb ingredients to my mold Gotta love bath ball. I’m getting all up underneath your nails. It feels so great said no one ever All right now, I’m just gonna press down And boom I will see you guys in 24 hours I assume now is the time Will come out successfully oh my god My dogs are Active that would have made a veteran color alright So I’m going to magically duplicate this and make one board here on top of it. Are you ready? three two oh My god that was so cool look at this one this one looks almost even more curved baked Wow And the color is a little bit better Okay so before I actually drop these into the I’m going to remove my cream filling from that mold as well All right guys, so I literally have no idea how I’m going to get this out my other mold was made of silicone So it’s super easy to get out. I don’t know I maybe I just have to hit it or something. Oh my gosh How many things out? Ok sketch much so now that half of my frosting is out and the rest is in here I think I could just like lift it up out Frosting supposed to be fluffy right alright since it’s all broken. I’m just going to put it in like that I literally didn’t even all this pan so honestly. It’s probably my fault But I think that was pretty freakin cool It came out perfect only thing I would have been different size silicone molds for the frosting Section but besides that I think it looks amazing now, it’s that this with the giant cookie bath bomb in the water Are you ready if you see a big fat thumbs up if you are super excited for this because I literally and I? Can’t even equip them so excited. Okay. Let’s do it three two one Whoa oh my gosh no three two one Whoa oh My gosh, this is way cooler than lunch. Oh my gosh the water slowly turning black That is so cool. Oh my gosh. I think this is definitely one of the coolest backlogs. I’ve ever made Oh wait that is so awesome oh My gosh – what do you think? Don’t eat it Franklin doesn’t care kids. What do you think whoa? There’s pink and Black in my bathtub. Why is there pink that is so weird I? Literally only used black food coloring. Oh looks like a heart Whoa oh my gosh now check out my bath It’s pretty cool wouldn’t wanna just looks black, and it wasn’t even blue that would be the same oh How when is black Don’t forget your favorite part of this video tag me on instagram and put it under the hashtag the cool skies I love you guys so much else you guys ate my next video. Bye Girls