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home holiday events wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to
make a hula hoop a little wreath for your upcoming birthday celebration here
we go today I’m going to show you a very
inexpensive way to decorate your birthday party and make it look very
very nice and fancy so I decided to make with a hook balloon reeds
they are also very easy to make so let’s get started alright guys so for this
project I’m going to be using three hula hoops from Dollar Tree you can choose to
only use one or two I want to use three to make a look a little bit more grand
and you know just more fancy than what it really is a Dollar Tree
whoo the hoop so alright so the very first thing I’m going to do is paint my
hula hoop in metallic gold next I’m going to hang my air-filled balloon
decorations in the middle of my hulla hoops here I have happy birthday and
these are two balloons and then I have the number 25 I wanted to make this
decoration for young adults since I haven’t done anything for young adults
and I was actually looking for 21 but I couldn’t find a one to save my life in
silver so yeah I decided to do 25 and blowing this up is very easy you don’t
need any helium all you need is the straw that it comes with then you’re
going to place the straw inside and then you are going to push through and then
you’re just going to blow into the straw look at that they look so good
I love for your airfield decoration they look so so good all the time
and don’t be alarmed by this size of the number 25 they are going to fit
perfectly and I like it that it’s bigger than the other letters these are 16
inches it was either 8 inches 16 or 34 and 34
is way too big ice I’ve seen 14 but I couldn’t find any
so these are the best I could do and I actually I think that’s that’s what it
should be 16 inches for the actual age all right so let’s move on and let’s
hang them inside the hula hoops to hang my decorations inside the hula hoop I’m
going to be using my low temperature hot glue gun and I’m also going to be using
transparent cord this one I’m going to use for the number 25 because it’s not
big enough to you know lay on the corners of the hula hoop but for happy
and birthday they hang off so these are going to be easy to just glue all right and it should look something
like this now I’m gonna go ahead and do the other two and I’ll be right back they’re all ready to go here I have
happy here’s B day and then I have 25 nice all right so now I’m going to move
on to the next step which is to decorate with colorful balloons I’m going to be
using five-inch balloons from Dollar Tree I have them in pink silver purple
and transparent which I’m going to use with silver confetti I’m also going to
be using my balloon buddy to blow up my five-inch balloons because I find them
hard to blow up because they’re so small but you can try if you want you can also
buy a hand pump if you will like this cheaper this one is $29.99 but it’s so
worth it because it takes no time to low it balloons at all alright so next step
is to pair them together so I already love a couple of these I’m just going to
pair them together and to get your confetti inside your transparent balloon
I am using a funnel I got this one from Dollar Tree and all you have to do is
just place the funnel inside the balloon and then you’re going to grab your
confetti and then you’re gonna have to grab some type of object I’m going to
use a pencil and I’m just going to get it in there then you are going to blow
it up never failed I don’t know what this
always happens with my first balloon or maybe I’m just going too fast all right
let’s do this slow I was scared all right so that should be good so then
you’re gonna make sure that is tight and then you’re going to rub it together to
cause static so the baby can stick to the little one okay you can also rub it
on your clothes all right you see that that’s how you get the confetti to stick
to the balloon static okay so once you put them together you are going to wrap
it around the hula hoop up to two times don’t be afraid I went to pop okay I
need this to go lower though then I’m gonna wrap around the next pair around
one of these balloons and then I’m going to continue all the
way down and here is my happy and he truly makes
me happy looking at it it’s so pretty so this is going to go sideways like this
as of right now I might change my mind later but it’s going to go like this
this is what I have ambitions sideways I stop right now I’m not going to place
anything up the bottom until I see how it goes with the other two hula hoops so
yeah so now I’m going to go ahead and do the other two and I’ll be right back
okay so for my number twenty five is going to be a little different I’m not
going to be able to wrap around the balloons around the hula hoop because of
the transparent cord on the way here and on top so what I’m going to do is grab
two pairs and I’m going to tie them together now so okay and then you are
going to grab two of the you know of the balloons how will you say that the
opening of the balloons there you go and that’s what you’re going to tie so I’m
going to go ahead and tie some down here and also on the top all right and here is 25 nice and here
they are all together looking amazing I decided that I’m not going to place
belongs at the bottom of happy and birthday because it will be just way too
much my next step is going to be to hang them up and what I’m going to do is use
this sulfa esup looks from Dollar Tree and I’m going to place this on my silly
and then I’m going to use my transparent cord to hang them up okay guys so I
wanted to show you that this definitely works with the hook and the transparent
court but the problem is that now that I want to move it over a little bit to the
left I feel like if I do that it’s going to take the paint off the ceiling so
that’s what I get for being cheap I guess I could have got one of those
hooks that you pull the back of it and it just releases pretty easily these her
Dollar Tree hooks the glue is is really on there so I don’t know what I have to
do I have to blow dry it or something if you have any tips on how to get that off
let me know in the comments below but if you look a little lower on the boar
right there I have ton tags that I have from other setups so what I’m going to
do is hang them from those three Tom tags instead because my husband is not
gonna be very happy if that leaves a hole right there so it takes the pain
out so that’s what I’m going to do okay guys this is it this is my hula hoop
alone reach and they are absolutely amazing I love them oh my gosh guys this
look even better in person I promise you can use this at the
entrance of your party you can use it as the background of your party you can use
it over your dessert table or you can even use this for your photos and only
30 to 35 bucks for this it totally depends on
how many colors you want to place on your wreath love it I hope you guys
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want to spend a lot of money this is a wonderful way to decorate without
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