[Music] everyone that’s Maria hi it’s Ellen too and on this week’s video we’re going to show you how we made a witch’s potion but to go along with the one I made last year if you like to see how that one came out make sure you watch next week when I show you how I decorated my house for Halloween we upload a video every Monday so make sure you subscribe give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to click that bell so you get notified so with that let’s show you how it’s done the book I got it at a thrift store $0.99 real easy paper towel black paint that I got at Walmart but if you get it once paint lasts a long time Burt Auburn and Moz pause the medallion that I got I got at Joanns a few months ago it was on sale and I just thought it looks really cool and I could use it for something so I got that I got these at Walmart just to embellish around the book and also these letters to put anything you want last year I put mystical spells this year I’m gonna put potions so you lay it all out and see how I put the rubber band down there to make sure that the letters were all even that’s really cool I thought it was cool too good idea okay so then you can just put around what you have it you know things you have around your house glue them down stick them down just set up the book the way you would like it to look and this reminded me of like I had a crystal ball so I thought that would look really cool home the book is fun so make sure everything’s stuck down perfectly oh and see my P felt lost and I gotta stick that on and it’s not sticking so let’s just get another one it’s just a lot easier if things are just stuck down oh definitely but the rubber band is a great great trick thank you you’re welcome okay so you get a paper challenge you split it in half so you have one ply and just go ahead and make sure you have enough around get the modge podge and I found that if you just glue it to the book you know put some OSH pot on the book first and then put the paper down it seems to get into all the nooks and crannies and then when you’re doing the inside the book just like you’re wrapping a present you just hold it like that inside and you do that all on the inside the book so like you see I’m pressing it down and there’s some times when I didn’t put the glue down first in the paper towel and then I should have just glued it all down in there put the paper towel but hey it’s crafting so you learn as you’re going along right yeah feel like I was saying like we’re wrapping a present this is how you’re gonna glue the inside that it reminds me of when we had to put the book covers on our books for school oh yeah long time ago I know everything’s online these days huh right so like to you here I started gluing it just on top of the paper towel like I said it’s a lot easier if you just put the glue on the book first and then put the paper down a paper towel down after feel like I’m doing here you just make sure you have enough glue I mean you get the glue at the Dollar Tree and you don’t use the whole bottle I mean half of the bottle will get you through one book and when you’re putting the glue on you want to make sure that you have creases because that’s the that’s the look you’re going for I’m the look that I’m going for in this book is to make it look like old leather and if you put paper towels on top of more paper towel don’t worry about you’re not gonna see it because once it’s all painted all you’re gonna see is just all the little grooves that you’re putting into it it gives it a lot of tension also Joe looks good exactly and that’s what you’re looking for what a great technique yeah it’s especially here on the back I like the way the back came out because you it really looks like it’s got a lot of texture to it so now once it’s all dry go ahead and start painting a black you paint the whole thing black and make sure that you get the inside of that the cover of the book black also in here I’m using the burnt Auburn and you’re gonna it’s almost like a thry brush you don’t want to add any water to the paintin whatsoever and just lightly just go over and it’s only gonna pick up the parts that are elevated oh my gosh that totally looks like a chocolate bar re doesn’t it look like a Hershey bar with the letters it does oh my gosh that that really reminds me of a Halloween candy and trick-or-treating and oh and I’d forgot to tell you about the girls and what their costumes are gonna be okay guys check this out last week well I wasn’t so prepared with my information but I have it now my Mara is gonna be Rapunzel your great granddaughters and gwennie’s gonna be a chicken which I can’t wait to see that she’s alright one year chicken so fun and then Savannah’s gonna be a cat and she’s gonna be an awesome cat and then Olivia will be a unicorn so it’ll be a lot of fun oh there you go so um you have can’t wait to see I know I know and so just please comment below with costumes that your kids and grandkids are gonna wear cuz we would love to hear about it so as you can see I’m just going over it you can put as much or as little as you want it all depends on how you want your book to look I like I said I’m going for that real old leather look and you’re still gonna see all the black so don’t think that I’m painting everything just all brown you’ll see once it’s all done it looks it comes out really cool it’s making me hungry I can’t believe the change in this book I know it’s actually so so simple to do so once that’s all done I still wanted it to look a little bit more older so I got um the terra cotta beige and you just want to go ahead and lightly a little bit more lightly than you did the brown the vertibird and go over all the parts that are raised again and it’s gonna make it look even older because we’re talking about a long time ago when these witches had these books if they could talk right you’re right yeah I liked when I did mine last year I liked that it came out so unique because it was it was all my ideas of how I wanted to decorate it and stuff like that and that’s the fun of it it doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s you guys if you just go along with this and make it your own it makes it that much special special and so now I’m using metallic silver to go over the letters that I put down in all the little swirls and embellishments that I put on top of the book and that’s really gonna make it pop that looks so great it looks so old yeah oh my goodness yeah I really like the way it came out you can just see the texture in it yeah I think it it looks better how you see hey you’ve seen it right now then just a still photo that I had because it it looks a lot older here than it I mean it looks old in real life like when I look at it but for some reason in the picture it doesn’t look as old as it does right now but it does in person look old if that makes it no it totally does it has a little bit more than they look that’s something old wood right and then you just want to make sure that you just put this still silver paint all over the parts that are popping up and that’s the whole book just of the letters and the swirls in the Diamonds and whatever you’ve decided to put on there because this is your book and you’re creating it the way you want to look but this is the way I wanted mine to look it’s a once that’s all done it’s still for the letters still don’t look old enough to me so what I did after I glued on the medallion you get the burnt Auburn and you dip your paintbrush in water and just get a light lightly brush all over the medallion the letters in the swirls and that’s not gonna make it it’s gonna make it look old because you don’t want a book that’s gonna have bright letters on it because then it’s gonna defeat the part the purpose of making it old right yeah look consistent exactly it’s amazing to see this come to life free yeah it looks really good with my other book too you’ll have to check that out next week [Music] yeah so like I said do as much as or as little as you want it’s all up to you it’s your book I’m just showing you how I did mine you comment and let us know and so that way we know how awesome that turned out there you go and there’s the book how cool is that huh that looks great it does I’m really happy the way it turned out it was so easy to do and so inexpensive to I mean who doesn’t have paper towels who can’t go to the 99-cent store or the Dollar Tree and get a book so please share with your friends and that means you need to subscribe give us a thumbs up and click that bell so you’ll be notified for your next our next video on Monday and if you guys want more ideas on Halloween and check out our other videos thanks for stopping by until next time bye