Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today we are gonna be
making some DIY Mother’s Day Gifts! Mother’s day is coming up and I thought
I would make a video with some fun ideas! The first thing that we’re gonna be making
is a Mother’s Day breakfast, I love making breakfast for people, it’s just a very simple
and sweet way to show that you care. We are gonna be making Heart Shaped Egg in
a Hole Toast and Fruit Kabobs! The things that you will need to make this
Mother’s Day breakfast, will be: A cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, your mom’s favorite
type of bread, I’m using country white, some eggs, a metal circle cookie cutter, a
large heart shaped cookie cutter, a small heart shaped cookie cutter, and some wood
skewers! To make our heart shaped fruit kabobs, we
are gonna cut our melon into slices. You’re gonna need a cutting board and a
sharp cutting knife. I am gonna be cutting my melon hotdog wise,
from end to end, just be careful of your fingers! Just cut him in half, like so, and
then we’re gonna scoop out the middle! Once you’ve got everything scooped out you’re
gonna flip your melon upside down, and we’re gonna turn it the hamburger way! And now we’re gonna cut slices! Mmmmmmm! Now take your small heart shaped cookie cutter
and we’re gonna cut out a bunch of little fruit hearts! Now we’re gonna do this
to the rest of our melons! Now that we have our fruit hearts cut out,
we are going to stick them onto a kabob, to make a fruit kabob! So I”m gonna start with green, honeydew
melon! Then take a piece of cantaloupe, keep adding melon until your whole kabob is filled
with fruit! Da-dew! Look at these, they’re so cute,
you can make as many as you like. Now I’m gonna stick these in the fridge
to chill, and while they’re in the fridge, we are gonna make some Egg in a Hole Heart
Toast. There are many different ways to make Egg in a Hole
Toast, but the way I’m gonna show you is super easy and it will look very pretty! The first thing you’re gonna do is put your
bread in the toaster. Once toasted take your large,
heart shaped cookie cutter and cut the shape out in the middle of the toast. You can do this to as many slice of toast
that you’d like. Now take your eggs and your circle cookie cutter, and we’re gonna head over to the stove. Place the cookie cutter in the center of your
frying pan, grease the pan and all sides of your cookie cutter, you don’t want the
egg to stick to your cookie cutter! Now, turn the burner heat onto medium-low,
wait for the pan to heat up and then crack 1 egg into the middle of your cookie cutter. Using a small spatula, gently push the yolk
into the center. Now cover the pan with a lid until the egg
is fully cooked. Once cooked, remove the lid and using some tongs,
gently take off the cookie cutter, and then slide the egg onto a plate. Using your heart shaped cookie cutter, carefully
cut out the shape, being sure not to touch the yolk! Ta-da! Here’s our Mother’s day breakfast
idea! We have Heart Egg in a Hole Toast, and Fruit
Kabobs! I personalized it a little bit more for my mom, we’ve got coffee and cream in
the morning and some of her favorite flowers. She loves the yellow tulips! Next, we are gonna be making a Rose Cupcake
Bouquet, it’s a really fun alternative to giving someone a bouquet of flowers, we’re gonna be giving them a bouquet of
yummy treats! The things you’ll need to make the Rose
Cupcake Bouquet, will be: a flower pot, I found this 1 at Michael’s, as well as this foam
sphere, some toothpicks, green cupcake liners, these ones are by Wilton, I found these at
Target. A bunch of your favorite cupcakes, you can use any recipe you’d like, a pack
of Wilton Color Right, some white decorator icing, green tissue paper, ribbon, piping
bags, and a Wilton decorating tip, this 1 is size 2D. To decorate our cupcakes, we are first going
to dye our icing, I’m gonna be dying it a pink color, using Color Right. So I’m gonna take 2 pink, boop-boop! And
then 1 drop of crimson. I love this color pink, my friends at Wilton helped me
come up with this color, it’s called Ro’s Rose! Now that we’ve got our icing mixed, we’re
gonna assemble our decorating bags, so you’re gonna take your 2D tip, and place it at the end of your
piping bag, push it all the way down, and take some baking scissors and cut, cut,
cut, cut, cut! Then you’re gonna fold down the sides, place
your bag in the cup. Now scoop your icing into the bag, and then tie it off with
an elastic tie or a hair tie, whatever you have handy! Now we’re gonna be icing our cupcakes to
look like roses, it’s really easy, I’m gonna show you how to do it. So you just squeeze a little bit in the middle,
and then you spin around! Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! And then at the end, you lighten the pressure
and let it taper off, and boom! Looks like a little rose! I just finished frosting the cupcakes, and
popped them in the fridge for about 10 minutes to chill, and while they are chilling, we’re
gonna assemble our bouquet, so the first thing you’re gonna do is take your
foam sphere, and place it right here. And the second thing you’re gonna do is
cut a piece of ribbon, and we’re gonna tie it around our pot with a little bow, just for
a little bit of decoration. And now, you’re gonna take your empty cupcake
liner, and a toothpick, and we are gonna position where we’re gonna
put our cupcake flowers on the sphere, leaving about this much of the toothpick poking
out, and that will hold on our cupcakes all around. Got our little liners on here, boop,
boop, boop! And now we’re gonna cut some green tissue paper to fill in, in between
the cupcakes to look like a flower bouquet. This part’s really really easy, just gonna
take your scissors, and you’re gonna cut little squares, and you’re gonna layer
them like this. Then you’re gonna put your thumb in the
middle, kinda pinch ‘em down, around your thumb. Looks like a little flower carnation
decoration, and take a toothpick, stick it through the side, and you’re gonna
stick it in between the cupcakes. Our bouquet is ready, we’re on the final
step, you’re going to remove your cupcake liner, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! And then, you’re gonna take one of your
rose cupcakes, and you’re gonna place it right where the liner was. Da-dew! Here is the Rose Cupcake Bouquet that
we made! It’s even better than a real bouquet because
you can eat it! Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom! As some of you know, my mom just moved to
LA, and she doesn’t have a lot of decor yet. So, for our last Mother’s Day Gift Idea,
I’m gonna be making some custom heart shaped pillows for her home! Hopefully, every time she looks at them, she
remembers how much I love my Mama Mia! The things that you’ll need to make your
custom pillows will be: Some decorative pillows, you can get new ones,
or use ones that you have lying around the house that you’d like to up-cycle, some
sticker paper, scissors, some multi-surface acrylic paint, I found these
at Michael’s, they’re from the Martha Stewart line, and the color is Lake
Fog. A sponge brush, and a smaller brush for touch ups. To start, you’re gonna take your sticker
paper, and you’re gonna print any design that you want, onto the piece of paper. I printed a little heart, because I wanted
my Mama Mia, every time she saw the pillow, just to know how much loved her. But if your
mom has any special interests, like she really like Unicorns, or fishing, or gardening,
or playing video games, you can print off a little design that will be special for her. Now what you’re gonna do is we’re gonna
cut out the heart. we’re gonna use the outside as a stencil, so you’re gonna
cut out the middle. Yewp! Hmm-hmm-hmm! Now we’ve got our shape
cut out, and now you’re gonna peel off the back. The back is so sticky, so just take your time
on positioning. The most important part is where it’s touching the fabric, right
here. It’s already shaping up to be a cute heart,
aw-doo-doo-doo! Now it’s time to decorate! You’re gonna take your paint, open it up,
boop! And I’m just gonna put some here on a plate, because I don’t have any fancy
art bowls… Or I don’t know what you put paint in. I’m gonna take my little sponge-y
brush, kind of looks like a little dinner bell, ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! Then you’re just gonna gently sponge on
top of the fabric and fill in the entire heart. Once our heart’s painted, now we’re
gonna gently peel off the sticker paper, then with our little brush, we’re just gonna
do some minor touch-ups! Da-da! Here are all the Mother’s Day DIY
Gift Ideas that we made today! We have a Mother’s Day Breakfast with Heart
Shaped Egg in a Hole Toast and Fruit Kabobs! Also, for dessert, we made a Rose Cupcake
Bouquet, and then our Custom Heart Pillow! I hope you guys like the video, and it inspired
some ideas for Mother’s Day! Also, if you would like to learn more about
coloring icing, like how we colored the rose cupcake, I made a video with Wilton,
it’s on the Wilton channel, and I’ll put alink down below if you’d like to go check
it out. Alright, thanks again you guys! I hope you have a good Mother’s Day! Bye-bye!